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  1. sigh - my OPENGL options are set to a max I think - including a screen shot w/ options open so you can see anti-aliasing on - detail - high - and still so many jagged edges - just a little embarrassing when I'm showing the bosses - sketchup so much pretty on the screen - hard to convince them to use vectorworks (hire me 🙂 ) in these cases am I missing any settings that I can improve the screen view? ps- like I had said in my first post - using sketchup on the same screen has no jagged edges to speak of - so don't think it's my screen - thanks
  2. Didn't try converting to NURBS. will try this aft and see if that works
  3. Hi- I'm trying to edit the path of an extrusion - I cannot change the size of the original rectangle - which is now a NURBS curve - on my reshape palette I've chosen editing in the Y direction - but I keep getting this screen which tells me its illegal to edit and would I like to delete - (also tried replacing the NURBS curve w a rectangle and that doesn't work either) I've come across this problem before - any suggestions? thanks
  4. Hi- I'd like to create a keyboard shortcut for the Preference - when editing an object showing other objects around or hiding all other objects - depending on what I'm editing the need changes - and each time I have to go to Preferences and manually change this preference - I looked in Workspace editing and can't find the option to create a keyboard shortcut - any suggestions? thanks
  5. YES - my VWX is going at a snail's pace today - and keeps crashing - 3D file - no textures - no lights - 236 MB - is this large? - it's pretty awful - have restarted 5 times today
  6. HI Pat - No not a sheet layer - this is a screen shot of my monitor- - on the left is a window with a sketchup model in it - fairly smooth - not much jagged edges and right next to it is the window w/ my VWX model - settings on high and still getting those jagged edges -it's not a monitor setting - since the sketchup model is fairly smooth on the same monitor - it must be a setting in VWX - very hard to walk through with my bosses - when the model looks so bad - also I've tried turning off and on again - and still jaggedy - thanks
  7. My VWX 3D model is pre-vising on my screen w very jaggedly edges - although I have the display options set to HIGH - I'm including a photo of my screen - w a sketchup model on the left - and the VWX model on the right - w/ the display settings in the picture too - it's not the monitor since the SKP model is not nearly as jagged as my VWX model - thoughts? thanks 🙂
  8. Switched both the display preferences (my gut tells me this may have been the cause) and the Mac preference for the battery use solved - thank you
  9. Here's the info - 🙂 and a screen shot showing an example of what I see when I zoom in and out thanks - Vectorworks 2021 Mac OS Big Sur 11.6.2 2.4 GHz 8-Core Intel Core i9 AMD Radeon Pro 5500M 8 GB Intel UHD Graphics 630 1536 MB
  10. When I zoom in and out on sheet layers I get some very annoying vector trails which are the full image from the viewport crop - it's pretty annoying when I'm showing my work to someone else - is there any way to turn this off? thanks
  11. Hi - I've got a 3d model - and cutting sections - some objects do not have a fill although they show up as solids in Open GL - you can see the red section fill (for half the objects) in my Clip Cube
  12. wonder if there are any updates on this post - I've got a 3D model and trying to generate a plan - it seems ridiculous there's no way to generate a plan from my 3D model
  13. Hi Tom - I'm not sure which surface you mean to extract? And am having no success with he Section Solids tool? I wound up intersecting solids - then traced the piece I want to subtract - made a new extrude and subtracted it - this is easy with the box shape I had - but don't think this will work for more complex shapes - Is there no way to intersect the extrudes (solids?) - make them in to two separate pieces and then delete the unwanted piece?
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