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  1. David S

    The Vectorworks Twitch

    @digitalcarbon Sounds amazing. so how come so many simple things never ever get fixed? I keep a log now of my bug submissions. It's sadly 2 years old and I'm still waiting. Unless I ask it disappears into the ether and my day to day business takes priority and I forget. I love my software, but I have a business to run. Most of our projects/workflow rely on a consistency tenure of 2 years, we have to work with what we've got, so we can't just drop everything and work to a new standard/way we were not expecting to unless it actually works. So frustrating. We always upgrade but never before SP1. The bugs I have identified are big bugs which are preventing the software delivering simple things and what it says it should do. We have a right to say this because we are not beta testers we are software pioneers: we actually want it to deliver. This is what I have wanted to say for some time.
  2. Aaah I see. Its a lot more stable in the annotation on a sheet layer, sorry for the confusion.
  3. Just to be clear editing in here,,,,,,it's just I saw the "flickering orange" viewport a few times which would suggest not.... ??
  4. Can I ask if those lines are being applied in the annotation of the viewport? @line-weight
  5. Out of interest what is the standard setting of DPi for Design Layer Raster Rendering please? Thank you!
  6. David S

    Plans not publishing as expected

    Hello @Andrew Davies this sounds quite similar to an issue I had recently so I'm wondering if @Domas at Vectorworks can assess if it was same/similar. Domas do you remember my 3d symbols going very strange and we ended up having to re-import them after deleting errant 2d elements ? Just a thought? Cheers D
  7. David S

    Plans not publishing as expected

  8. David S

    Laser Measures

    Like you @Jim Smith still heavily reliant on tapemeasure.app as I've become a victim a few times with lasers when they take the wrong measurements. I use lasers for long overall dims as a sense check or in those tricky to get at places. The other advantage of tapemeasure.app is when the tape springs back to the housing and cuts your fingers ūüôā I think there are some apps out there that do what you describe......
  9. David S

    Slab tool colour grey??

    I agree Wes . Gonna play around with this more tomorrow but I won't feed VW after midnight...... Nice feature.....
  10. David S

    Slab tool colour grey??

    Aha Just attempted the same thing with a file definitely created in VW2019 and it's ok. The file behaving oddly was definitely created in 2018.....
  11. David S

    Slab tool colour grey??

    Thats odd when I do this in a new file its ok! But when I take an existing file select the existing floor, take its polygon and recreate this as a slab it goes grey. Also when I create a polygon in the existing file the slab goes grey too?? All polys on "None" class white fill . Hmmm....
  12. David S

    Slab tool colour grey??

    No I tried classes , didnt seem to make a difference....
  13. David S

    Slab tool colour grey??

    Hi Wes its the slab (which turned grey when it became a slab....)
  14. David S

    Slab tool colour grey??

    Happy New Year all. I am playing with the AEC/Create objects from shapes/ tool (who knew!) and created a polygon and converted it to a slab. In open GL and "giving it swirlage" as we say here (spinning it round) it was ok (white colour and useable ) but when I revert to top plan it goes grey? Any idea why? (I tried the components but it didnt change)?? Many thanks D


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