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  1. Thank you Laura, I've checked the plants from https://vectorworks.rendermall.com/?language=en and I don't like them, only trees looks good, but my project is mostly only small shrubs.
  2. Hello, we are working with professionals from various disciplines. The original architecture file was created in ArchiCAD and exported to IFC for the rest of the professionals to carry out their specialty work. I imported the IFC file to VW 2021 and it worked quite well. The plants were located by floors, as can be seen in the attached file. Exporting it to a new IFC takes a long time. When importing this new IFC file into VW2021 for review purposes, all plants look like gray blocks. Is there a solution to export more realistic 3D plants, so that the IFC file looks more like the original VW file? See the attached images. Thanks. VW 2021 file can be download from this DropBox Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ofs6inqzy0pf054/Paisajismo 27 de enero 2021 .vwx.zip?dl=0
  3. Thank you Vasil, could you recommend me more settings or solutions? Becase the file still very unresponsive in AutoCAD.
  4. Thanks you Vasil, please see attached photo. Are this settings, correct?
  5. Hi all: Usually I share almost all my projects with architecs that use AutoCAD, but during the past years I havent found a satisfactiry solution exporting from VW to AutoCAD. The results always is a viewport or model that are absolutely unmanagable due size, slowiness and unresponsive in AutoCAD. I'm sharing the original file that I must convert to DWG. Any help would be appreciated! Because I have received so many complains from the companies wich I work.Thank you! Paisajismo Edificio Colón (Sub, 1º y 2º Piso) Enero 2018.vwx
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