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  1. ScottLebsack

    Linetype images

    Somehow your linetypes on the left are smaller than specified in the linetypes I sent, or just long lines zoomed out? The problem I'm having, is that the text in the linetypes should be larger. Linetypes are setup with 6 pt font and none of the ones you're showing are close to that. I can't figure out how to make them any larger, either through image function adjustments or row height/row ratios. I think the lines your showing would be illegible on a printed sheet?
  2. ScottLebsack

    Linetype images

    Can you send a screenshot of how close you were able to get them?
  3. ScottLebsack

    Linetype images

    The font was the same, it's is a page based linetype using consistent 6 pt. font. Nothing that I've been able to do gets it to much more than half of that and pixelated in the legend on the sheets. Can you send a screen shot of what you came up with. I entered the values you shared, but didn't see much change.
  4. ScottLebsack

    Linetype images

    Thanks for trying to help, but the output remains unacceptable. The fonts in my linetypes is still too small - I checked and ratios of the fixed cell size don't seem to make the difference one would expect. Combine that with the low resolution and the linetypes are fairly poor and become essentially illegible once one begins to half-size a set for field reference. The image function in worksheets has a lot of potential, but needs continued refinement. It seems like the key will be integrating a vector format "image" for graphics like lines, fills and symbols.
  5. ScottLebsack

    Linetype images

    Thanks for the help, attached. linetypes.vwx
  6. ScottLebsack

    Linetype images

    Thanks for the response. I spent 45 minutes tweaking the row height and changing every setting on the on the images tab without luck. Seems like whatever I do, the font won't exceed a set size and with the pixelation inherent in the image function, the linetypes are pixelated to the point of illegibility. Changes have effects on world based linetypes, but effects on page based linetypes are erratic.
  7. If I have a linetype set to page units, why doesn't it show up correctly in a worksheet? Is there something I should be doing in regard to "scale" my worksheet? I'm attempting to generate legends to match our drawings. Text in lines is illegible I've spent an hour this morning adjusting everything I can think to adjust.
  8. There is a check box to display or hide a crop boundary, I would appreciate the ability to "activate/deactivate" the crop, especially for references. My current workflow is to establish my crop, if I need to reference anything hidden by a crop - quite often architectural elements that extend beyond the building footprint - roof overhangs, balconies, etc. I have to cut my crop, adjust roof overhangs for updated architecture and paste in place. Simply being able to activate or deactivate the crop would be a timesaver.
  9. ScottLebsack

    Reference Marker Link to Viewport

    It seems like tags - new in 2019 may be able to address this, if you could add a field in the tag that offered the same pulldown viewport link?
  10. I have the same problem, the easy work around is to separate record selection from the individual data... if the second column after field value were divided a separate record pulldown plus a field pulldown that would likely be adequate.
  11. I'd appreciate the ability to preset and edit recurring elements easily. If a dialog popped up when first placing something like a scale, viewport, titleblock, etc. I'd like to assign it a standard/consistent class, throughout the project, overrides should be possible, with a notification that the item is being placed on a non-standard class and a check box to move all similar elements to that class. I've spent a lot of time checking classes through a sheet set to make sure viewport labels were showing up consistently, or had viewports not plot, because they were on a class that was invisible...
  12. Is there an easier way to do this. Right now I need these numbers to show in multiple viewports and different scales. Best workflow would be to place them on the model, so I don't have to make changes in multiple viewport annotations, but text scaling in viewports is awful... One would think that assigning a text style to them would mean they show up at the same size in any viewport, but that doesn't appear to be the case? Another option would be a smart tool linked to the hardscape or model that would automatically update if the elevation changes, then I could just place it in viewport annotation. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  13. ScottLebsack

    Viewport "Styles"

    @Jim Wilson looks like the same thing!
  14. ScottLebsack

    Viewport "Styles"

    I would like to be able to save and apply a section style to cover all related settings, rather than having to dig into advanced properties for each viewport.
  15. I'd appreciate the ability to right click to easily set a shortcut in the flyover override mode ctl+center wheel press+right click would set origin of flyover, maybe


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