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  1. Hey. The curse of every working day. I have recently (re) raised this as a bug via VW UK. However - not ideal I know - but if you go: File/ document preferences/document settings/set the plane mode to screen plane only it defaults back to screen plane mode (after layer plane operations) for your session (or at least it does on my programme (VW2018 Architect SP2/Windows 10) However if I attempt this same operation through the tab pane below (to the same destination) I find it is far less stable and does not default back to screen mode after layer plane operations. I'd be interested if you experienced the same thing? Apologies for another rambling post! Cheers D
  2. Did that answer your question JNR? This site is so confusing! I was well happy when I discovered this and glad it helped. I have Mark to thank. It makes the files a bit laggy but hey. Glad it helped.
  3. Jnr I have an answer to this provided by Mark DD I just need to find the thread...... Check out topic :- "WISH LIST 2019? LIVE SECTION CUT VIEWPORTS FUNCTIONALITY/DISPLAY" I found the thread. I think this may answer your question.
  4. Jnr I have an answer to this provided by Mark DD I just need to find the thread......
  5. OK everybody. I am still on the case with this one and have just re contacted VW UK about it. The reason I do not want VW opening in layer plane as a default is because you don't notice or dont notice when it switches from screen to layer and end up having eg 2d lines and dimensions created as layer plane or 3d plane objects. It clogs the files up when you are doing 2d detailing work. It's quite annoying! What I have discovered in the last week is that if I open VW (even if I open our template) it opens in Layer plane.( I dont remember it always doing this btw. ) If i go to File/document settings & preferences/Plane mode and switching to screen plane it maintains the file/ top plan/ revert to screen plane: If I spin a model it will revert to layer, but revert back to screen in top plan. Phew, Yay! BUT if you do this from the command below it is less stable and still switches…..bizarre as it’s the same command! I would be interested if anyone else has the same experience. There are quite a few discussions on this topic I think Cheers David
  6. All Marshall's go up to 11. I have blown my EL34s and had to have them all replaced at great expense. 11 is not a good place to go! As regards rendering, sometimes I have suffered the "black viewport of death", but a simple close file/open file normally does the trick, and I use heavy renders. I think wearebvr is using one of those new programmable Marshall modelling amps with the built in preset tones. Not a "patch" on a bit of original Marshall preamp gain :- )
  7. Have you tried turning the Marshall up to "11" :-)
  8. Hi Mark It's a bit odd as we have 3 licenses and it's only our assistant who has the problem. Since SP2 2018 both in our template and files (new and existing) this problem has stopped but only for 2 of us. We are all on SP2 (and valium :-)) Cheers!
  9. Just noticed this Mark , just posted similar!
  10. File /document settings /units /show unit mark (tick/untick) This has come up before as they were appearing by default in SP1 VW2018. Our assistant is finding the mm appears at "random" on dimensions. In the first instance I am going for the human error interface functionality. So Jim my question is: is there a shortcut in the programme to disable/enable this function e.g Control X she may be accidentally pressing which is very like another operation? Many thanks Hope this makes sense! David
  11. Yes agree. I love the fit walls to objects tool and it saves a lot of time. But when I invoke the "human error tool" sometimes a wall will retain the extra vertices requested by said idiot and even tell you it's one height and it actually isn't (which is a bit dangerous). Sometimes I invoke the multi human error tool (Control #DOH) and copy lots of walls across which retain the original "fault" As pointed out the AEC delete wall peaks does the job...!!
  12. Interesting BC. I had a very similar issue (never repeated) in a section viewport with odd lines like that. I spent a day trying to figure out what it was and in the process stripped the file down completely to try and find out what object it was causing the problem (which didn't work btw) I'm sad enough to re-visit that file to see if this solves the problem! Thank you!