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  1. It's easy to use simple extrudes for stone planks, steps, pavers a checkbox in OIP would be excellent so they revert to class style when in plan view - this should arguably be default behavior, rather than transparent wireframe?
  2. ScottLebsack

    Site Model Contour Labels

    Incomprehensible that this hasn't been done. Placement of contour labels is inscrutable as well. I often have auto-generated labels on top of one another. I either need the ability to place labels manually/quickly - maybe pull a line and label those contours where the line touches them, or automatically - begin labeling a certain distance from the end of a contour and a specified distance apart, then I can manually adjust individual labels. Ideally I should be able to specify labels above or on the line, if labels are rotated in line with the contour, it's been my experience that they should always be rotated to read as if your looking up the terrain.
  3. ScottLebsack

    Site Model Section Viewports not rendering

    I'm having this problems with VW 2019, any resolution?
  4. ScottLebsack

    Send Objects to Surface...works sometimes, but not always

    I've just had this issue with a couple plant groups. Made their layer active and solved it. May be worth a try...
  5. ScottLebsack

    Fillet issues

    I generally get the same error re parallel lines. I've checked that they are on the same class/layer, not sure what I'm doing wrong.
  6. ScottLebsack

    Fillet issues

    I've been working in Vectorworks for several months, and generally very impressed. But I cannot get the Fillet tool to work... errors almost every time I try to use it. Any ides why these two lines won't fillet in any mode. one is an arc, the other a polyline.
  7. ScottLebsack

    Which New Laptop did you Choose to run VW?

    @Tim Olson I don't have any issues. I run VW full screen on the QHD display and leave the resource manager on the laptop display.
  8. ScottLebsack

    Which New Laptop did you Choose to run VW?

    @sbarnett I did some research before buying that seemed to indicate that it would take additional graphics power to drive the display instead of rendering, though I'd love a 4K display, I stuck with the FHD display. I do run a 2560X1440 QHD Dell display as a second monitor with no problems.
  9. ScottLebsack

    Export Site Model IFC ?? Crashing, freezing...

    Thanks for the research, I'm attempting to define a workflow that allows me to share grading, slabs etc. with an architect for inclusion in sections and 3d presentations for Design review. Any additional help would be appreciated.
  10. ScottLebsack

    Which New Laptop did you Choose to run VW?

    I have been using an Origin Evo15-S for the last 6 weeks. Win 10 Pro i7-8750 2.2 GHz 6-core 32 GB RAM GTX 1070 Max-Q So far things are good, renderings take some time, but Open GL is speedy, it's letting me explore a lot more 3D and rendering options. It will run as well as the desktops in the office, but the previous vendor hampered them with quadro cards.
  11. ScottLebsack

    Plant Polygon display

    Is there a way to suppress display of the polygons in viewports other than planting, for instance I want the canopies to display for reference, but the polygons are adding extraneous detail that is interfering with a sleeving plan. I've tried leaving them on plant class and moving them to tag class, and freezing what seemed appropriate, with no luck.


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