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  1. i came to the conclusion that it is faster to redraw the whole modifier when "big" changes are needed. wich is a real pity... could be the best and most useable modifier ever for me, but for now I stick with the "old" modifiers (and my Marionette Objects that do kind of similar things...) just because of the poor changeability options. But I am curious to read how other people work with this tool!
  2. huge file size (300 mb is not) can be caused by many resource manager objects another hint may be: many instances of the MO inside the file? try using "styles" for your network/ object
  3. same bug for me (since a few months?) I just deleted everything I didn't needed inside the node (for example: I just needed volume) then it worked fine 🙂
  4. when operating with nurbs curves (my go to when creating solids inside marionette) some things to mind: - for closed curves take the first point and use it at last point also (otherwise they are not "closed") - use the "loft surface" node to generate solids (get familiar with the settings (rule, solid, close, ...) - chek the order of the curves and their point direction (with the data flow nodes everything is possible)
  5. In DomC's Node Collection is something that might be interesting? Actually there a a few Nodes/ small example Networks that might help u with your idea! DomC Nodes - Marionette - Nodes - Vectorworks Community Board
  6. Thanks for reaching out! @Letti R was so kind to help me out with a alternative Python script ❤️ this did exactly what i wanted. @Antonio Landsberger But thanks for the version 2 of this node!!! I am 100% sure I will use it later in another script.
  7. i guess this is something basic, but never did this with marionette: i have a list of points that looks something like this (points for each poly) i want to triangulate each poly separately and not the whole polys together... so i need a flattened list for each 'list' and not the whole list flattened. can anyone help me? thanks!
  8. I think there not enough Info to help you. But one Node comes to my Mind that might be wort lookin at: "Get Point On Poly" so you can place and rotate Objects along Polyline shapes.
  9. 1. not very complex, some nested math... squences, ranges, series,... recalculating z-height of polys etc... graphically: no 2. of course only the dedicated gpu active As said: just curious if maybe more "generel problem" acoss other hardware configurations. Might have a chance to test on a system with dedicated gpu only next week...
  10. Hey there, i have some Networks/ and or Marionette Objects that crash my Windows 2024 Update 3 Installation of Vectorworks, on MacOS everything just works fine and as expected. I have already sent a test file to my local Distributor and they said that the issue was now reported to Vectorworks Inc. I also experience much faster response of Marionette on MacOS than on Windows... even my "slow" M1 with 16GB RAM (13" Pro late2020) is oddly faster than my i9-12900H, 64G RAM, RTX 3060 (Laptop GPU) Windows Machine. Wouldn’t expect such huge differences with that hardware. So out of curiosity: Anyone else in this community having similar trouble?
  11. @DomC @Pat Stanford this works perfect! 😍 in this context: is there any acess to the "fixed direction of the profile"? i would literally die for a english Version (or at least the possibility to switch from german to english) Sometimes it is really hard to guess the english terms and get proper search results...
  12. Thank u! I will test it tomorrow and will report my results here 🙂
  13. ty Pat for reaching out! ...and thats exactly the problem: no matter how the profile is moved, after an operation the movement is reset 🙂 if not operated on the result its working, thats exactly what DomC's solution is doing.
  14. had some time to work on this again... Whenever I operate on the resulting "VW-Handletype: 86 Plug-in object" (in this case convert to 3d polys > mesh) the movement of the profile is lost (happens with any operation (also bool) unfortnetly there is no info for 3D Path Plug-in Object (86) on the developer page that might help me to sort it out myself... @DomCHave you any idea how I cloud avoid this behavior? Extrude along Path with Ref point (3D Path Plug-in Object - Handle Type 86).vwx
  15. I can't remember excatly; but could it be possible that this only happes with active plan rotation?
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