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  1. Something I've always wondered. In the Design Layer Navigation window, is there anyway to group, expand and collapse Layers? AutoCad lets you do this when I import projects. Even graphic programs like Photoshop has a similar method to organize layer after layer. I look at that window now and it's one long list.
  2. I'm having a symbol scaling issue. I receive DWG files from my factories with items to drop into a floorplan. Everyone uses AutoCAD. I typically, Import these into VW and take the view I need and Create Symbol and keep these in a file with represents that particular manufacturer. When I go back to my floor plan which might be in 1/4" scale, I would go to my resource browser and bring in that symbol which would be rescaled to that layer. Recently, on some of these (not all) symbols I've created, they don't rescale. They are giant. Not a real dealbreaker, because I'll go to Scale Objects (if I remembered the original actual dimension) and this works. The other day, even this didn't work and the symbol remained as a giant. I notice that up in the Obj Info box, these items are listed as "World Units" Is there a way when creating these and or using these symbols that they just rescale automatically?
  3. I received a file from a client today with a .DWF suffix. I see it's an Autodesk format. I can't find any posts that are recent if these can be read on the Mac, much less VW. Any success reading this format?
  4. Ray: Thanks. I can now see by just changing my import setting option from "automatically" to "feet" right there improved the import quality. I also had struggled with Scale Object, so this was helpful tutorial. Thanks, Bill Rzasa
  5. Here is a sneeze guard structure that is 12 feet. If you see anything, it would really help me get this into 1/2" scale. I have dozens of files from this factory that I use to design cafeteria counters.
  6. I have updated my signature. I do have a very small file to post if someone was going to review. How do I post this? Sorry. New to this forum.
  7. I live in a 99.99% AutoCAD world and can't figure this out, or get help from my manufacturer. One particular factory send me DWG drawings which will not scale. If I bring in a piece of equipment from one of these to a 1/2" or 1/4"th scale plan, these show up as little postage stamps. I have tried to create symbols, copy and paste, but still get the same thing. They have sent me DXF format and it's the same thing. They design everything in ProE and convert to DWG, so it's something in that process. Their answer is "it works in AutoCAD", but I can't import these successfully. Is there something I can adjust in the Import process? Is there something they can do in the Export? Thanks.
  8. Frank: I'm anxious to look at this file, but I think the file named DLVP.vwx is incomplete. The only file that downloads is "1379.vwx" which won't open and is only 2KB
  9. No Viewports, yet. I figured out the first problem. I had "Stacked Layers" check "yes", so I unchecked that option. Then, 2 Design Layers (#1-2D & #2-3D) to Create Viewport while layer #1 is active and Create on Layer: Layer #1 then on visible layers, I would only have one choice and that's Layer #2, click OK Even though my Layer #2 elevation is set to Rear Right Iso, the Viewport on layer #1 views it as Top/Plan. Your suggestion was to go to the other layer and reciprocate the above. When I do that I get an error message which looks like I am making a circular argument. What I don't get is that when I am in the Create Viewport option box, all of the lower options for rendering are always grayed out. That's what I think is wrong
  10. Frank: Your suggestion is what I am trying to do, but here's what keeps happening: I have 2 - design layers. One is the 2D view (Top/Plan) and the second is 3D or Right Rear Iso. It seems like the chosen elevation view for one design layer, affects the other, almost as a document default. If I set the elevation to Top/Plan for the 1st layer, the 2nd layer also changes to Top/Plan. Then I set the 2nd layer to Right Rear Iso, which I want, and go back to the first layer and it switches to Right Rear Iso. I can't even get to the Viewport trial
  11. VW2008 Architect - I am drawing a piece of sheet metal with 3 of the 4 sides turned up at 90 degrees. Pretty simple. In 2D this is a bit difficult to view since the opposing sides are turned up .75" and the third is 1". On another layer of the same drawing, I rendered the view and showed in in an isometric view. My thought was, on the original, 2D layer, to create a viewport to show the rendered image. It doesn't seem that easy or even possible. Can this even be accomplished?
  12. I figured that I was going to have to trash the Application. Thanks for the heads up on the pref file. I'm not afraid of going into an app bundle, but the Save dialog just keeps pointing there and saves just the hatches as a folder within the app bundle. The folder with the dwg just vanishes.
  13. Mac OS X.5.2 on a MacPro 2.66. I drilled down to Contents for VW2008 and found a file named "MacOS-dwg" and threw it out. Then I tried to Export another file. I did not get the error, but I don't get an exported folder. I have VW2008 on my MacBookPro (OS X.5.2) I then move the VW file to that computer and it exports fine. Also, in the Export dialog - why does the file name appear as "MyExport." The file name and a "dot" no suffix? This is the same for a successful and unsuccessful export
  14. I get a constant error upon trying to export to any format: "MyComputer:Application:VectorWorks 2008:VectorWorks2008.app:Contents:MacOS-dwg:MacOS.dwg This file already exists. Do you want to replace the existing file?" No matter which folder I direct my export to be saved, I get this error. If I choose "Yes" to opt for the overwrite, my file never gets saved where I direct. Therefore I can't capture any export at all.
  15. "Convert dimensions to groups" on the Import options was the answer. I don't understand why it worked, but I get the arrowheads that were intended instead of giant slashes. Thanks for a great suggestion!
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