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  1. Hi @Dave Donley this still seems to be an issue in the latest 2021 SP1, did you have any luck tracking down what is causing this? Thanks W
  2. The texture is the unmodified 'Glass Clear <Portal RW> RT' Render texture that comes with vectorworks. I have also tried with the 'Glass Clear RT' texture and it has the same effect. Is SP2 generally available yet, I am on the initial release of VW and I just did check for updates but I don't see a new service pack yet.
  3. Hi I'm looking at migrating to 2021, but I'm having a problem with a degradation in rendering quality. This view is rendered in 2020: The next image is rendered in 2021, if you look at the glass you'll see a weird dappling and there is something strange going on with the lighting of the stonework. They are both rendered with the exact same settings. Are there any significant changes to Renderworks in 2021 that could explain this?
  4. Tried it, doesn't work for me. Sometimes quitting and reopening vectorworks fixes it for a while, but on some projects it comes back really quickly.
  5. @Tamsin Slatter Thanks! Ideally, rather than making us interrupt our work to go and hunt down and delete the rogue bit of drawing, I think it should be an alert that says, "Some geometry is further than n km/miles from the internal origin. It will not been shown and cannot be snapped to during 3d operations"1 as a modal alert first time, then as a minor alert in the message bar bottom right subsequently every time the user switches to a 3d view. From then on any stuff too far away is just ignored by the vectorworks graphics module when working in 3d. Sometimes it is unavoidable to have some things which are too far away from the origin e.g site mapping information, but they are almost never things that would be relevant in 3d so when working in 3d they could just be ignored by the system. 1 Where n would be whatever your programers calculate as the maximum the graphics system can cope with.
  6. @Tamsin Slatter Hi Tamsin, thanks for answering. There might be some stuff in other layers, I will check. But could I make a feature request that the software detects this situation automatically and doesn't do the weird clipping. Best, W
  7. Screen Recording 2020-01-08 at 15.39.23.mov Anyone know what to do about this? The project is centred on the drawing origin, user origin is set to (0,0). There are no objects in the visible layers that are far away from the drawing origin. Any other ideas how to stop it from doing this?
  8. Hi @Matt Panzer, I filed a bug through bug submit back when I made my original comment, with an example file uploaded. Not sure I have a copy of the file in that state anymore, but it should be in your system somewhere.
  9. Update on this for anyone else experiencing the problem. Export the file to VW 2019 open the file in VW 2019 then make a minor change e.g draw a line. Save the file. Re-open the file in VW 2020. Reshape handles are back. It is apparently a bug and they are looking into it.
  10. I think it must be a file corruption bug @PVA - Jim as if I create a new file the reshape handles show up fine. Here is an example screen grab video. As you can see, its not my selection tool settings and it is really annoying when trying to work with site pad objects as you have to guess where the handles are for editing the slope. Why does this always happen to me when I'm trying to get finished for a deadline...ūüė≠ Screen Recording 2019-11-28 at 19.06.10.mov
  11. Im also having this issue but only in one file. Very mysterious. Is it a document setting?
  12. And the weird moving external references bug which has been there for years. Triggered by moving the user origin or using rotated plan view, then close the file and reopen and boom! your external reference has jumped to another position. 2019-03-07_18-04-34.mp4
  13. Yes and the snaps that work in some contexts but not others. Why can I snap to intersections, line extensions and tangents when drawing or adjusting a polyline, but not when drawing or adjusting a polyline based object like a road? Likewise when drawing a line in 3d there are way more snaps available when drawing a line than when, say, adjusting a site model object or a wall. Why can't I grab the handle of something and get it to snap to a z axis locked intersection line with the face of a 3D object, but I can do this with a line. It's so confusing.
  14. Yep totally agree with this list. Before they upgraded the title blocks I coded my own integrated with my own drawing issue system, issue sheets and automated PDF creation and collation. But we gave up on project sharing because our jobs are to small for it to be worth the hassle, so I don't know how well they would work with that.
  15. Still poor general reliability. I've submitted about 6 crash dumps to bug submit in the last day and a half and experienced way more than that. Having a weird problem where VW sometimes randomly hangs while drawing 2d objects on planes in a 3d view. I had huge problems with generating sections yesterday where I could only get them to work by shifting them around until VW stopped crashing when I hit the update button. Not great.


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