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  1. Thank you for your response. Would you mind providing instructions on how to send an internal email to you, so that I can share it with them?
  2. I am teaching an Intro to Technical drafting course this semester, and every student who is using 2020 has had their licence expire after a month or two. Some, have been able to renew their subscriptions, while others have not, even after going through the renewal process. What is going on with the student subscriptions??
  3. I'm working on V2019, and my screen randomly starts flashing blue. it is not my whole computer screen but rather just the Vectorworks file itself. Has anyone else encountered this, and does anyone know how to fix it? I have tried just creating a whole new file, but that has not helped. I have attached a short video showing the glitch. Side note: I have tried using different computers as well and the same error occurs. VID_20190217_145016.mp4
  4. I'm trying to view a front elevation of a 3D drafting in a front elevation viewport and for some reason the Hidden Line rendering option will not update. All other rendering options will. Does anyone know why this is?
  5. I have been trying to curve a complicated extruded object by using the 3D deform tool, however, when I try to use it the tool won't even acknowledge the object, but it will with more simple shapes. Is there a reason why this is and is there a way I can get it to respond to my complicated extrude or is there at least another method I could use to curve my object? I've attached an image of what object I'm trying to curve.
  6. Hi Alan, Thanks for your response. That kind of worked but my objects still aren't disappearing when they are supposed to, even when I set class visibility. Know any tricks to help with that?
  7. I just recently downloaded the trial version of animationworks to see how well it worked to animate me 3D renderings, but it seems insanely glitchy. I read through the instructions the program provided, and have been practicing with simple extruded shapes and symbols. My main 3d rendering was of three different shapes. My goal was to have two of the object spin independently, and then to have all three spin together as one unit. However, no matter what I tried, I could only get one object to move. On top of this, it seems as though there was ghosting effect that would happen, where an object would move and the lock into a position and just stay there. I could run the animation again, and the object would move from its original position, but the ghost object would stay. It will even stay after I've deleted everything. Is there something I'm missing with this program?
  8. I gave it a shot but unfortunately, that didn't work either. I also tried decomposing the shape and recomposing it again, which has helped when I've had other 3D modification tools fail in the past. I've mostly been using it in Top/Plan View, but I also tried bottom and front view in case I was grabbing the wrong points. This is what my object looks like in top view though. So something must be wrong with the object itself. I haven't been able to fix it either. This image is of a more complicated version of the object.
  9. It is failing completely and here is a picture of the object I'm trying to curve. I've tried re drawing the object, extruding it at different widths and trying to make the curve in different views but nothing has worked.
  10. I've been working on a 3D project which requires a few curved walls that are cut out shapes not just solid objects. I used the 3D deform tool for one and it worked great, but now I'm trying to use it again on another wall and it has been failing. This wall is a more complicated shape, but I made it the same way I made the others, so I see no reason why the deform tool shouldn't work with it. Does anyone know why the tool might not work now, and how I can fix my object to be more compatible with the deform tool?
  11. I have to recreate rocks. I have a little bit have room for interpretation though, because they're rocks haha. But I do need to at least find rocks that relatively fit within the plotted layout I already have. The draped surface method is pretty hard to get exact shapes too unless I gave myself 200 point adjustment, but that takes way too long. So I'm basically searching to see if I can find the best of both worlds. I'll definitely check out what the external library has though. Thanks!
  12. I'm Trying to create rocks and I'm using the draped surface method which creates the desired look, however, it take FOREVER to adjust it to have a rock outline from the square it starts as. I have tons of custom rocks I have to do this to and I was wondering if there is a faster way to create a 3D rock with the desired outer shape already present so I don't have to spend so much time reshaping the edge of the draped surface.
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