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  1. David S

    Until Next Time

    How sad. Best wishes for your future success and thanks for all your very helpful support!
  2. David S

    The moment of truth

    Can I just say there are a lot of very very experienced users on this group. A lot of posts are placed at the moment of truth when you need an answer quickly. But they may not be read/answered in that context. Sometimes you may get an answer quickly. Other times it is equally rewarding to just to investigate a way of doing things which brings great rewards when you have time to do so. I have learned a lot in this way. Always inspirational. D
  3. David S

    clip cube section fill missing

    Tools /option/s preferences /interactive (at top) / Interactive appearance settings (check box left bottom) What is this set on currently ? (Clip cube fill /colour options to right) Hope this helps.....
  4. David S

    Complex wall opening

    @Kevin McAllister Thanks Kevin I really enjoyed making your windows. Brilliant. I was unaware of the loft tool .Took me a while but I got there in the end. Let's hope it sinks into the old grey matter and can be repeated another time! 🙂
  5. David S

    Overdue Kudos

    Good Job it wasnt a FIAT @Jim Smith (insert your own acronym 🙂
  6. David S

    Renders that don't reflect current state?

    @markdd I've had that. I'm glad you highlighted it. I thought I was losing my mind.
  7. Hello John I really liked the internal image of the stairs. Can I be cheeky and ask what the texture is of the glass please ? Is it a standard VW texture?  Many thanks in advance David

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    2. John Meunier

      John Meunier

      Hi Dave,

      Sorry I don't recognize this image. Do you have the right John?

    3. David S

      David S

      No worries! Greetings from an unusually warm UK

    4. John Meunier

      John Meunier

      And greetings from a snowy Vancouver today.

  8. David S


    ha ha Kevin mid way through a render! A great experience!
  9. David S


    Rendered perfectly in the end 🙂 @Zoomer
  10. David S

    window symbol help!

  11. David S

    window symbol help!

  12. David S


    Further to my recent post regarding Matisseian rendering (left) I was pleasantly surprised to find RenderCezanne turn up today mid render. 🙂 (right, top obv)
  13. David S

    Stairs with no section fill in Clip Cube Viewports

    @lineweight this was done in RW using a standard create viewport from a clip cubed perspective view cheers D


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