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  1. It would be nice to have a preformatted hydrozone report that works with the hydrozone irrigation tool. Currently, and for several versions, the preformatted hydrozone report is linked to landscape area which is created with a completely different tool and does not function the same or provide the same information without creating and attaching custom record formats. This in turn adds layers of extra work, when vectorworks has a tool that does this already and no way to actually use that data.
  2. Ha, ha, ha well the jokes on me because after coming up with and testing multiple different workflow options and creating new custom data tags to mimic my old plant symbol data tags to get around the lack of "Unified View" and "Ignore Layers with Different Scales". I found what I was looking for.....they moved the "Ignore Layers with DIfferent Scales" from being in the Unified View options to being in the display options and I completely missed it. From the replies this is probably only useful to me, but anyone else who has been looking for that feature see below to find its new location. Thanks for everyone's response it forced me to try some new things.
  3. Thanks I appreciate the feed back, however, I think the best solution is to return to VW 2021 and not update further until they find a functional way to work in multiple scales again. The images below show the drastic difference in working in multiple scales in VW 2021 (and all other versions) compared to VW 2022. All images were captured while working in the 20' scale design layer work space. In previous version all symbols would scale so that 10' is 10' regardless of design layer scale you are working in, in other words a unified view of your BIM model. VW 2022 doesn't have an option to do that making setting up sheet layers incredible tedious if you work in multiple scales. The best option now would be to work with all layers at a 1:1 scale and create text styles to use for the different print scales needed and manually adjust sheet layer viewports as needed, which would seem to miss the whole point of having design layer scales in the first place.
  4. Thanks All however, none of those solutions solve the problem. I work in BIM so, 3D and 2D. I often have to do site plans and landscape calcs. at 20' or 30' scale. I also have to do planting plans, irrigation plans, and hardscape layouts at 10' scale or less. Up until VW 22 the standard best management practice was to set your design layer scale to the same scale you you wanted to print your sheet layers at, thus preserving line weights and font size. I could easily set the civil or architectural base at 30' scale on one layer and put my planting plan on another layer at 10' scale, turn on unified view and presto magic. However, now unified view no longer has a setting to ignore different scales because it has been made a legacy item. It does still allow me to view my 30' scale plan from my 10' plant layer, but because I can't give it the option to ignore the scale difference my plants symbols are huge and civil plan is small, and when I switch back over to my 30' scale plan my plant symbols are super tiny. See the attached screen shot of the Unified View Options from VW 21 and VW 22. Note the Ignore Layers with different scales option in VW 21. I imagine I am not alone in needing that back. The only other solution that I can see now is to either set up tedious design layer viewports at different scales, create a series of annotated texts styles for different scales, or manually adjust every sheet layer viewport setting to accommodate line weights and fonts. So, all the reasons I left CAD and switched to VW in the first place.
  5. Please bring back unified view. The fact that it has been made a legacy feature has removed its best function, the ability to work in multiple different design layer spaces while producing a consistent overall product. VW 2022 has no realistic way to work in multiple scales without the use of design layer viewports which is both tedious and not very useful. Thanks
  6. Does any have any suggestions or best management practices for working in multiple design layer scales now that unified view has becoming a legacy feature with VW 2022 and has lost some of its customization features? Thanks
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