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  1. The new rendering engine is a large improvement, although I would still like to have the ability to associate a light to an object in a scene. This allows you to make fine tweaks to the final rendering if the lighting isn't quite right on one object
  2. Monkey, have you ever wanted to change something that was created 3 months ago? Do you really remembers the steps you took to create an item? Just because you don't make mistakes doesn't mean some other monkey above you may have made a mistake or wants changes. Also, the program doesn't even tell you in the menu what you want to undo. Such as "Undo Subtract" Palettes can be closed and opened as needed. check your documentation on workspaces.
  3. I would like to see a history palette similar to photoshop so one can see what you are undoing many steps backward. Also, a similar palette would be nice for each object made so that if reverse editing is needed, one could see graphically all that was done to the item, such as, subtracting, adding and such to a 3d model. A bezier drawing tool similar to Adobe illustrator with pullable handlebars. I know that 2009 has the point on arc tool, but I have many years working with the illustrator tool which is still much easier for organic shapes.
  4. Sorry people, I'm not going to involve myself in a pissing contest.
  5. I did bump up the radiosity as well with poor results and messed with final gather, well all the settings in radiosity for that matter with no acceptable results. The file I sent you had the lower setting I tried. In your examples the lighting is still blown out, and neither of your examples resemble my "picture 2". Neither does this explain why a camera in the room renders completely different from a render outside looking in. Would you agree? I appreciate your help, but I still believe my problem is not resolved.
  6. I have a room setup with lighting washing on the walls like track lights. I have cameras placed inside the room, and outside looking into the entries. I am rendering with custom radiosity using no ambient lighting and auto exposure along with 50% energy on the options. All the cameras are duplicates. The renders of the cameras looking in the room look really nice and natural. Any camera that is in the room renders contrasty with no ambient light, and the light on the wall is overexposed. The only setting I have found that makes all renders consistent is turning off auto exposure. But I would rather not use any ambient light, because this tends to flatten the scene out. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  7. Guys, please check Other world computing on their RAM prices...$1200 for 32GB, yes expensive, but not Apple's $9,000. Other software does use all RAM such as Cinema 4d R11 which uses all 8 cores and is 64bit. 20 or 30 seconds for a complicated render. not bad.
  8. I recently got a new MacPro 8 core 3.0GHz Intel Xeon machine with 32 GB RAM. My other machine is an iMac 2.33 Intel Core 2 Duo with 3GB RAM. When I render the same file (VW 2009 ??radiosity) on both machines, I don't see a significant difference in the render times. I was kind of expecting twice the speed on the new machine... maybe too optimistic? At any rate I don't see a significant change. When I run the activity monitor I notice the program doesn't take much of a bite out of the 32GB of RAM. Am I missing something here? Is there a compatibility issue?
  9. I have had the same problem. I am on OS 10.411. I have even manually located the program for the installer with no luck. I have not renamed or moved or removed anything prior. What can it be? Bugged installer. Yikes!
  10. It would be great if VW had light linking (also called selective lighting) which allows you to associate specific lights with specific objects. This comes in real handy when you need to tweak the lighting on an object, but do not want to affect the rest of the scene.
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