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  1. Hey Jim.... that hybrid thing just made my day! muchas gracias! Buy an ice cream on your way home. You've earned it!
  2. OK I will need some time to study auto hybrids then. Thanks again
  3. On the other hand... In top/plan the line styles should be kept as originally drawn. There are no renderings there, no textures will be shown etc. For that you will need to be in top view at least. Even fills vanish - very annoying. In fact, most commonly renderings are made without lines at all to be realistic, - so yes, they don't matter. But then, why not leave them as they are? The line styles are of major importance in many cases and must be subject to a more userfriendly design. The line styles in 3d-views should be set in the rendering options, not automatically by the application. ("as drawn" (longer rendering) / "all plain black" / "no lines") This could be improved further... Maybe I'm still just unaware of the benefits in the present design, but I think 2015 needs an improvement there.
  4. You have a point there! Thank you for all answers.
  5. I've learned that it will show as a dotted line in viewports if assigned to a class with these settings. Still, in all other views it will remain as plain lines. One of the bets things about VW is "what you see is what you get". But here it's all just confusing. What is from the beginning the reason an object drawn with dotted lines in 2d is converted to plain line when extruded. If I had wanted it to be plain - that is what I would have chosen to start with.
  6. Is it possible to render 3d objects, walls etc with dotted lines - and also show them as such in top/plan view.
  7. A far more comprehensive format yyyy/mm/dd would be something to wish for.
  8. Thank you Tad, I will have to get upgraded.
  9. So I tried, but VW says "illegal objects selected".
  10. If using the method described in topic "modifying a roof" it works fine. I will start over with my roofs that way. Is there a simple way to join two perpendicular roofs so that no faces are left at the intersection and inside the attic? b- like a "join roofs" tool?
  11. How would you repair the damage if the cutout turns out to be wrong later on? Any "fill the gap" tool?
  12. In 2010 "textures by class" can not be applied in OI/render, if the roof has been edited with the subtract solids tool. In fact textures disappear if done afterwards. Only basic roof shapes can be used with textures by class as I understand it. Is this a 2010 bug, fixed in later versions or am I doing something wrong? Appreciate some quick help....
  13. In the attribute palette there is a great feature: opacity can be set individually to any object. My wish is an additional option to show lines hidden behind the object as dashed lines, as in hidden lines render.
  14. Many community boards have a "problem resolved" button, only to be used by the topic owner to signal that he/she has received the help needed and that no more help is required. This is also useful when searching for answers to subjects. No need to read all the answers if they don't eventually end up with a solution. Would be my wish for VWCB.
  15. Selecting is not he problem. Editing the values of the leader is.
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