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  1. This tool needs to be improved urgently by Landmark to make it useful to users It doesnt have the first station's coordinate fields so that the user can input and edit these values There is no angular and lineal closure values reporting There are no parcel mosaic generation tools (joining by vertex and lines) or commands select common lines by the user and translate one to the other to create a parcel mosaic There is no COGO routines to subdivide a property A traverse list with all leg's distance and bearing/azimuth of a parcel is not displayed or generated for export
  2. There are so many missing features for the property line tool that it a major bug, practically USELESS!! Can not imagine why VW did not implemented COMPUNEERING's LANDESIGN surveying module into Landmark?
  3. So far I tried and cant see them after importing them it would be great if the coordinates would be editable by the users too!
  4. I have suffered this project georeferencing settings that are not included in the design layers which I dont get the rationale for this crazy concept? I am doing a georeferenced project EVERYTHING has to be georeferenced! HELLO VW?
  5. VW has always had problems with georeferenced coordinates as well as UTM my guess is that they are not using fully complaint WGS-84 G1150 datum parameters. I guess if VW would have implemented a tool with Esri similar to ArcGIS for AutoCAD all these shapefile import/export would be transparent to us users...
  6. All GIS and BIM projects require georeferenced coordinate system
  7. Archicad has this GE Button so obviously Nemetshek has the programming already and they own both software so what is the problem in implementing this in simple update?
  8. GIS and Google Earth bidirectional data flow Georeferenced datum, grid and geoid models support Land survey COGO tools and DTM
  9. GPSTrack Maker does it via the mentioned VIEW IN GOOGLE EARTH button and it only cost US$100 so lets not get deviated with price or cost to implement such a simple export command to facilitate the life of the users!
  10. Indeed I have paid for 2008, 2009 and 2010 version updates and this sad excuse of DTM and survey input or its very poor GIS integration have not been improved an iota... I think that if VW is not capable or it is not interested in this market segment it should drop LandMark module, since it is not up to the high standard CAD software that we grew used to from MiniCAD to VW
  11. Thanks monkey but is there any workflow available by anyone how to generate vector maps?
  12. I always need these vector maps for all my project's drainage design solutions can someone help me generate it in VW? Here is an example generated of Mt St Helen contours in Surfer 9 http://www.ssg-surfer.com/ssg/detailed_description/surfer7.jpg [img:left]http://www.ssg-surfer.com/ssg/detailed_description/surfer7.jpg[/img]
  13. http://www.ssg-surfer.com/ssg/detailed_description/surfer3.jpg [img:left]http://www.ssg-surfer.com/ssg/detailed_description/surfer3.jpg[/img]
  14. Nope I am looking for a VIEW IN GOOGLE EARTH button just like AutoCAD, GPSTrackMaker, ArchiCAD, etc
  15. Thanks Peter for your assistance with this issue ... the confusion comes with the minor and major labels in the upper part and the single show labels in the 2D view ... it should have the show minor contour labels and show major contour lables to be more clear to the users
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