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  1. I've had this appear about as often as not. When attempting to grade across an object, random elements from the existing grade seem to override modifiers? I've tried to create 3D polys between the contours but these just regenerate around anything I try to do to "fix" them. Red are my site modifiers, generally going well...
  2. I haven't had any issues just dragging and dropping PDFs, VW will pop-up a window with a few options...
  3. I have a similar problem tagging the proper plant.
  4. Usually if this is a concern, we simply export raster .PDFs rather than vector. Of course that won't prevent OCR, but if somebody can read it they can retype it...
  5. @P Retondo The render transparent option is for a viewport (I'm most familiar with sheet viewports?), but it will eliminate items like the 3D chairs showing through the table. (t leaves the fills in place)... I got the impression that is what you were after. Are you working in Sheet Viewports?
  6. Does unchecking "Render Gray Layers Transparent" help Viewport>Advanced Properties? I've also thought about submitting a wishlist item to at least 1 alternative fill/line to a class, very often I find i'm using the same override in a couple of viewports, or I want the typical CD black/white/gray with a predefined color option that could be easily toggled using layer overrides, without having to go in and manually override each class.
  7. @Katarina Ollikainen good approach. I find I'm using visualizations for more things recently. I hadn't thought about landscape areas, but I'll take a look.
  8. thanks for looking into it. It isn't critical, just something I was running into when moving back and forth with Bluebeam.
  9. @Andy Broomell you are correct regarding my reference, thanks for the tip on the "Line into Segments" tool
  10. CTL+up (down) will cycle through, though I would like the keystrokes to make the next sheet layer active. I us page up/down in Acrobat and bluebeam when reviewing published sets, and often find myself trying to do the same in VW. Ideally Page Up/Down would make the next sheet layer active and view layout extents, to cycle through a working drawing set quickly.
  11. It would be nice for the Page UP and Page Down buttons to function to cycle through sheet layers.
  12. Is there a way to make smooth continuous complex linetypes. I can approximate some level of smoothness using very small line segments, but it they still get jaggy around corners? It seems like it should be possible? Am I making it too difficult?
  13. I can set them to use class attributes, but couldn't get an override to work.
  14. I cannot do a viewport override on landscape areas, to have them show up with color in one viewport and grayscale in all others?
  15. I'm attempting to label plants using a custom data tag. I have shrubs, perennials and trees. When it's necessary to add a leader, everything works fine, but very often if I want to fine tune the leader end, to point to a specific plant or group, it is attempting to tag a different plant or group. Is there a way to force the leader to "connect" with the original tagged group, or to select a specific group? Holding "b" doesn't seem to let me "look through" other plants...


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