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  1. thanks for the advice. believe I will stick to a mouse
  2. is anyone using a pen tablet to input commands and actions, and if so, which one?
  3. Israel


    OK, I get it. But I still can't delete the original set of keynotes which are no longer useful. When I try to place keynotes on that sheet, the old legend keeps popping up. I've tried to delete it but it's very stubborn. Any other thoughts?
  4. Israel


    I set up some keynotes on a preliminary sheet. Later on I developed newer keynotes on another sheet to use across the entire document. Now I can't delete the original keynote list and I can't copy the new keynote list to other sheets. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Israel


    I think I changed my signature as you suggested. The Datacad version I used exports an Autocad 2000 file. You are correct-the largest file I tried to import is 7230 X 10750, so I guess that's why it didn't work. Can the size be reduced?
  6. Israel


    I wasn't able to convert the TIFF file to a JPEG. It's size is 2.5 mb. I'm also having some trouble importing old files from a Datacad program into Vectorworks. I've been exporting the Datacad file as a DWG and trying to import that into VW with no luck. Apparently I'm not savvy enough on these operations.
  7. Israel


    The file was scanned from a 24X36 hard copy to a TIFF file, by an outside service. I'm not at my office now to see how big the TIFF file is. When I open the TIFF file through Windows Imaging it looks fine, but importing the TIFF as an image file into VWA is where the problem lies. I'll try to save it as a JPEG and then import again. Thanks until Tuesday.
  8. Israel


    I'm using VW 12.5.3 in Windows XP Pro with 99g ram
  9. Israel


    This problem was resolved.
  10. Israel


    Trying to import several TIFF files into a VW 12.5 document. 5 of the 6 files import fine, but one comes in as a black box with no editing capability. Visibility settings unchanged. Need some help, please.
  11. Israel


    Working with VW 12.5, using an HP 500-42 plotter. Without any changes, one sheet of a 6 sheet file prints only partially. On the HP website there is a fix listed for VW users to change to a raster file, which does print but extremely slowly. Has Vectorworks addressed this issue and if so, what is the fix, if any?
  12. I'm using VW 12.5 on Windows XP Pro. After using a design file for several months with no issues, today it opened and immediately froze. After several reboots and unsuccessful attempts to open the file directly, I opened Vectorworks through another design file, then was able to open the original file. Anyone experience the same problem-if so, did you solve it?
  13. I'm trying to set up a sheet with three different viewports. Although I've set up this sheet before, now I can only see two of the viewports. When I click on the third one, one of the first two becomes invisible. I think this is incorrect visibility settings, but I can't figure out what to do.
  14. I used the ID label tool to identify and specify plumbing fixtures, but I don;t know how to transfer that information into a new Plumbing Fixture Schedule.
  15. Well thank you very much. So simple it makes me feel stupid, but that's not your fault. I appreciate the advice.
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