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  1. silly question, but have you tried selecting all the key notes and then running the spell check?
  2. i have this all the time, usually its to do with what units you import in, i have had things in decameters before! on occasion i get a dwg that will not import correctly no matter what units i try, the solution to this is to find something you know the length of (may have to make a call to the person who sent you the dwg), find out what it is actually measuring once you import it, and then select all and use the scale objects command to either increase or decrease to scale.
  3. i second that, its probably your RAM that needs boosting as well as your graphics card.
  4. imperial shmerial, metric rules, and will do forever more...............
  5. why are you copying and pasting in illustrator? why dont you produce a pdf and import that instead, or is this a time consumption matter?
  6. i would not advise printing to pdf as this increases file size, although it is a good last resort. i tested this on a file recently, the exported file came out at 7MB, the printed one came out at 23MB, big difference when needing to email it.
  7. why dont you use photoshop to do this, its dead easy
  8. i cannot believe i have been wasting my life waiting for VW to 'finish thinking about something' before i can carry on, and all along i could have duplicated my app and carried on working.................... thank you kool you have changed my life!!!! i will now have time to do all the things i have ever wanted to do...... hahaahahaha
  9. can you not edit the hatch to remove the fill? or try pressing Ctrl K to convert the symbol to a group and mess around with it that way
  10. i found that offering to make edits helps, even if it is just tweaking notes on a drawing or changing textures/detailing of surfaces etc. this way you will be able to get into your colleagues drawings and see how they work, how they structure things etc. this will then enable you to adjust yourself to work with your office and their workflow when the time comes. Early on i often found myself with spare time, dont waste this, its an excellent opportunity to show your enthusiasm, i often researched new techniques within VW and other programs. A lot of the time i would ask my boss if he had CAD ambitions/requirements/requests from clients which we could not fullfil at the time, and then went looking for ways to achieve this and report back to him. Even if it was not me who then took up this challenge, it earns you good brownie points and opens more doors for work for yourself. I ended up becoming a specialist in wind farms and photomontages through doing research like this, and now our office has new avenues of work through the renewables sector dont give up, you will get there, it may take some time, but it will happen if you want it to
  11. monkey


    i have the same problem as Kool. i often get sent huge aerial images, and when i resize them in PS, for some reason it will not link to the reference file anymore and will not import into the correct location. and besides that, i may want a high res aerial, why does there have to be a limit? other software can handle the images fairly easily. i have had the problem where i have reduced the images down enough for VW to handle, but i want to import say 10 of them, when i get to the 5th or 6th one, they import fine, but one by one the previous imports start turning blank white and are useless....... very frustrating indeed this has cost me a lot of time over the last year having to mess around with images just to get VW to import them properly. i hope this has been addressed in 2010.......................................
  12. too true Kool Aid, we can only hope and dream...........
  13. i know its a general purpose CAD program, and i dont expect the moon on a stick, but i do expect to be able to use the tools they sold me effectively and in a manner that displays well. i dont want to have to change the contour level to make it more clear, i want to show the levels i want to! trust me, i have spent weeks messing around with this module trying to find a way to incorporate it into our daily work............. but it just isnt worth it at all. to me the DTM module is below par. As a Landmark user, i dont see many new tools that are aimed at us, most are for the architects. If this module was further improved (and as you say, worked without producing eroneous results) i would consider purchasing an upgrade, but from what i have heard, this has not happened in 2009, and i dont hold my hopes up for 2010. I have recently bought a piece of software for developing wind farms. It only cost ?1000 from new, and is able, as a module of a module to produce coloured DTMs, and coloured 2D overlays from height data in seconds, and this is for 40km x 40km areas, and using 5m grided height data. This is just a side show of the program and play no part in what it is actually for, but provides a nice flashy visual to provide to clients. i wish VW could do these kinds of things
  14. Kool Aid, it would be great to be able to apply different colours to different contour heights/slopes on the DTM, currently what can be done in my opinion looks crap, and prints even crapper. I have produced these for clients on the past and they were not that impressed. The slope analysis could do with an overhaul as well as it can be quite confusing to someone who doesnt know how it works and finds it difficult to interpret.
  15. i agree, this would be great. The DTM function could do with a good overhaul. it seems very clunky at present. It would be great if there were a function for dropping a base/aerial image onto to dtm as well. I know you can do this already in a very long winded way, but the time and effort needed outweighs the benefits at the moment. I have done this in the past and there are problems with the images/base's stretching over very hilly terrains, dont know if this is a hurdle that can be overcome
  16. turbosquid.com is a good one. a quick search on google turns up many results for places you can purchase 3D models/images
  17. unfortunately i have no control over the purchase of our OS in our office, if i did i would snap it up asap. i might try and twist a few arms though!
  18. multi core is the key in this one, i dont know why it hasnt been done already as the technology has been around for donkeys years in IT terms
  19. your link doesnt work, and the eaglepoint website is sooooooo slow. from what you say it sounds good, but will have to have a better look when i get a minute. this would help us a great deal as our urban design start designing before we have even done the tree survey, so it would help them design around existing landscape features, reducing the amount of tweaks needed once we have completed our tree survey.
  20. there is a wish list on the main forums menu http://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads/ubbthreads.php?ubb=postlist&Board=12&page=1
  21. illustrator works really well if it was made another CAD app/vector based app, as you can open up the layers/groups and turn on and off what you want and then export to DWG. i have not had it fail on me yet. it has saved my bacon on many occasions
  22. i think with normal rendering VW can use more than 1 core, but with radiosity it only uses 1. this has been an issue with many many people on these forums, and hopefully it will be something NNA will address. you would expect with a CAD program that they would design it to take full advantage of the hardware available to their users. I am still on 2008 and will not upgrade until VW can make a giant leap in terms of multi core processing.
  23. i don't make mistakes..........................................
  24. why do you need a history pallet when you can undo and redo really quickly to see what you are undoing. adding pallets and reducing drawing space is a no no in my book.


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