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  1. Having endured some building work myself recently here are, for your consideration, some cool new tools for Vectorworks 2019! Enjoy :-)

    bob the builder.JPG

    1. JimW


      Haha yes!

  2. Zoomer, I didn't do this as there is only a very basic model for the second building as it is being designed. I was trying to prepare the file so it could be worked on without compromising each building. I got to a solution (below) in any case. Cheers D
  3. Hello Innes. This may be completely unconnected but I had this once and completely stripped a file down to find out what this issue was. (our VW to pdf's -not dwg's - were ridiculously huge) Turned out it was a wierd Text (yes!) font that had crept into the file...(we normally use Ariel)! Hope this helps...
  4. Brilliant! I stumbled on a solution! I converted the entire original house into 3D Polygons on its original design layers. Imported these into a new (new build) file. Changed the file so the new build was not skewed (thus skewing the original house) and then re changed the design layer levels in the new file to correct new modelling levels and then aligned the original houses levels to the known ground external levels. Job done! I need to go and lie down now!
  5. Thank you Mr Digital Carbon. Though Mr Zoomer raises a very good point. The new build will have different levels than the existing house. We did this before and altered all the walls =/- but it wasn't an angled new build on that site. Hmmmm....
  6. We work entirely in 3D/Renderworks etc. One of our commissions is to not only renovate a large original dwelling, but to design a new build on the same plot. But *great* the new build needs to be at an angle because of the plot. Naturally the designing and modelling for each building needs to be done "face-on" Ideally in the same file, but 2 files is not a deal- breaker. Has anybody got any super-cunning ideas who may have come across this before? (other than a 2 file option, each building face on -but not together - and having to carefully & manually move the new build to the master file to create composite drawings) It's a lovely house....Thank you, David
  7. Thanks for letting us know Jim. That day can't come soon enough D
  8. Have encountered similar problems and submitted screen grabs and tests via Alexander to concur same issues. Hope it helps. David
  9. I concur with Kevin. Saw a few problems in 2014 looked like clip cube was on (but wasnt) and was severing parts of 3d model. Infrequent issue. Had an issue today with 2015 on 1 license only with disappearing 3d (but not line wireframe etc) but having updated drivers for Quadro all ok now! Although only on Fundementals really appreciating the upgrade/graphics. D