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  1. I have Architect and I can't seem to find even one manufacturer catalog of windows... Ok I think I found them under VW libraries->object styles-> doors or windows BUT there's literally one or two window in each folder, not a catalog. does anyone know if it's possible to get the full catalog to show up? Under andersen for example I have a single double hung and a single sloped top casement to choose from... How do you use this if you want to have multiple sizes/functions/shapes that the manufacturer offers? Is there maybe a pdf that shows you what you can find in the VW library for each version and where?
  2. Hi Pat, I don't know how to change my signature but I am on OS 10.15.7 - I figured out how to change it... As further info. I work on 2 computers - both on the same OS, on my IMAC desktop the window just deletes itself when I try to move it to the 2nd monitor, on my macbook it jumps back to the main monitor but doesn't delete.
  3. Hi, I often work with a floating view pane open so that I can see both a 3D and plan view at the same time - I've always placed my 'floating view pane' on my 2nd monitor but since I upgraded to 2022 it won't let me do that - it either just disappears or jumps back to the original monitor... Anyone got a work around? I'm on a Mac powerbook running 10.15.7 Thank you!
  4. Can anyone tell me why I have these red marks as part of my section line symbol instances and how to get rid of them? Thank you, 'ilima
  5. I tried using the shim gap to make the window nominal different from the R.O. but it didn't work for windows... trying to figure out the same thing for doors - really seems like this should be very straightforward and built in, super frustrating
  6. Hi, I have a pretty huge house remodel and at some point the elevation sheets started freezing the file any time I try to print them... I have always used the publish - print to PDF feature for the past 10+ years. It doesn't tell me that VW isn't responding when i go tot he force quit menu but it's completely frozen and will stay like that indefinitely (i've let it try for hours) I MUST get this to print to PDF by next week as I need to submit it in for building permit and am starting to freak out as I can't get the elevations out of the file to pdf. I've tried everything I can think of... I refresh the viewports manually and then turn the publish options to NOT update vp's and it still freezes. I've let it run for an hour+ and it just stays stalled in the middle. The vp's update very quickly in the file and I am not having this issue with the section VP sheets... My elevations are section VP's in the OIP so i'm stumped as to how to fix this. I have been using the project sharing feature which I've had some other issues with but not sure if this is related to that. Any thoughts wise VW people? thank you! I'm on a Mac running 10.12.6 Sierra and using VW 2020. THis happens from both my laptop and my Imac
  7. Is there a way to get doors to show up on a window schedule instead of the door schedule? I have many doors (4 panel glasss sliders) that will be built with fixed (inoperable) screens essentially making them windows and I want them on the window schedule for permitting review rather than the door schedule. There are many and they are all placed and detailed properly... Any way to keep the objects yet get them to show up on the window Schedule? Thank you!
  8. Hi, I'd be interested in the 2020 if it is architect or designer suite. Please let me know, Mahalo, 'ilima
  9. I am hoping someone can help me resolve this issue. I recently upgraded to 2020 from 2016... I'm having a very serious problem where walls are not showing up in 3D - after a few hours of messing around with the WAY too many variables one can have for wall heights and components I think I found the culprit... In the individual components of the wall styles there is a top and bottom setting for each component... These must be set to layer wall height and layer elevation respectfully for the walls to show up. The big problem is that even though I have changed this in the resource managers wall style and replaced my walls they still seem to default to settings which don't allow the wall to show height in the model. Please see the screen shots below. Please also note that even though the object info says 9' the wall shows with no height. On the last screen shot you can see that I placed a new wall style and even though both walls are the same type and the same height in the info palette only the one that I manually adjusted the components for in the OIP shows any height... Questions - 1) how can I fix this issue universally so that I can select any wall style that I want from the resource browser and have it show height without having to edit EVERY component for EVERY wall that I draw? 2) Why if I've changed the settings in the resource manager's wall style are these settings not coming through when I use the wall style in the drawing? 3) Why will the eyedropper tool not work to copy the settings i've given to the walls that are now showing height? 4) Is there an easy way to override the multitude of places that one can dictate wall heights? It seems like there are similar settings in (a) the wall style under 'edit wall attributes' - insertion options (b) the components themselves (c) the components in the object info pallet and (d) in the edit design layers dialog where you can set wall height by layer I was trying to teach someone native to autocad 2D vectorworks which I've been using for 16 years and it was quite embarrassing to have this issue right after telling them how awesome the 3D features are... x Untitled 3.vwx
  10. Did you Ever get this resolved? I am having the same issue...
  11. I too am having crashing every time I try to update viewports - sometimes tot he point where it crashes continually just trying to open the file... Super irritating. Also having objects just completely disappear, things jumping 100's of feet in model space for no reason - and most irritating of all having to wait 3 seconds before ANY command registers, including simple zooms. I've got high output expectations right now and just paid for the upgrade subscription for the entire year yet I am having to output my files to 2016 to be able to render, layout and print without losing hours of time with crashing software. what is the policy for refunds due to non-functioninsg software? I can't afford to lose this much time dealing with buggy software - it's really not professional nor tolerable in my working worlds. Thanks
  12. Are you saying that you are taking a vectorworks file and exporting it to sketchup and then they bring it into archicad? Or are you saying you no longer use vectorworks at all with archicad clients? Archicad and vectorworks are made by the same company - it should be simple to import and export to one anothers platform... infuriating!
  13. Boh!! you're a life saver - that did it!! I turned the detail level to high and all of a sudden My doors appear!!! I guess glazing is considered by 2020 to be a "high" level detail object? What is this OIP "detail level" toggle supposed to be for? faster rendering on low? I have been a dinasaur and working off of 2016 for years - this doesn't seem to exist in the 2016 viewport OIP.
  14. Thank you Pat - I have checked ALL of this...I've been on VW for many years and am used to the visibility of viewports, etc. All of the layers and classes are turned on in the viewport. I've even deleted one of the doors and recreated them to see if this might change anything but it didn't seem to. I do see a click box for "hidden Object display" in the object info pallet but I don't know what this is for nor do I think it would make the glazing in the doors disappear? The class visibility in the design layer is exactly the same as the class visibility in the VP - I'm stumped... Going to export the file back to my 2016 version and see if it shows up correctly there I guess... If anyone has an explanation/idea for this I'd love to hear it. This has happened in all of my files so far with 2020... I've emailed tech support but no response yet. UPDATE: I EXPORTED TO 2016 AND INITIALLY IT LOOKED THE SAME - CHANGED THE CLASS OF THE GLAZING ELEMENTS (LAST 3 ON LIST) IN THE DOOR-> SETTINGS->CLASSES TAB TO THE SAME CLASS AS THE DOOR AND THEY FINALLY SHOWED UP IN THE VP IN 2016... TRIED THE EXACT SAME THING IN THE EXACT SAME FILE IN 2020 AND IT DIDN'T WORK
  15. I'm not sure what's happening but my doors will not show up in elevation viewports with 2020. I am on a trial version and I don't understand what could be happening. I've looked at all the classes, etc. everything is turned on. If I go from the viewport and right click to edit the design layer the doors show up in the design layer with all the glazing details, etc. but they will not show up in the Viewport... Any tips for me? I need to print this ASAP! attached are screen shots of the design layer vs. the viewport - all visibilities the same... I'm on Mac OS 10.11.6
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