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  1. I'm having regular issues when using the smart edge snapping option. It works fine with lines but when I'm using it with curves, it will every now and then draw the curve edge and then completely freeze the software, obliging me to force quit and restart Vectorworks. I'm on VWX2021 but I had this issue occurring on precious versions as well (2020 and 2019, I would say) and completely different drawings (which makes me think this might not be caused by a corrupted file or the like?). Has anybody else been experiencing this issue and, if so, would have any solution/workaround to suggest? The only way I've found to deal with it at the moment is to have a shortcut for this snapping option to more easily/quickly turn it on and off and so reduce the risk to trigger this bug but it is really not ideal.
  2. It seems that the Landscape Areas are only showing the total plants percentage when using the distribution rate with fixed percentage or rate. It would be really really handy and time saving to have the percentage automatically calculated when using the custom rate / percentage option. My non-math brain is fine doing a bit of mental arithmetic or using a calculator to check I've got my 100% right in 2-3 landscape areas but when it's for dozens of those with as many different mixes, there is always room for an occasional mistake, calculator or not 🤭
  3. Hi Tamsin, I just sent the file to you, many thanks for having a look!
  4. Hi, I've been having issues while creating landscape areas in Vectorworks 2021. The areas created all have the same settings (species, density, unstyled Landscape Area, etc) but the plants count seems to not be working properly for all the areas (see screenshots attached as an example - logically, the bigger landscape area should have more plants but I'm getting the opposite and re-shaping is providing random results too). I worked on this file in previous versions of Vectorworks and it was all okay so just wondering if anybody else had the same issue/ found a fix for this? (For info, this Plant was imported in the drawing while working with the 2021 version. I've been getting the same issue with Landscape Areas using Plant objects created a while ago but re-shaping the area a bit seems to help resolving the issue. The Landscape Areas with this Plant also run very slowly, although when I put this Plant in a Landscape Area which was created prior to VW2021 it works fine, so I'm not sure if the issue is coming from the Landscape Area or the Plant in itself?)
  5. I have received an architect's layout as DWG format which was originally exported from Revit. I have imported the DWG in Vectorworks but the layout I'm getting seems to be overly complex / 'sketchy' - eg. rather than having polygons / polylines, all is drawn with a multitude of small lines, often overlapping over each other as well (see screenshot attached, hope it gives a clearer idea) - which makes it pretty tedious to work on. I was wondering if there is anything which can be done in the import settings to simplify this layout or is the issue more likely to come from the other end, when it was generated from Revit (in this case, would anybody have any Revit export tips which I could relay to the architect?)?
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