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  1. I'm not familiar with 2010, but when exporting to dwg using everything beyond 2016, in the DXF/DWG Export Options dialog box, there is a selection to select whether classes or layers are mapped to ACAD Layers.
  2. I think the plant symbol annotation - polygons, tick, tick size, etc. should be definable by the plant style. I appreciate the ability to mass plants, except for the fact that it eliminates the ability to show more than one object when massed - generally a trunk/center mark. The ticks allow me to work around this "bug?" by placing center marks for my plants in the OIP, but, I cannot set this by style, so spend unnecessary time selecting similar and setting them to be consistent, there is added difficulty building legends in annotative space and going back and forth to check the tick setting for a dozen plant symbols in order to have them match. While we're at it, providing an irregular 3-dot pattern for multi-trunk trees would be useful, too, or letting users create custom ticks?
  3. These would be useful for landmark users as well, thought I would be looking for the equivalent for hardscapes rather than slabs. We use trench drains quite often, and are using a "Micro slot" drain much more often around pools.
  4. @EJ Berendsen I assume you verified that the viewport has a visualization applied? My only other thought would be to make sure you are right clicking directly on a portion of the visualization area or drawing? If that still doesn't work, you may be able to copy a visualization legend from another file?
  5. @EJ Berendsen if you have a visualization applied to a viewport, a legend should be automatically generated in the lower left hand corner of the viewport, within the annotation layer. If you have previously deleted the legend, or one is not present. enter the annotation layer of the viewport with the visualization applied, right click and select "Create Data Visualization Legend". Apologies, the options shows up in a context menu and I'm not able to get a proper screenshot. The option is 2/3rds of the way down in the context menu. Good Luck!
  6. @Pat Stanford I've been hoping to tackle formulas in worksheets, can you point to any video resources, the lists of possible formulas are difficult to learn from?
  7. @spries Pat is correct. Even though it is frustrating at times, what you're after is possible. You need to add data fields to an existing record applied to the objects, or create a new record and add it to the elements you're querying. The database row criteria only specifies the objects in the file it is looking for. You can create a data column from any record field those items have attached. Each column can only reference one record field, but you can have empty rows if the data is not applicable (you can't mix record fields in the same column). It's easy to create a note record that is blank, once it's attached to the objects and referenced in the worksheet column, you can fill it in directly from the worksheet.
  8. I can't seem to click to select my design layer reference viewports. Only way I'm able to select them is to drag a bot to entirely cover them, or use the vieport manager? Is anybody else experiencing this?
  9. It would be great to have the ability to reference data fields in regular text boxes and callout objects
  10. Sorry, missed your comment, here's as smooth as I was able to make it... better, but still jaggy in places, part of the change was rounding all my vertexes... It seemed to smooth out most around .04" smaller didn't seem to make much difference. Linetype, grading.vwx
  11. Here's my latest attempt this could be useful... if only! I'm trying to make a working linetype for contour grading but still doesn't generate well. each small segment in this line is .12" long, still not well generated around a curve. even tried less than .01" segments with no luck.
  12. I've had this appear about as often as not. When attempting to grade across an object, random elements from the existing grade seem to override modifiers? I've tried to create 3D polys between the contours but these just regenerate around anything I try to do to "fix" them. Red are my site modifiers, generally going well...
  13. I haven't had any issues just dragging and dropping PDFs, VW will pop-up a window with a few options...


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