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  1. Thanks Christiaan, I have corrected the classes but it makes no difference. The top left section is displaying geometry which does not exist at that location in the 3D model so even if this was related to having objects in special classes it is not 'failing safe'. Imagine if the error was much harder to notice, just a wall 150mm out of place. You make a quick check with the measuring tool at planning permission stage and it checks out, then you come to do stair details and you realise that you can't fit, for example, a stair which complies with regulations into the space. It could easily cause a problem that would cost someone a lot of money and embarrassment. Its a nightmare. Also, if you set the background render to a render works style, you will see all the geometry displaying in the correct location, it's only the hidden line view where this view fails to draw correctly. But, I can't submit rendered views for technical approval, they are required to be line drawings. Also you can't dimension rendered views.
  2. We have been trying to use 3D models constructed using the vectorworks BIM tools, ie the wall, roof, slab and window tools, to design buildings for a while now, but we have never made it past RIBA outline design stage before we encounter a bug which causes 2D drawing generation to fail catastrophically due to faults in the software. At this point we end up redrawing the whole thing in 2D and the model gets abandoned because why maintain 2 sets of information. See example of broken section generation attached. We are also currently having problems with hatches disappearing and parts of roofs disappearing. All these have been reported to tech support but they are unable to suggest a work-around, which is how I can be sure its due to faulty software. All these problems are occurring in 2018 SP2. We have had plenty of other different problems in previous versions of the software. Is this a common experience? Are others out there managing to make it work? I had similar problems with Microstation Triforma about 10 years ago. Are others having more success with other packages like ArchiCAD and Revit, Rhino? I know BIM advocates say 2D is dead etc, but no regulatory authority in the UK accepts 3D information for submission or is likely to in the foreseeable future. We still have to be able to print paper drawings for them to be stamped for 'Planning Permission' and 'Building Warrant' approvals. So 2D drawing generation with a high degree of reliability (99.999%) and control over output is absolutely essential and we still don't seem to be there.
  3. Awesome! Thanks that is great. That file has just unlocked so many mysteries that have been bugging me for ages.
  4. Which custom object property do I need to set to enable context menu events? When I right click on my PIO in the drawing it should receive event 45 kObjOnContextMenuInit but this never happens. I assume there is an object property I need to set using SetObjPropVS() to enable this behaviour for my PIO, does anyone know what this is?
  5. Is there a limit to the number of vertices you can have in a polyline or polygon? I am working with some imported GIS data and some areas that should be polygons are split up into polylines with no more than 12000 vertices. If I try to use the connect/combine tool to join them it crashes Vectorworks every time. Is there anything I can do about this?
  6. I would like to be able to export to pdf from a script without having to prompt the user to choose pdf settings and a location or filename for the files. Currently the only way to do it is to call these functions like this: vs.AcquireExportPDFSettingsAndLocation() vs.OpenPDFDocument(inFilenameStr) vs.ExportPDFPages(savedViewNameStr) vs.ClosePDFDocument() Could we we have an alternative to the first function like this: vs.SetExportPDFSettingsAndLocation( location, dpi, blah, blah, etc)
  7. @JimWWe work in a remote location with unreliable internet, Dropbox and Google drive are not optimal because they have to sync to the cloud before the file is transferred over the LAN. Resilio sync is our preferred solution because it can operate wholly peer to peer, it is more flexible than google/dropbox as it allows any folder to be synced not just the one approved by google/dropbox and it is more cost effective. Could you support Resilio Sync please?
  8. As a workaround could you add a button which opens a custom dialog and have fields there which allow you to enter the information. I Just tried this and it works fine.
  9. @JimWWe work in a remote location with unreliable internet, Dropbox and Google drive are not optimal because they have to sync to the cloud before the file is transferred over the LAN. Resilio sync is our preferred solution because it can operate wholly peer to peer. Could you support Resilio Sync please?
  10. I have a custom pio that generates a title block. I want to update it when the sheet layer is made active.
  11. I think maybe some confusion here. If you have a line of python code that you have written in the script for you plugin that looks like this vs.Ptitle_cust = 'Ground Floor Plan '' Then to fix the problem you need to change the code to vs.Ptitle_cust = 'Ground Floor Plan \'' This is because your original python code finishes a string then starts a new string but doesn't finish it which is why you are getting a 'syntax error EOL while scanning string literal' because you opened a new string with your third quote mark and python has read all the way to the end of the line (EOL) looking for a forth quote mark to terminate the string and not found it. The correction adds a backslash character to escape the quote so python ignores it when looking for the end of the string. If the error occurs when you type the text into the object info pallet then that would definitely be a bug in vectorworks. But from looking at your error message I'm pretty sure that is code you have written that it causing the problem?
  12. Is it possible for a PIO to receive an event when a user switches to a layer containing the PIO? Thanks Will
  13. Hi I would like a python function that allows me to save PDF files at a with a name and path I specify in code. The current function requires the user to choose the directory which is not optimal as I would like the files to always be generated in the correct place depending on how I have the project setup. Thanks Will
  14. I would really like site models to work better with section viewports. Traditionally in a section you would see the ground line, solid beneath and the terrain in elevation beyond the section line. This is hard to do with the current site model 3D representation. In Site model settings, 3D display settings we could have a 'nurbs solid' style, where site model is a fully enclosed solid and the surface face of the terrain is a nurbs surface. Thanks Will