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  1. Thanks Pat, Got that one, but I was really referring to commands like Move or Save or more importantly - the macro commands I make myself.
  2. Hi, My wish would be to add to the Smart Option Display, a selection of last used commands/macros. Maybe the last 5 macros I used, so I can use them again repetitively for a while.
  3. Thanks Tom. With your confirmation, I've tried several tests and have found the reason why. We draw with Document Preferences/Use Layer Colors "on" by default. For some reason, "on" won't print worksheets in colour, "off" will. So, can any one tell me if this is a bug or intentional please?
  4. It seems that it is possible to highlight cells in colour by changing the cells pattern to solid and choose a colour. However, those colours don't print to a printer or Microsoft print to PDF. What's the point of having the ability of highlighting if it can't be printed? How can I print them in colour?
  5. Thanks JB, Where do I get a list of these Preference numbers and their definitions from ?
  6. Hi, Is there a script procedure that can can allow me to change the custom distance in VW Preferences? I often change this from 3 to 5 and back again throughout the day 🙂
  7. Just printed another 35. Hi Pat. It's been suggested that I use Viewports, however, it's too slow from what I can achieve. Just imagine a small jigsaw and taking each piece to dimension. Include a Bill of Materials and a quantity and a title specific to that piece. I'm open to suggestions in another thread but I'm not seeing the speed advantages since I can copy and paste a piece into another file and run a macro that adds dimensions and all of the above from just one click, or use a worksheet that achieves similar results without listing all the other pieces in the GA file. My continued vote is still 10 or more 😉
  8. I'm printing 140 files today. 8 at a time 😔 Not unusual to print many. We use VW to create a construction GA ( think of a house ). For fabrication, we draw separate drawings for each item ( 10000 x bricks on one drawing, 1 x front door on another, 2 x windows on another, etc. ) If it can't be infinite, at least make it 10. I hate counting in eights.
  9. Therefore, this would be the Centroid or center of gravity. Thanks 🙂
  10. Hi, What is the + sign for near the center of a polygon for? It's not the center since the diagonal lines I have below show the center.
  11. Has anyone noticed that this has not been fixed even now we are up to VW2021
  12. @Ivaylo Stanchev That's the reason for the Response := StrDialog ('Search Data filename:', Concat (SearchDataPath, FName)); After this DoMenuTextByName ('Export Worksheet', 0); the windows file save menu popped up. Knowing what the file name and path would be, I put is into the StrDialog so the user could copy and paste it into the windows file save. eg. concat ('c:\user\xxx\documents\worksheets\', GetFName); If FName could be another string parameter then that would be great.
  13. Hi Aleixo, Have you tried page setup? The horizontal should be set to 1 and the vertical to 1. Printer setup will offer you the Scaling option to fit it onto the page perimeter you choose.
  14. Looks good Ivaylo, I can see that when your 'Export Worksheet' appears, it has the name of the active/open worksheet, and I can't wait to try it. This WS name change for export is not happening in SP1 - maybe another bug fixed in SP2. I'll be happy that the problem is resolved if VW remembers the settings as default after closing and re-starting. Otherwise, VW has a whole heap of WS procedure like ShowWSDialog, etc. and many more new ones to expand upon functionality, if there are many people exporting, and that's the reason for the latest additions to the menu, then why not make a procedure like .... WSExport (Worksheet name, Format : string, Range All, Recalc, Open Viewer : boolean); to replace the show WS, export WS and close WS.
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