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  1. Kizza, how have you found the cross over to Revit?
  2. How do i select 2 different call out objects inside 2 different viewport annotations?. How do I select 2 call outs on different sheet layers?
  3. How can I bulk change a call out tool?. Find and replace text does not work. Updating the database does not work.
  4. I'm trying to use the drawing note database. Yet ANOTHER half baked tool. If I update a note in the database, this should update all instances of the note in the drawings. It does not. It replaces one instance. Maybe I could simply use the Find and Replace text... NO it will not work on the Callout tool. If that is not wasting my time, how about this dialog. For some reason VW thinks someone else is making change to my database. Now when ever I change a note I get 6 of these dialogs in a row. It does not matter which button I click, mine is better or The other note is better the conflict is not resolved. I've used this tool through out a full drawings set. I now have to make changes to notes. It is going to to take me a good while to manually go through each call out read it check to see if it is correct, If I update it I have 6 clicks of resolve note conflicts to get through. So 1) How do I bulk edit call out tools with out using find and replace 2) How do I get rid of this dumb ass conflict?
  5. To reduce Layers, I'll sometime create a viewport with no layers turned on, then annotate it with my detail. Sometimes I will have 2 Drawing labels in it- that really screws with VW.
  6. Interesting that one who is so amaze balls at the whole BIM thing even hangs out on this forum, considering how stink he thinks VW is and all...
  7. getharvest.com it has an app in the mac app store, and iphone. the mac app prompts you if you have been idle for more than 5 min very good for our small office. integrates very well with xero.com xero is best in class by a mile.
  8. Notes databases are stored in the Application Directory, not the users directory. How do you share these databases across multiple WV installs?.
  9. I'm on 2011 so don't know about stories. I always keep the ground floor of the building at 0 for the Layer Height. The DTM sits on it own layer. I set the layer height of the DTM to be the negative RL. IE If the RL of the building is 31.6M then my Layer height for DTM is -31.6M. I have a DTM modifier layer with Layer height = 0. When these are section view ported then you get everything in the right place. On 2011 the 'Elevation Height' tool is relative to the design layer it is on, rather then 3D space (fail). So you have to be very careful using this as when you arrange your Section VP on your sheet layer, the Elevation Benchmark will change its reading.
  10. Our way of sharing the model is to use gotomeeting.com. We present the model to the client. They can direct us to show views they are interested in. We can note, they can take screen shots.
  11. Windor does it: http://www.ozcad.com.au/products/windoor.php
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