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  1. @cberg thank you. The glass is Glass figured light blue rt. Background plain grey
  2. David S

    Walls - fitting to object

    Never used stories Josh just design layers stacked on each other
  3. David S

    Walls - fitting to object

    The other thing I've noticed about the FWtO tool is that the walls "absorb and retain" any previous FWtO operational instructions and get very "confused" especially when this involves the scenarios you describe above and the subsequent operation fails. There have been occasions when I have had to either delete the wall peaks I have created (this is a command) or on occasion create a new wall. Hope this helps!
  4. David S

    Walls - fitting to object

    I'd concur with Wes. It's a great tool but it is hyper-sensitive. So if for example the roof does not protrude beyond the wall the tool doesn't understand what it is being asked to do and the operation will fail. Conversely if for example two roof faces do not meet up at the apex then it will do exactly what you've asked it to do and create a (n unnecessary) column at the apex!
  5. David S

    Fit Walls to Objects

    Not sure if this helps but I am a great fan of fit walls to objects and use it all the time. Sometimes however the wall/s seem to "retain" the original "instruction/s" and it it a fairly simple process to delete wall peaks top and bottom and start again. Cheers D
  6. David S

    Until Next Time

    How sad. Best wishes for your future success and thanks for all your very helpful support!
  7. David S

    The moment of truth

    Can I just say there are a lot of very very experienced users on this group. A lot of posts are placed at the moment of truth when you need an answer quickly. But they may not be read/answered in that context. Sometimes you may get an answer quickly. Other times it is equally rewarding to just to investigate a way of doing things which brings great rewards when you have time to do so. I have learned a lot in this way. Always inspirational. D
  8. David S

    clip cube section fill missing

    Tools /option/s preferences /interactive (at top) / Interactive appearance settings (check box left bottom) What is this set on currently ? (Clip cube fill /colour options to right) Hope this helps.....
  9. David S

    Complex wall opening

    @Kevin McAllister Thanks Kevin I really enjoyed making your windows. Brilliant. I was unaware of the loft tool .Took me a while but I got there in the end. Let's hope it sinks into the old grey matter and can be repeated another time! 🙂
  10. David S

    Overdue Kudos

    Good Job it wasnt a FIAT @Jim Smith (insert your own acronym 🙂
  11. David S

    Renders that don't reflect current state?

    @markdd I've had that. I'm glad you highlighted it. I thought I was losing my mind.
  12. Hello John I really liked the internal image of the stairs. Can I be cheeky and ask what the texture is of the glass please ? Is it a standard VW texture?  Many thanks in advance David

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    2. John Meunier

      John Meunier

      Hi Dave,

      Sorry I don't recognize this image. Do you have the right John?

    3. David S

      David S

      No worries! Greetings from an unusually warm UK

    4. John Meunier

      John Meunier

      And greetings from a snowy Vancouver today.


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