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  1. David S

    VW 2021

    VW 2021 Hi all. Just (finally) switched to VW2021 . Haven't been on for a while. Ridiculously busy! Very happy with 2021 and really getting into Extrudes! House in Teddington SW London. Enjoy!
  2. 5 years later. Well I never knew that! Great Alan you just resolved a tricky brief. Holding shift down gets you to 45 degrees too!
  3. We've just been re-commissioned to work on a property in Twickenham which we originally extended in 2015. I was able to resurrect the file and all the 3d was intact and it worked perfectly although how I worked without ambient occlusion back then is a mystery to me! I was then able to give it a good render scrub and brush up using all our newer techniques compared to our line drawings of the past. I was very pleased with the results! This has saved me hours of time. Enjoy!
  4. Hello E For the sake of your own sanity I have encountered this before. Although in our case our walls are grey so I end up with a big grey circle/s! From memory I think this issue was triggered by the placement of windows in the round wall: taking them out seemed to resolve it. In non technical terms I've either had to recreate the round wall/s and/or fiddle about with the window placement in the round walls to resolve it. good luck!
  5. You think you've got problems @Jim Smith my walls have ears 🙂
  6. You are talking to the guy who was trying to get decent sunny shadow views at 8 at night in November 🙂
  7. Its a tricky one allright. I shape the top of the window with a small elipse, but I know what you mean because actually the window is square. The only way I can think of which is immeasurably tricky would be to use an ellipsed cased opening for the masonry element in the main wall and then a thinner top shape square wall in the main wall opening opening to house a standard square window. But that's very fiddly! The VW window and door tools need a good re-boot! It would be really good if the sash windows showed "horns" at the bottom of the upper sash (I think they are called) but that's getting a bit desperate! Good luck Regards D
  8. Do you mean like this Jim? (just to be sure....)
  9. @Domas Hi Domas - when you are back tomorrow have a look at this ? I'm wondering if this is part of the same issue. See the last image posted??
  10. @zoomer ooops I meant right!
  11. Thanks @Wes Gardner I just finished this survey of a 1960s house referred to earlier. Fortunately the client gave me the original drawings which included the designer's own 3d image (right!). Pretty good for 1963 manual! And yes, it was built flipped.
  12. Spent the morning trying to do a really tricky eyebrow roof (left, image pre-production) and succeeded eventually courtesy of an on line video! Thank you timvids! Also having fun recently doing section viewports in 3d and rendered. Thank you @Tamsin Slatter great when you get where you want to be!


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