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  1. Okay. The link idea is helpful. Was this troubleshooting forum the best place to post this topic in the first place? Or? When could one expect you to get involved in seeing something through? Was this issue not important enough in your view? It may be difficult to imagine, but, before I figured out what was causing it (maybe two years ago), I lost many work hours over the years due to this issue. After trying several times to call tech attention to it, it was very discouraging to find it in VW 2017.
  2. Actually I have to say I am wondering why I am required to put this next level of effort in. I don't really have the time to be doing this if the first place. But I thought I would give it a try with the new system and all. I think that I clearly demonstrated that it is a bug and that someone at N should take it from here and track it and keep me up to date on the progress on solving it.
  3. Did you set up the class exactly like my Notes-Sheet with the custom line end marker? What should I do next? File bug report? Send it with explanation to Tech? How can I make sure the issue is officially tracked? Like I said I have encountered this for many years.
  4. There is even one on the locus of the space object.
  5. See attached. This time I did everything in a new VW 2017 file. The line end markers appeared. Test 3.vwx
  6. I imported my standard classes from a previous file that contained them. You could do it from the file(s) I sent.
  7. See attached. New VW 2017 file. Import classes. Draw items on a design layer. Create sheet viewport. Set viewport rendering to Sketch. Set to Notes-Sheet class and draw a callout. Use right click to call up context menu and execute create similar object. Line end markers appear. The Sketch rendering setting is key. If that is turned off the phantom line end markers go away. Test 2.vwx
  8. I have had this same exact thing happen on many files over the years. Could it be that all those files were corrupted? Or might this actually be a bug? Also, I have reported this multiple times to tech support. It is not just happening to the space objects. All the markers are removed if I undo the create similar object action.
  9. Line end markers appear on many (or maybe all) lines and polylines after choosing create similar object for a callout object in a sheet viewport. I have noticed this (I presume) bug for years. See attached file. 16DC_Concept_1.1_VW_Tech.vwx
  10. J Lucas

    Energos 2017

    Thanks. I will check out the information in help. Matt, did you create Energos?
  11. J Lucas

    Energos 2017

    Are there updates/enhancements to Energos in VW 2017?
  12. I like it! Or "Bummer as Designed"
  13. Jim, Thank you for your thoughts regarding working on the problem with bugs! Two comments: 1. The activities you outline should also apply to illogical or dis-functional functionality. 2. It seems like all the new big added features over the last few years have come with their own sets of bugs and illogical functionality. The effect being to make users wary of investing time in learning and using the new features while adding to the existing stockpile of bugs and dis-functionality.
  14. In the last few years I have lost countless hours of productive time troubleshooting Vectorworks. As I have mentioned on the forum before, I have an ongoing list of well over thirty items. Most I think are bugs but many are built-in illogical functionality. My guess is that my "little" list is the tip of the iceberg and represents as serious systemic problem with the current state of Vectorworks. In my opinion fixing this systemic issue should be the top priority for Vectorworks!
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