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  1. Boh thanks for the reply, i never knew you could do that.... feel almost ashamed seeing i have been using VWs for so long! sometimes you get so stuck in your ways you forget to explore stuff along the way. This is actually a better solution to my problem. cheers
  2. Hi i have been using VWs for going on ten years, but solely on a mac. i have recently moved onto a PC. This may be a really stupid question but i cant work it out. on a mac if you want to change the class of an object when you do it via the object info pallet you can press a letter to jump to that section. this doesn't seem to work on a PC, you have to scroll down for ages or hover at the bottom to get it to go quicker. Does anyone know if this is just the way it behaves or am i missing something? its not a major issue, but it really bugs me as i have hundreds of classes in my drawings thanks
  3. Hi im after a 2018 or later fundamentals license if possible. If anyone has one going spare, i have a client who would like to purchase one ASAP. please send me a message thanks
  4. Hi how much are you looking for the license? Im guessing as its tied to a dongle i won't need to transfer the license through s distributor? regards
  5. Hi i am looking for a fundamentals license from 2018. Give me a shout if anyone has a license they wish to sell thanks
  6. Hi I am looking for someone to help me with some very detailed scripting and tool production. This will of course be paid work, which you can quote me for. I imagine it will be quite a bit of work. We currently already have a bespoke tool which has been developed for us (many many years ago using VS), and i basically want to update and build on its functionality. is there anyone out there that can help or would like to get in touch to discuss this. Ideally i would like someone in the UK so i can meet in person to talk through, but in this modern day i am happy to skype and team viewer to get the job done. please PM me if you think you can help thanks
  7. Test 2 dash styles 1-6 applied at 300 dpi, still all have a slight wobble. Test 3 set at 1200dpi. a lot better, but still has the wobble
  8. Hi Jim thanks for getting back to me. i had to up the DPI to 1200 before it was acceptable. still a little kink or stubby end on some of the dashes. usually i don't ever export above 300 dpi due to file size. oddly, a solid line circle at 300 dpi is fine, but the same circle with a dash style isn't. is this just something i have to get over, or is it some inherent problem with dash styles? thanks
  9. anyone explain the attached? the dash style looks fine on screen, but when exported to PDF it goes wobbly and faceted. you have to zoom in to see, but it is there cheers
  10. This has been bugging me and everyone in our department for ages. When exporting objects as shapefiles, VWs automatically adds the word 'polygons' or 'polylines' afterwards. This is incredibly annoying and makes it very difficult to scroll through and identify files quickly as all you see at a quick glance is the word polygons or polylines. We work on projects that can have hundreds of shapefiles which we use between VWs and GIS. There is no need for this, i know whether i am exporting polylines or polygons, and would never mix the two! We must spend hours every month renaming files. We can do this by using a renaming utility, but this causes problems due to GIS referencing to file names. Can we please either get rid of the auto naming or add a check box on the export function. thanks
  11. you have to either force WGS194 co-ordinates when you export, or convert it yourself using GIS. We use ArcGIS to reproject our shapefiles into WGS1984 in order to use in google earth.
  12. i have always used the marquee method, couldn't see any other way of doing it, unless you make a viewport of it on a sheet layer and adjust the sheet to the dimensions you want the image, but thats a pain in the @ss
  13. you can change the georeferencing file to match the format of the image,- tif - tfw jpg - jgw png - pgw its basically the first and last letter followed by the 'w' we do it all the time and works fine. VW used to have a 15000 x 15000 pixel limit as well but not sure if it is the same in 14. i used to have to downsize all my images in photoshop to get them to work, otherwise they would come in as a big grey box
  14. Jim you are a star, i never knew that existed, i thought it was just always on.... i will look harder next time i promise
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