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  1. Are you saying that you are taking a vectorworks file and exporting it to sketchup and then they bring it into archicad? Or are you saying you no longer use vectorworks at all with archicad clients? Archicad and vectorworks are made by the same company - it should be simple to import and export to one anothers platform... infuriating!
  2. Boh!! you're a life saver - that did it!! I turned the detail level to high and all of a sudden My doors appear!!! I guess glazing is considered by 2020 to be a "high" level detail object? What is this OIP "detail level" toggle supposed to be for? faster rendering on low? I have been a dinasaur and working off of 2016 for years - this doesn't seem to exist in the 2016 viewport OIP.
  3. Thank you Pat - I have checked ALL of this...I've been on VW for many years and am used to the visibility of viewports, etc. All of the layers and classes are turned on in the viewport. I've even deleted one of the doors and recreated them to see if this might change anything but it didn't seem to. I do see a click box for "hidden Object display" in the object info pallet but I don't know what this is for nor do I think it would make the glazing in the doors disappear? The class visibility in the design layer is exactly the same as the class visibility in the VP - I'm stumped... Going to export the file back to my 2016 version and see if it shows up correctly there I guess... If anyone has an explanation/idea for this I'd love to hear it. This has happened in all of my files so far with 2020... I've emailed tech support but no response yet. UPDATE: I EXPORTED TO 2016 AND INITIALLY IT LOOKED THE SAME - CHANGED THE CLASS OF THE GLAZING ELEMENTS (LAST 3 ON LIST) IN THE DOOR-> SETTINGS->CLASSES TAB TO THE SAME CLASS AS THE DOOR AND THEY FINALLY SHOWED UP IN THE VP IN 2016... TRIED THE EXACT SAME THING IN THE EXACT SAME FILE IN 2020 AND IT DIDN'T WORK
  4. I'm not sure what's happening but my doors will not show up in elevation viewports with 2020. I am on a trial version and I don't understand what could be happening. I've looked at all the classes, etc. everything is turned on. If I go from the viewport and right click to edit the design layer the doors show up in the design layer with all the glazing details, etc. but they will not show up in the Viewport... Any tips for me? I need to print this ASAP! attached are screen shots of the design layer vs. the viewport - all visibilities the same... I'm on Mac OS 10.11.6
  5. I'm on 2016 - I found it in the architect workspace but can not find a way to add it to my custom workspace... I'm on VW architect 2016 on a MAC OS 10.11.6
  6. I don't seem to have delete wall peaks and bottoms in my AEC menu... any idea where to find it int he workspace editor?
  7. I'm looking for a capable, responsible VW drafter who'd like to participate in completing several Permit and design sets. Send me your CV and hourly rates. You don't need to be in Hawaii, but you do need to be available at set times for regular communication. Thank you, 'Ilima ilimasmallwood@gmail.com
  8. I often have desire to show the window sizes directly on the plan rather than in a schedule - I know I can type the size into the ID section of the OIP but that doesn't automate changes. Is there a way to get this to show on the plan automatically so if you change the window size it changes automatically? I use schedules for permit sets but for design development I need a fast way to have the info on the plan itself... suggestions? I'm on 2016 FYI Thanks!
  9. Yes!! Thank you SO much - that just saved me so much frustration you have no idea.
  10. Is there a way to get the planar objects in your model to disappear when using the flyover tool? I do a lot of hybrid 3d/2d work and I need to get that stuff out of the way without turning off every class. I know how to do this in VP's but it seems there should be an easy way to do this in the model space too... I feel like I used to be able to do this versions back but now I can't figure it out. Thanks!
  11. @Markus Barrera-Kolb Ha! could I use your help about now Markus : ) Searching for answers about how to migrate my workspace a new computer and here ya are. Couldn't resist saying hi. Hope you're doing great buddy - always miss you! Now to get my workspace to work again...
  12. Is there really no way to set the height of the cutting plane for Top/Plan projection? This seems like a huge oversight if so
  13. That is where the files are...users-library-application support-Vectorworks 2014/plugins folder. Here is what I get...
  14. I have a handful of useful productivity plugins that a past co-worker of mine created. My new company has updated our software to VW2014 and I can't get the plug-in's to work. They carried over into my workspace but say that they are not in plug-in's folder, however I have placed them into the 2014 plugins folder. Is there a simple way to update these .vsm files so that 2014 can read/recognize them? Any suggestions? Thank You!


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