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  1. We are a successful practice working in 3D/BIM at the cutting edge of this technology. Looking for a Technician/pt 2 Architect student to help us. Current employee on Maternity leave for a year. Great training and chilled environment! If you know anyone peeps! Thank you! gokarchitects.co.uk
  2. David S

    Cannot extrude simple polygon.

    Hi Sean, a better late than never production. Sometimes it's as simple as have you checked the polygon is "closed" in the Object info Pallette? It won't extrude if not closed. Hope you are enjoying the heatwave over there, was in Rush 2 weeks ago!
  3. David S

    2d detail "vanishes" in Viewport annotation?

    Hi Jim. I recall the user preferences were reset but it did not fix either issue. And to be clear still having "freezing tab" issues which other users have reported too....... (I think this issue has been reported) with @Tamsin Slatter
  4. David S

    2d detail "vanishes" in Viewport annotation?

    @JimW Did this ever get reported as a bug Jim?
  5. David S

    Roof tiles

    Afternoon everybody. I found a thread a while ago posted by @Christiaan which I believe solved the issue of roof tiles? The post dating back to 2012 didn't seem to contain any images and was responded to by "all the usual suspects" I would much appreciate it if one of you could point me in the direction of the roof tile solution when you have time? Many thanks in advance!
  6. OK so I nipped out to Ikea and bought a cheap mirror and hung it on the wall of my client's Kitchen. I then added an internal spot light and got a VW camera into the room. Although it is a rubbish mirror it's definitely reflecting! Hope that helps Rachel ??
  7. I#'m just trying to find a mirror finish? where is that?
  8. I'm winging this one but do you have to remove the wall - what would happen if you use the clip cube/ vectorworks camera to "get into the room" ?
  9. David S

    Section line marker - any way to set defaults?

    What happens if you save your preferred section marker style as a symbol(s)? Cheers D
  10. What is a PIO?
  11. Thanks Kevin. Part of a complex 4 story Victorian house extension in Richmond UK!
  12. No Kevin, I just thought he'd appreciate it.
  13. Never the less Kevin asks a good question. What exactly is Zoomer 🙂


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