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  1. Can we have hidden line rendering done in a separate thread so we can carry on working while hidden line drawings are rendering. (I'm sure this must have been asked already but I'm obviously not using the right search terms. Please merge this thread if its been asked already)
  2. Do you think that's something that might be in a service pack as there are often instances where a wall or component is slightly out. Is the tolerance tighter than the max decimal places (in degrees) we can see in vectorworks because I'm still having problems with interior elevation viewports. I've got a set of symbols with front and side 2d components and they are working fine in two out of 3 rooms, but my last interior elevation marker is not generating drawings with 2d components. I have switched on all layers and classes, verified that it is orthogonal to the max number of decimal places. I duplicated an interior elevation marker that I know is working in another room and checked the section lines, just not seeing any 2D components at all. Thanks W
  3. Also, can someone tell me, is there a tolerance on how orthogonal the a view needs to be? E.g. If a toilet is on a wall that is at an angle of 30.002º and the interior elevation marker is placed at an angle of 29.999º is that going to work? I'm having real problems with some interior elevations not showing the 2d components. Thanks W
  4. So I can recreate the problem by starting a brand new blank metric template. Draw a rectangle in plan. Create symbol based on the the rectangle. Switch to symbol front component, draw another rectangle. Create a section viewport on a sheet layer. Verify that the section shows the front component rectangle. Rotate the section cut line and the symbol by 30º. Verify that the front rectangle has disappeared. Results of this process are in the attached file. No data was imported, it was a fresh copy of an unaltered vectorworks supplied template and nothing more complicated than a rectangle was used. Seems like a bug in the 2d components feature to me? EDIT: But I'd really love to be wrong as I have a load of bathroom elevation drawings to knock out which I could have done in no time at all if I can get this working! Untitled 3.vwx Edit System specs. VW 2019 SP2. MacOS Mojave 10.14.1. MacBookPro Retina (Mid 2014) 2.5Ghz i7. 16Gb RAM. NVIDA GeForce GT 750M 2Gb VRAM.
  5. Hi Tim, I created a new file from a standard vectorworks metric template, imported a dwg from a supplier, created a symbol from the plan view and then copied and pasted the front view into front view of the symbol. Should the front view geometry be on layer plane, 3d plane or screen? @Tim C.
  6. Hybrid handbasin symbol with 2D front view, in plan view: Heres the results of that section cut: Rotate both by 30º no other changes, here's the plan view: Heres the section view...uh oh were's the sink gone? Anyone got any ideas? Test file attached. Untitled 2.vwx
  7. The best way to solve this would be to get rid of the concept of walls, slabs, roofs as different tools / objects. They are all composite plane objects built up of layers that need to interact with other composite plane objects at the edges. What I mean by composite is; built up from different materials in layers (called 'components' in the wall tool). What I mean by plane is objects defined by a plane like object or surface which could have an arbitrary boundary and holes cut in it. At each edge I want to be able to define if that edge is linked to the edge of another composite plane object and if it is how the layers (components) of object A interact with object B. Maybe you have a define connection tool which greys out everything and shows you a detail section where you can work all this out. Once you have worked it out for one edge, this could be stored as a favourite which would be available any time the same combination of two edges meet. While you are at it, can we have the ability to define repeating elements such as battens on layers in a way which preserves their orientation so they show up correctly in plan, but not section. Maybe just allow us to define an object which is repeating across a surface. The best bit would be that when the wall tool was improved, we wouldn't have to wait until next year for the corresponding improvements to the roof tool. So it would save a lot of development time as you would only have to solve the problems once.
  8. So far this seems to be fixed with SP1
  9. Hi Matt I haven't received an email yet and I forgot to copy the number when I submitted. Best W
  10. Yes no problem. By the way, I have already uploaded these two test files through bug submit yesterday.
  11. Here is the previous discussion from the last time this happened. You can see the section is failing in exactly the same way. @Jim Wilson
  12. Unfortunately it has occurred with both the 3D projects I have tried so far. The second one I tried was a clean project started in vw 2018. But obviously some wall styles and things like that are from libraries that have been updated. Its a shame as I really like the snappiness of 2019, the new zoom speed is fantastic. If I had to guess as to what has happened, they probably started work on improving the graphics module, which must have been a pretty major project that has taken a while, and they have forked the codebase before this was fixed in vw 2018 (I think is was maybe sp3) and now the bug is back. Hopefully if that is the case they can port the fix over pretty easily.
  13. Anyone else seeing stuff like this in vw 2019? Top is correct drawing from vw 2018 sp4 (it's a work in progress drawing) This is what vw 2019 draws.... Again this is correct: This is the exact same viewport in vw 2019. ??????? Interestingly this is the same distortion that used to happen when vw2018 was first released.
  14. Will

    Cinema 4d export question

    Right... Well thats weird. I used send to c4d command again with default settings exactly as I did the last 3 times and its worked fine this time. The only thing I can think of thats different is when I used the command I'm in a model layer not sheet layer and I already had c4d open. Thanks for your help, sorry to time waste...


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