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  1. Any idea when this might be fixed? I can't see it in the list of things fixed in SP5.
  2. Amazing!. I'm sure I've tried this before, maybe in the last few years, and got an 'illegal object must be deleted warning". Maybe I had some stray 2d elements in my symbol or something.
  3. It would be great if I could draw a 3d solid that I want to cut out of another solid repeatedly and make it into a symbol so that if I then want to go back and edit the holes I have cut out of the solid I don't have to edit each one induvidually. Obviously the symbol would only be able to contain 3d solids and the edit solid mode would not exit successfully if I tried to place a symbol containing other objects.
  4. So I've got a nice simple view of a thing I need to move slightly relative to the stone wall. I need to select the inside of the thing I'm moving so I hit 'B' for X-ray select mode and.... Screen Recording 2023-03-23 at 16.25.24.mov Ahhhhhhhhhh billions of lines! The X-ray circle projects a cylinder to infinity from the screen plane which shows everything in it's path, a bit like if the X-ray scanner at the airport showed you the insides of the person it is scanning and the insides of everyone in the queue and everything and everyone sitting in the plane outside the concourse. Wouldn't it be nice if X-Ray select could clip out everything else with a virtual sphere, in this case a 1m diameter sphere would be about right, so you don't see or snap to masses of irrelevant stuff on the other side of the building? With the B key held down, maybe the mouse scroll wheel could change the size of the clipping sphere? Just a thought. All the best, W
  5. Thanks Pat. I can constrain the point in my code and I do this already with some of my PIOs but, I don't think its possible to do it while you are moving the control point with a python script. (probably is with a c++ plugin) So the user experience is that you can move the control point around to somewhere it's not supposed to be and then once you let go it jumps to the nearest point that my code allows it to be to which is a bit confusing for people trying to use the plugin. I'm 99.99% sure that a 3D control point is not possible with current vector-script or python custom PIOs but I'd be happy to be surprised.
  6. Screen Recording 2023-02-21 at 13.21.34.mov OK I've been speaking to technical support and they are aware. We have narrowed down the problem a bit and it seems to be that objects with 'Merge with structural objects in sections' turned on are not detected as being available to snap to, if you go to the object you are trying to snap to and turn off this setting snapping works as expected. See the video above that demonstrates the bug in action. I think this also may affect auto hybrid objects in that objects that are inside an auto hybrid group are also not detected by the snap tool. I'll see if I can make another screen grab video demonstrating this.
  7. Hi I would like the ability to add control points to a 2d/3d hybrid custom PIO that can be moved around in 3d space and return an XYZ value. The user would be able to move this point around freely in 3D space but it would also be good if these 3D points could be set-up in the Edit Plug-in Definition dialog to constrain movement of the points to the XZ plane or the YZ plane or even to an arbitrary 3D plane which could be set by the plug-in script. Thanks Will
  8. I have this problem in 2023, 2022 and possibly also in 2021. I've had it on both M1 Max and Intel Core i7 Macs
  9. In this video I try to use the reshape tool in adjust parallel edges mode to adjust the bottom edge of an extrude to align with to top face of another extrude below, however Vectorworks fails to acquire any snaps on the extrude below. I would expect snap to point to acquire the top corner of the extrude below. I would expect to be able to hit T to constrain the movement to the vertical axis and then be able to snap to the intersect of the constrained line with the top face of the extrude below. I switch to orthogonal mode and rotate view to match the plane of the extrusion hoping that I might pick up a point somewhere but I don't get any snaps at all on the object below. Why is this not working? As you can see I have all my snaps turned on apart from grid snap. I'm not sure if this is a bug or a feature request. But it feels like it must be a bug because if I come out of the extrude and draw a line from the point at which the reshape handle was at to the top face of the extrude below the snaps work as expected. If I then go back into the extrude I'm able to use reshape to edit the polygon inside the extrude to snap to the point at the bottom of the line. 2078744964_ScreenRecording2023-01-31at12_27_09.mov 376387456_ScreenRecording2023-01-31at13_06_34.mov 1311394037_ScreenRecording2023-01-31at13_09_11.mov
  10. Hi Pat, I did already try moving the walls out of alignment and moving them back again, but in any case the walls shouldn't have been out of alignment because I haven't edited the walls in any way since the last time this worked properly. I'm pretty certain it's a bug in vectorworks; I'm 99.9% sure I haven't worked on this file since I updated from 2023 sp1 to sp2 so that would explain it. I will downgrade to sp1 and see if this works. This is always the huge risk with BIM is that it works until suddenly it doesn't. It's one of the main reasons I've always had trouble selling the idea to older more experienced colleagues throughout my career.
  11. This is what the elevation is supposed to look like. Screenshotted form the PDF last time I issued the drawing. I opening this drawing again today made some minor changes to road in an unrelated part of the project and this is what it looks like now with thick black seam line incorrectly shown between the ground and first floor. I've spent all morning trying things like moving walls around and various other tricks to try and get it to recognise that it's the same material in the same plane and it hasn't worked. I would have been quicker redrawing these in 2D now. Stuff like this happens on every other project. I've seen this elevation merge materials fail bug so many times now and it always shows up half way through a project when everything has been working perfectly previously. So frustrating.
  12. I've been having this issue as well. It was a problem in 2022 also, but I never got around to reporting it.
  13. Also if tab autocomplete could work like that in the normal classes pop-up menu as well... Currently it just switches focus somewhere else.
  14. Could the quick search allow us to find things like classes, symbols and layers as well as tools? E.g: Press F -> Quick search appears. Type 'cl ' -> the prompt shows 'cl Annotation-BW' (The italic part is greyed out name of the first class in my document) Type more characters to find a class e.g 'cl Structure-_Main' (The italic is greyed out name of the first unique class name that matches) Type <tab> to autocomplete to the nearest unique thing (like autocomplete for terminal commands) e.g. typing <tab> now gets me -> 'cl Structure-_Main' Typing 'St' onto the end of this gets me -> 'cl Structure-Steel' Typing <tab> again now autocompletes the whole class name -> 'cl Structure-Steel' Hitting enter dismisses the quick search and makes the class active. For examples of the kind of thing I mean see the terminal autocomplete in macOS or the command pallet autocomplete in visual studio code.
  15. I often have buildings set out on an alternate coordinate system. Every time I turn on clip cube I have to rotate it before I can use it. Can we have have the option in the angle snap settings for the clip cube to be orientated to align with it when it's activated please. Thanks W
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