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  1. Hi Sam I've seen mention of this before and @Jim Wilson is aware of it. I suffer the same.
  2. @zoomer Hey zoomer. off to see the house design you liked on monday to see what the builders actually built! Will post some photos!
  3. Gonna save me hours & hours of time the clip cube improvements. So pleased about this! Also glad you have focused on enabling some of the existing commands and tools for improvement. Look ffd to seeing the list of fixes!
  4. David S

    3D Workflow Tips

    I'm not sure I understand the question but working in 3d takes longer up front,. However if you spend a deal of time changing the internal designs till its *just right* (or your clients demand these changes) then it's well worth the effort as utilising the viewports immediately updates all the drawings, instantly. As regards file sizes our software copes quite well up to 100'000kb but if you had file size issues you could always replicate the master file and reference the objects in place from a separate file. Referencing looks scary but it is quite simple to do - see the help guide on referencing files? Hope this helps. Feel the fear and do it anyway! Never looked back after adopting 3d/live viewports/clip cube etc etc! I know it's a different environment but the building to the right is from a referenced file feeding into the building on the left's file. This scheme was looking good till the local planning department butchered it !!! 🙂
  5. David S

    roof component bound offset

    I asked a while ago if this could be fixed. The issue with the create roof tool is if you ungroup it (for whatever reason) you are back to square 1 with the original issue above. I have reverted back to using 2 roof faces a thin tile overhang and a thicker lower rafter. It's very time consuming. Also has implications for working drawing detail. Argh!
  6. David S

    Section Viewports Invisible when Zooming

    How bizarre. I have suffered the opposite. 2d annotation disappears when grouped on a viewport annotation when we scroll in and out. I have reported it but had no feedback?
  7. David S

    2d detail "vanishes" in Viewport annotation?

    Hi @Jim Wilson The above issue is still occuring. Just opened the above file (PAT) attached above to Pat Stanford in SP4 VW2018 and still happening. Was this ever reported as a bug please? It's very annoying! Also did VB-146728 (multiple tab issues) or VB-149264 (Unsolid walls & roofs in section viewports) Also wondering whatever happened to our issue when we cut Clip cube flat sections and the viewport won't display the wall detail correctly from last year? I'm pretty sure @Tamsin Slatter reported it and here is the DSS reference number (Good afternoon Newbury [ ref:_00DD0D7vd._500D01SL7Ge:ref ) Any update welcome!
  8. David S

    Jim's t shirt

    Anybody else wondering what other activities are on Jim's t shirt in is VW teaser video on Facebook other than "eat and sleep" ?
  9. Hi Sam. It's a struggle all right. We do everything in 3d which makes the requirement even more difficult. Generally we have success in contacting Universities and taking on Pt 1 or 2 Architecture students either on placement or p/t. We spent 10 years with this set up. Finally bit the bullet with a fully qualified Architect who @got@ 3d but she went on Maternity leave. We're back to students again now as we find they are much more tech-savvy. Specifically, colleges tend to teach in 1 particular CAD package so for example, Kingston Uni near us teach in Vectorworks. You might want to contact VW UK @Tamsin Slatter who will know which colleges also do this (cant promise anything but tamsin is always very helpful) Hope this helps
  10. We are a successful practice working in 3D/BIM at the cutting edge of this technology. Looking for a Technician/pt 2 Architect student to help us. Current employee on Maternity leave for a year. Great training and chilled environment! If you know anyone peeps! Thank you! gokarchitects.co.uk
  11. David S

    Cannot extrude simple polygon.

    Hi Sean, a better late than never production. Sometimes it's as simple as have you checked the polygon is "closed" in the Object info Pallette? It won't extrude if not closed. Hope you are enjoying the heatwave over there, was in Rush 2 weeks ago!
  12. David S

    2d detail "vanishes" in Viewport annotation?

    Hi Jim. I recall the user preferences were reset but it did not fix either issue. And to be clear still having "freezing tab" issues which other users have reported too....... (I think this issue has been reported) with @Tamsin Slatter