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  1. Hello, I need suggestions. Question I recently got an Internship from an Architecture firm and have been working here for four weeks. I mostly do general office work. From time to time, I receive small project, such as making presentation poster, and small detailing. I also completed a site plan for a small transitional housing unit. And here is my problem. I often finish my job very soon, and my boss is having a hard time to find me anything to do. On the other hand, my co-workers are busy working on bigger projects. Every day I come in, I always offer to help out and suggest them to let me know if there is anything that I can do. However, on their perspective, it is easier and faster for them to finish the plans and detailing than telling me what to do steps by steps. Therefore, after I finish all the general office duties, I end up sitting in front of my computer and wondering within CAD. To all the experts, how your internships were like? What did you usually do when you were an intern. How did your make the best of it and get hire after the internship period? And how long did your internship last? Thank you for spending time to read my post.


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