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  1. While testing 2024 for a company wide upgrade, I noticed it is now impossible to turn off the application window. Please fix this so i can get my team updated. More than 50% of my team turn it off because it makes it harder to work across multiple open documents and applications and blocks access to the desktop.
  2. i totally agree. the application window gets in the way of working across progams. regarding the comment "The new View Bar and Mode Bar only exist on the application window so turning the "Use Application Window" setting OFF didn't have much sense anymore." it made sense in all previous versions of vectorworks. and works very well, simply copy what was done before.
  3. Forget my last post, I have got Spread sheet subrow scripting working. Drawing boxes from worksheet data with text titles. Splitting the result by a chosen number of boxes wide. and the script is only a tiny bit of a monster. Thank you again Marissa for your assistance. I have attached the result in case anyone else needs a similar solution. Script Final.vwx
  4. That is awesome, it works perfectly. I could work out how to get the rectangles drawing and add text names beneath. I am now stuck. Wondering if you can suggest a next move. I need to be able to split the resulting rectangles into strips or a grid. one long line of boxes will not fit nicely on an A size page. I ran the script on an existing job and I ended up 105 rectangle in a line. I am finding it hard to comprehend the way the lists are running through the nodes and how to manipulate them. Have you seen any examples of making a grid. I have attached where i am so far. Help you see what i am trying to do. Script.vwx
  5. there are 2 nodes mentioned in this thread earlier "Get Subrow Count" and "Get Subrow Value". they are not visible anywhere above and i would really love to get my hands on them if they exist please. am example of how the plumb them in would be great too.
  6. I am having a similar issue with Subrow entrys in a marionette script. i have a worksheet which calculates surface sizes by adding and subtracting stuff and i would like to redraw the shapes as flat rectangle polys at the corrected sizes as a surface treatment legend. the problem i have is I cannot work out the syntax for the node "Get Cell Values". what do i need to put into nSubrow to get a number out of nformula My calculated cells are in rows 1.1, 1.2, 1.3.... etc All i seam to be able to create is a poly the size of the sum total of the width and height columns. I have tried every combination i can think of in the nRow and nSubrow. entering anything into nSubrow seems to give a "0" result. I have attached where i am with it. any assistance would be great. Rectangles.vwx
  7. Hi, I am new to this forum and this topic is something i have been stuck on for a while and prompted joining. Downloaded Pascal's VWX and works like a treat. Fantastic.
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