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  1. Sorry @drelARCH worked for my doors. 🙂 I didn't try it with the stairs.
  2. Hello Pavol I think i had a similar issue with doors like this showing in clip cube derived horizontal viewports. Can you try this instruction to see if it resolves the problem? (got this from VSS UK) Cheers D
  3. I've only just ventured into this sub forum! We use 3 separate files. One for the survey, then copied for planning, then planning copied for working drawings. This is because each file has a distinctly different objective/function. For example much of the working drawing detailing is done in 2d which "clogs up" the file somewhat. On the rare occasions we have to go back to planning using a working drawing file it's always quite difficult and requires a lot of stripping out e.g !! The planning file is often heavily rendered (unlike the WD file or the Survey) to make it look good so the focus there is on rendered visuals. As @Boh says the survey is all about accuracy and making sure any "human errors" do not have latent issues on site a year later with a grumpy builder, an even grumpier client (and possibly a planning enforcement officer)! so the survey is often a simple - and hopefully accurate - hidden line drawing. Having 3 files also reduces the file sizes to a manegable level. We find they start to get a bit unstable/glitchy at +80,000 kb The disadvantage is not being able to copy viewports over file to file (which haven't been copied originally) but then again each workflow stage often requires new viewports (section cuts) any way. Regards David
  4. https://learn.archoncad.com/blog/2010/03/23/how-can-i-build-a-window-in-vectorworks-with-a-sloping-bottom/ Hi there .not the perfect answer but this is how I got to build windows with a sloping bottom. Hope this helps . D
  5. @jblock How very disappointing. I paid over £2000.00 GBP for my new x4 licenses for 2020 today. I still can't reasonably use VW2020 on any of our 4 licenses. . Your downside up workaround makes no logical sense either. Neither does your assertion that this is not the way Vectorworks should work as this way of rendering objects worked in EVERY previous version of the software. I will take this up with VSS UK tomorrow. @Tamsin Slatter Lets take this off line Tamsin. or @Domas I don't think my problem has been understood correctly. Thank you.
  6. Hello Anton. From memory this was a bug which was fixed during the tenure of VW2018.?
  7. @jblock Will VB 165320 ( cannot render doors and windows) be fixed in 2020 SP2 please? Unfortunately the work around would require the multiple addition of new classes and sub classes relating to new/existing doors and windows as well as render type. This will inevitably mess with our workflow and in principle should not be necessary. Many thanks to let us know.
  8. Hi Frank, (achieved in VW 2019) We do all our annotation in the design layers and copy it over to the viewport annotation. Nevertheless I was intrigued. So I went to our ground floor of our 3d model and inserted a dimension (1926mm) and converted it to layer plane/3d (not screen plane) in the OIP and manipulated it to the correct plane using Control L (Vertical) You can see it on the right image model view in front of the door. I then went to a section viewport of the model and the dimension wouldnt appear ....until I checked "display planar objects" and it appeared! I may have misunderstood your question and we do all our work in 3D, but I hope this might help in some way to get you from A to B Regards David
  9. @SarahISO Thanks Sarah for spotting this. Out of interest are your 2019 files imported into 2020 also losing the window/door renders? (assuming you are upgrading existing 2019 files of course?)
  10. I second @zoomer s comments. I really like your renders. Sorry you are having problems.


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