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  1. @E|FAShould be there now!
  2. Hi Jeff! I have an Ender 3 at home and use Cura to generate the print files. I did find that Cura couldn't handle a site model directly ( I suspect it was physically too big) so What I found worked was: Export the Site mdoel to .STL. Reimport the model back into vectorworks. Scale the model to fit my print plate. Export that to STL. Pop it it Cura which then managed to generate a nice print file. I happened to use a grid pattern but as I'm sure you are aware you can pick whatever fill you program allows. Print it out. This is on the lowest settings my printer can do. (I was just curious to see if it could!)
  3. In the BIM nodes its the first one under walls.
  4. Ah! thanks for the clarification
  5. Thats great! thanks - I think I understand the list part - what do the series and string nodes do?
  6. First Questions to the forum - 1. Is it possible to make a network that for instance If I input a value of 3 would then let me create 3 new layers with names from a preset list? And something similar for a number of windows in a wall. Cant quite find a node for it. 2. Cant seem to get wall joins to work at all - does it need to know its vector? That would make it a little difficult to change the starting geometry.
  7. Hello, Just getting started with this Marionette - no previous programming experience at all. I've been figuring it out from the stuff others have done on this forum. Just to see if I could I've started little house based on a polyline. Would love to hear peoples thoughts or comments on setting up the scripting for this.
  8. You can make a texture that uses the same repetition as a hatch (for bricks and other common hatches you can use the default render shaders just make sure you get the size right and make the 'bevel width' the same as the grout width if using Tiles as a shader) - you just wont have 'vector' based lines so you will need a high DPI to keep it crisp. You can then set the background render to a suitable render style and the foreground to hidden line. Tends to work best with a grey pen/grout colour as it softens the drawing and looks a little more like you used a pencil. Its not to everyones taste but hope it helps!
  9. Try using the Attribute Mapping tool, it gives you a little square representing your texture that you can move, stretch, rotate as required its on the basic palette. All the best
  10. Hello If you don't have components it wont make any difference the walls will joint at the edges. With components the structural element such as the timber frame would meet and the other components would wrap around that such as the plasterboard
  11. Ricky check your callout preferences and make sure the Max Text Width is set to more than 0 (default is 51 I think) I had this last year in one of my templates somehow id messed it up! Luckily you can adjust it in Object Info too.
  12. Hello heres what we do with our lights, Create a truss. Select the truss and then click Spotlight > Object Conversion > Convert to Light Position Name it Then set the Z for the truss. From the Resources place lights on the truss Place Focus points telling them the focus height. Tell the lights which points to focus on. In 2D they will not move or adjust at all this is as intended (you can rotate them if you wish) In 3D the lights will have automatically adjusted to point at the Focus point and when turned on and rendered in Fast Renderworks or higher you can see the lights shining on the focus try this and let me know where your having problems All the best
  13. No - at least it didn't for me it just means when you open the save file you will have an incomplete render with the red 'out of date' tape around the viewport. I'd send you an image but my screen grab app is playing up.
  14. What function of the camera are you wanting? If its easy access to the view in future try using saved views. (the little menu on the view bar with a piece of paper with a mountain on it is the saved views menu or use View > Save View. The Saved View menu or the Navigation palette then make it easy to switch between views You can use Hyperlinks (Dims/Notes) in 2013 to quickly access saved views if you want to create a more presentable way of navigating your drawings. If you want a design view from a camera select the camera click display camera view on object info then deselect the camera and you will be left in the cameras view and free to move around or create a saved view or viewport without affecting the camera. Otherwise i'm not sure if you can turn a view into a camera perhaps others will know Hope thats helpful!


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