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  1. In general, flipped text is good, arguably necessary for tags. I need an option (maybe a checkbox) to exempt text from flipping for items like contour labels, which, if not on the contour line should be on the uphill side of the contour, and if possible read looking from lower elevation. Fixing contour labels for the site model would be another alternative.
  2. Thanks, so much, this would have been handy the last 3 years...
  3. Is there a way to add a column to the right or a row below the current. Seems pretty straight forward?
  4. For large filled objects like images and site models, it would be helpful to have he ability to lock with a checkbox, similar to xrefs. I know I can right click and lock them too, but when editing and working with a site model in particular, I shouldn't be able to "accidentally" move them by clicking and dragging. A check box to disallow selection unless on an edge of the object or some similar implementation would be helpful too, rather than having to gray or turn off the layer while working on other elements that might lie beneath (In order to get grade lines across filled roads, I have to have my road layer sit under my surface model...)
  5. I would recommend abandoning the plant tag, and using the data tag introduced in 2019. These allow you to label in annotative space, they are also easier to move and adjust as necessary. They can be placed on whatever class you prefer, and there are at least easier and more flexible than the integrated plant tags. You'll find some data about them in the following videos and in the help documentation, though they still have some issues.
  6. It would be great too, to have viewport and section viewport styles, that could be saved and applied prior to generating a section.
  7. The font size for the data visualizations legend is incorrect, off by around a factor of two, but appears to be unrelated to viewport scale?
  8. My office, and commonly accepted standard are to label on the uphill side of contours. Principals aren't ready to make that change.
  9. Text style flexibility would be great... I'd like to be able to set a standard style that only changed the font or size, without affecting style, alignment or color - if nothing in those areas of the Text style editor were selected. It would be great to have to possibility of selecting all the text in a file and applying a style that only set the font and font size without changing color or alignment.
  10. Text has always been a headache in any drafting software I've used, one would assume it isn't easy... But there are a few things that would be helpful. We've done a good job with our principals recently. We're moving away from some of our duplicitave notation and more into annotation in viewports, However there are still some instances where notation on design layers could prevent the need for duplicate annotation, if it behaved more consistently using viewport scaling. The most common instances are contour labels and spot elevations. I've setup a proposed contour label style with the origin set to bottom center, figuring when I scaled the text, it would scale from the origin, but that doesn't appear to be the case. I end up with contour labels way to far away from contour lines. How does text scaling function, so I can solve this issue.
  11. Sorting doesn't make a difference.They publish in number order, regardless of sort
  12. I don't think this was a problem prior to 2020? I 'm fairly certain it has worked more logically before...
  13. This took me a while too, with the massing model, once you have changed to a gable end a check box will appear in the OIP for "Gable Walls"
  14. Publishing needs some help... It would be great to be able to use the same filters for sheet layers in the publish layout to select and or order the sheets for publishing. In General, AutoCAD's sheet set manager is much more user friendly for publishing. It would be great to be able to select sheets in the sheet layer manger, right click and select publish, and have those sheets appear in the publish dialog.
  15. I've encountered the same problem. Default in any instance should to all, per style, or what's the point of a plant style. I also thing there should be a single button in the OIP to revert the selected plants to style defaults.


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