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  1. stand by your mac Mrs Slatter I am going to send you something interesting!~
  2. I am still struggling but I will not be beaten!!!
  3. Thanks for replying @michael john williams Who at VSS sorted this for you? I am still in discussion with them....I havent imported a DWG? PLs attach screen shot! I will deploy this methodology next time I'm having an issue and see what happens rgds david
  4. Yes. That's my all else fails option!
  5. I've just checked this functionality and it is working........;- )
  6. Could be any of the following as above Stephan: all worth trying. It's likely his settings are not the same as yours? so:- update driver set the VW preferences to good performance check the driver is pointing at VW not an internal graphics card and the "if all else fails" option.... Hope this helps!
  7. with With the help of @STRI got my wonky roof to work! Like I say if the builder can do it so can Vectorworks!
  8. How do I add to someone's reputation Jim (or anyone else?)
  9. David S

    wonky roof

    Thanks for replying @STR ooh this was tricky! I didnt do it the same way but your response inspired me! I used the create roof tool to establish the geometry. Then I ungrouped the 3 roof faces. The one to the left was incorrect (it hovered above the wall below which I was expecting) so I recreated it and angled it differently by eye (I didnt know you could create a bi-angled roof this way before). I also had to do a bit or reshaping but I got it to work without doing some very complicated geometry! Good Stuff, thanks again!
  10. David S

    wonky roof

    See that? That's a wonky assymetric garage roof which bends down towards the rear (hopefully) The side wall is also sloped. I have managed to represent the wonky roof using a modified 3d polygon but how do I/ can I now thicken this up to make it more representative of a (wonky) roof. As always in VW my motto is if the builder can do it so can I!! Any help gratefully received. (I am a novice at nurby things...)
  11. Is any one else suffering any of the following ? I just want to protect my sanity! This isn't viewport related THIS IS 3D IN DESIGN LAYERS. Created solid objects like roofs and floors either go "unsolid" (despite solid OIP settings) or just literally disappear and will not return shutdown and start it again they reappear and re-solid themselves. Windows disappear in Open GL. Solution as above. Walls disappear with all their contents and you have to build them again. Messes with my head and my workflow. Not fun. David
  12. David S

    Walls disappear in Renderworks

    And again the stair has a glass panel in. Pre-render it didnt appear mid render it does, post render gone again!
  13. David S

    Rendering issues

    Hi @Seth Thomas I had this. It's hard to pinpoint what solved it but deffo SP1.1 has resolved a number of rendering problems for me. Also the above instruction which @Jim Wilson will be aware of which might save an entire reload?. Hope that helps D
  14. David S

    Walls disappear in Renderworks

    Literally whilst typing that I updated a viewport and my front railings didn't appear( not class switched off). So I went to edit section in place and they are there, and returned to the viewport and whaddya know, they've gone again!! Bizarre
  15. David S

    Walls disappear in Renderworks

    It's not good for the mental health of people of a certain age as you sit there going "I don't remember deleting my walls" or even "I'm sure I just adjusted that roof!" ūüôā


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