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  1. Find out the error happens when the output fbx comes over 110mb
  2. Hi JuanP, Thanks for the link. I read the post. Unfortunately that gives not the answer to my solution. Nothing is overclocked.. It is stable and 128 of RAM. I work with a viewport where all stories are linked. When I put a part off it works. the file size gets about 110mb. And happens on a other pc and laptop the same too. Both rtx gc Thanks Vincent
  3. Export to fbx doesn't work. Get often a CineRenderNEM: application error. Someone maybe n knows a reason?
  4. As an office we do a lot of urban design. Massing model is a tool we use a lot. quick to alter and to calculate. Big problem is massing models doesn't read holes (courtyards), it closes up. Hope this can be fixed. Would be a big saver. There are also some thing that the tool could make the tool better. -alternative plinth height. -floors to layer conversion -cantilevers -solid to massing model.
  5. Is there allready a tool mad wich Scatters symbols random over a closed poly area?
  6. Ah can change it in the object info
  7. Can you change objects that where drawn in screen plane3 to object that reacts as layer plane? I had drawn in plan objects in screen mode (plots). Now when I orbit my drawing those orbites stay in screen mode and doesn't rotate with the rest.
  8. If I export or print pdf with bold text, the bold text isn't bold anymore. If I print directly it's ok and if i copy from vectorworks to indesign and then print or export pdf it is also ok. What can be the problem. I use version 2009. with kind regards, Vhector
  9. Yes that's faster, thank you
  10. Found the toggle number '33'. SetPref(33, NOT GetPref(33));
  11. Often I need an angled end cap for a wall. Normally i draw another wall with the needed angle and T-joine the wall, after that I delete the angled wall so it leaves an angled end cap. This is when auto join is off in the preferences, with 'on' the wall repairs itself to a straight wall. But with drawing it is handy to have auto join on. Can i make a toggle of it instead of going continu to the preferences. Or is there another way for an angled end cap Vincent
  12. Lately, we do alot of projects in China and Russia. My problem are the characters. If I copy past it it often works. Only if I do it in the data slot, question marks appear instead of the characters. More people have the problem, more important, is there a sollution. Vincent
  13. Solved it. The pdf name was in Russian. Just renamed it.
  14. I get this message. What does it means and what can I do about it? PDF Import... Unable to import some OR all of the document's pages! Thanx
  15. vhector


    Thanks for the replies. I'm trying to get into it.
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