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  1. Thought I'd sum up the work arounds I've figured out. The set I'm working on got even more complex. I now have 3 sets of LX.X sheets; CDs, Building Permit, and Floodplain Design Review. I have been able to use the spacing trick @Andy Broomell mentioned, though I've been placing the spaces at the front of the Sheet number - this also allows me to create filters for each... if the sheet number starts with __L (two spaces and an L) then it goes in the Floodway set, and can be indexed in a worksheet easily, too. It's still inelegant, and unintuitive if somebody else has to work in the file, but suffices until something better comes along. It takes a bit to sort when it come to the initial publishing, but I can save a set there, too. It just seems like it would be easier to have sets as an integrated part of the system, and available at publishing time, too.
  2. @Matt Panzer that was it, thank you!
  3. It seem like certain files have difficulty properly displaying sloped walls. You can see the grip floating up in the air. In this case I tried fit wall to object, it appeared to work other than actually displaying the wall properly? I've had this occur frequently enough to notice, in multiple files since beginning with VW in 2014. I've also had the same issue simply dragging the grip vertically, too.
  4. Thanks all for the work arounds, thanks @PatStanford I always forget to use worksheets to manage things like this. I had begun to add a separate sheet number to each sheet as a work around, but I didn't want to have to go into the sheet manager to update them, the worksheets might make this management task easier. Ultimately it is still a work around, but seems like it would gain me the functionality i'm after. Appreciate the help, all. For now the space at the end may work...
  5. Alternately having something other than the sheet number be the unique identifier for sheet layouts would alleviate some of this pain. I've looked at adding alternate fields to each sheet for number and abandoning VW's numbering, but I'm worried about all the tables and callouts I would have to update along the way...
  6. With HTC's recent hardware announcement and professional focus, has there been any more work towards creating a robust consistent VR experience from Vectorworks? If anybody has tips or workflows they have found helpful I would appreciate any insights. We have a client who has used this with their architect and now would like the same experience for our landscape. I'm excited to dig in, but some direction at the beginning would be helpful.
  7. I have a sort order applied to my sheet layers in the navigation palette - Why can't I sort/easily print in the same order from the publisher? It would be great to use tags/filters in the publisher, too.
  8. Were I tackling the same issue, I would copy my title block and alter the layout to eliminate most of the linework - you could then place it outside the printable area?
  9. I would really appreciate the ability to create folders or subsets in my sheet layers. Working as Landscape Architects, generally our sheets begin with L. I find through the course of a project, I'll end up with maybe more than 10 sheets that should be L1.0 (Client Exhibits, DR Submittals, HOA submittals, CDs...)- I'm constantly having to rename/overwrite layouts that I would rather not. I try to create a file copy at milestones, but If I need to pull one out of the archive folder it's a pain. Alternately, If I could create subsets in my file for Schematic Design, Design Review Submittal, CD's etc. It would streamline the process. PS being able to print only from a certain subset would be helpful as well.
  10. Assume you're making something like a sheet index, if you are using title blocks, there will be a record associated. My indexes use Record: Sheet Data:Sheet Title (='Title Block Sheet Data'.'Sheet Title' ) and Record:Sheet Data, Sheet Number (='Title Block Sheet Data'.'Sheet Number')
  11. There isn't a top cap, that I'm aware of. I use a hardscape for wall caps.
  12. Just watched a YouTube video about a Revit plugin that will place contours on hardscapes and label contours super easily - Something that been requested for years... Try to ignore the fact that the contours are not offset to represent the curb? Otherwise very interesting.
  13. It would be great to have a checkbox to apply sort/sum/summarize or not - I often need to turn this all off to check for zero values or other issues, then reapply once I've checked it all.
  14. Overridden by anything would be great! It is my dream, one day, to be able to leave my document in decimal feet and dimension in architectural feet and inches, please don't stand in the way of my dreams!
  15. Rookie mistake, thanks for all the thought you have put into it. I made the layer semi transparent in order to work above a hand sketch, and somehow it was low enough that the white fill didn't show up, but I didn't notice the difference in the lines. Sorry to waste all your time.


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