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  1. again I ran into troubles lately. Especially with projectsharing… What I also noticed: when I import a Marionette Object (style) out of the resource Manager some nodes loose their connection… (but not always… thats the funny part…) What always works: copy paste from file to file… I save every network as style, so I can always replace the „inside“ with a working „backup“. the only workaround that works for me at the moment. Also I try to place every Marionette style before setting up the projectsharing file. For now I stopped using projectsharing in projects where i relay heavily on marionette objects… (no fun solution when busy teamworks is needed)
  2. Not always. Texture was applied for objects that wehre converted from 2D to 3D out of the control geometry. (so they had texture info from the beginning via class), For 3D geometry that was created inside the MO i had to manually assign texture (even after the class should have automatic texture assignment) My workaround was: I created a „dummy“ texture that got color from the attribute palette and assigned this specific texture for that geomety with missing texture to get at least the class solid color (and in my case transparency) via class. Was also missing a native node as OP.
  3. Hello there, any chance of seeing native Material Nodes in near future? Materials took a huge role in our workflow, a shame that our marionette scrips can't work with them 😞 Cheers.
  4. Hello there, it would be nice to have a native node that operates with the DTM. Input: Site Model (via Location on Layer - handle Input via obj by criteria ?) State of the site model (existing/proposed) x/y-Value Output: z-Value btw: I am aware of the possibility right now 😉 https://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php/VS:DTM6_GetZatXY I don't come from a scripting background, and never feel comfortable (or future proof for version updates) when I create my own nodes... Cheers!
  5. Thank u! The solution suggested by @Letti R works!
  6. hey there, can someone explain how I could use the Strip Node whilst using repeating "sub-parts" of the"substring example: string Input is: TestStringStripFriend-From Test ("From" should stay) Strip Operator is: TestStringStripFriend- result is: om Test ("From" should stay) result should be: From Test ("From" should stay) Anyone? Cheers!
  7. @Marissa Farrell @DomC Maybe one of you can sort this out? How do I get the correct handle to work with an existing worksheet? (best case: without placing the ws inside the drawing/ layer - just inside resource manager) Cheers.
  8. Hello, am I missing something? I kind of don't get values/strings or formulas from a existing worksheet... I tried different rows and columns but I don't get the expected values. I can't figure out how I get the right "Handle to the Worksheet = hWorksheet I can search with obj by crit (=worksheet) and get i.e. type #56 - is this the correct one? Can I access a Worksheet inside the Resource-Manager? (by name?) Cheers.
  9. Thank you for your explanation! I guess I didn't notice because I have things going on afterwards that seem to reset anyway (didn't test outside my network) Okay my question on the solid boolean operation was confusing: After the generated path extrude I think I have to convert the object to mesh or simple 3D to do a solid boolean, if I do a solid boolean with the path extrudes they do that without the movement to the ref point. I don't find any node to convert to mesh or similar... Is there any other workaround/ possibility?
  10. Hello, I am using DomC's sweet solution to extrude along a path with a ref point (not with symbols, I created the used path geometry (profile) directly inside my Network) I somehow don't know what the "Reset Obj" Node does exactly in this context and if it is necessary? @DomC The Networks works fine without it. (so i think I am fine with deleting "Get Parent & Reset Obj"?) Another question: If I try to do "Solid Boolean" node they loose their "ref" movement. The resulting object is a "pointbody" (german: Punktkörper - what is the English term for that? 😄) Is there any node to transform those into "simple" 3D so that the Solid Boolean works as expected? Cheers!
  11. Hello there, I have a Landscape Area object containing no surface and only plants. Since SP5 the export is working again. I have a class based ifc-data-mapping - the LA object is places in the class If I use the standard 2x3 settings each plant is exported as IfcBuildingElementProy (kind of expectable when looking at the LA and plant settings ;D) I kind of struggle with my datamapping (data-manager) to achieve the following: I want the whole "group" of plants to export as one Entity where my class-based mapping is transmitted instead of each single plant with the PIO mapping of the plant. How do I achieve this? Cheers!
  12. Works pretty nice. played around with the resolution and skipping a few list items to control the number of placed duplicates while keeping the divided elements high for a better resolution. To get more into the aimed direction/ my use-case: Any Idea how to split the polyline into its segments? (creating a network with getting vertex points, the type (for each) via a boolean and recreating each segment one by one seems a bit too time-consuming for me right now (neither is my skillet at a level to do this smart and fast)
  13. U never disappoint! Thank you.
  14. Hello, afaik there is no node (or similar) for the "Duplicate Along Path" command? Any Idea how replicate the operation?... Thought about: 1. splitting my path (polyline) into lines- remove the other objects (no idea how to deal with other objects then lines) 2. get their distance, orientation/angle 3. duplicate, move/align & rote my desired duplicates kind of complicated ;D? Cheers!
  15. i dont't have those options in the german 2023 SP4 build 😉 Yes for know i have a smart-View for BIMCOllab Zoom that maps color via a customPsets with all the handy information like class,material, design layer,...
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