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  1. @Sharp Focus more options for unit display should be available in dimensions. I often work in decimal feet while grading, but need all my dimensions, other than spots to be in architectural ft/in. Right now if I switch units for grading all my dimensions change to decimal feet, and I have to remember to change units back to architectural, before printing. We should have the options to set unit display, as well as alternate units when dimensioning, separate from the document units.
  2. This is one of the items I miss from AutoCAD, along with panning viewports, rather than moving crops and then moving the viewport.
  3. It would be great to have a WYSIWYG editor when creating/editing records
  4. Sorry, just saw your question, have you updated to SP1? not certain, but I think that fixed it... Otherwise our work around was just to place the note on the sheet, instead of in annotative space
  5. @markdd Thank you, just found the post, verifying font size in a linetype has eluded me for a couple years, until reading this. I guess it makes sense to edit @ 1:1, but it never occured to me, and didn't recognize it, if it was in any documentation!
  6. I spoke with support the same afternoon.
  7. Trying to update general notes and the body text is extremely small, see image. Lower is expected, upper is after attempting to update and changing body font size to 50 pt from 12 on lower... Title font size is the same.
  8. It would be great to have the ability to "program" the style as a function of the viewport scale - generally I look for 2 minor divisions at 1/2 the viewport scale and 1 major division at 1X the scale It would also be great to have a check box to show viewport scale text below the scale bar "Scale: 1"=10'-0") same as is possible on viewport labels... Viewport labeling may now be possible with a tag?
  9. I've spent over an hour this morning attempting to dimension a radius in the annotation layer of a viewport... I don't understand how such a basic feature is so profoundly screwed up!
  10. Not sure if this may be what you're after, but landmark tools include hardscapes. I'm not sure how they differ from the typical architectural slab, but you can see in the images I'm able to slope each slab in two planes for drainage.
  11. it seems to work about a quarter of the time and Ideally I would like to verify that the walls are perpendicular
  12. When dragging wall points, to connect walls, there should be an option to lock orientation, or perpendicular, specifically when working in rotated views, I have to draw a guideline in order to keep walls straight.
  13. Is there a comprehensive listing of these somewhere? I would like to create a data tag to label the slab style applied to a hardscape. I'm not sure if this is possible, but don't know why it wouldn't be? I'm not sure which category it would fit in I think I looked through them all, but search here would be helpful?
  14. Is there a way to prevent the site model from automatically updating? I a site model and a couple snapshots in a file. I accidentally changed the site model class and it took 10 min. to update. Then if i want to change it to show existing only 2d another update and 3d existing only, another update. If I could disable automatic updates I could roll all changes into a single update!
  15. You can use the new Data Tag Tool for your plants in annotative space in your design layers, this is the workflow we transitioned to almost as soon as the feature was released. We don't you integrated tags for anything after the introduction of the Data Tag Tool.


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