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  1. I'm still not understanding your intention, but I'm guessing the following. Draw a rectangle and leave it selected. Run the macro and the elastic band will determine X and the location of the new rectangle. procedure Stretch_and_Move; var pt1, pt2 : vector; wth, ht : real; begin if (Count (Sel = True) = 1) then begin pt1.x := LeftBoundN (Sel = True); pt1.y := TopBoundN (Sel = True); wth := Width (Sel = True); ht := Height (Sel = True); DSelectAll; GetPtL (pt1.x, pt1.y, pt2.x, pt2.y); RectangleN (pt2.x, pt2.y, 1, 0, pt2.x - pt1.x, -Abs (ht)); end; end; run (Stretch_and_Move);
  2. We use some of the spring tools in VW. All of them define the Left spring incorrectly as Right and Right as Left. At first I thought we were wrong but research on the net from spring manufacturers indicate that we are correct. When you look at a spring from the side, you will see the twist rising to the left when the spring is a Left, and rising to the right when the spring is Right. In this attached picture you can see this on the left hand half, and on the right hand half is VW's left spring, which is a right. Can this minor change be made at some time please? Thanks.
  3. Thanks Antonio, I'll have a go using your suggestion, but unfortunately I don't have the time at the moment. Without the time to do this, I resorted to the inbuilt search option that doesn't work for me, even though the list of ifc records are listed. Maybe this is a bug that needs to be reported or maybe I'm using it incorrectly. Regards
  4. Thanks Pat, I knew you'd enjoy the challenge. The attached drawing (vw2020 because it wouldn't import in vw2019) has one of the components from an imported .ifc drawing from our client. After importing the vary complex drawing, I wanted to move various components to other layers so I could work with them. I found that I couldn't "Custom Selection" "Field Value" "Tekla Bolt" "Bolt Name". This maybe because, even though these categories list in "Custom Selection", if you look at the Object Info, it's actually a sub-catagory of ifcMechanicalFastener, which is ignored by "Custom Selection". What do you think? Untitled1.vwx
  5. "Insert Column" inserts a column to the left of the referenced column. I would like to see "Add Column" to add a column to the right of the last column. At the moment, adding a column after the A - J range would add a new J and rename J to K. Then I will have to copy all the K formulas back to J and clear K.
  6. Can we know what your end result might be? Why are you needing this? It gives a direction to work in. Do you want the original to grow, or do you want a duplicate each time it grows?
  7. No luck. 'Tekla Bolt.Bolt Name' didn't work either. The record 'Tekla Bolt' does exist with the field line 'Bolt Name' but this record is not attached to the object. I'm trying to select the Bolt Name from the ifc record. Any other ideas?
  8. I've just reported this for SP2, so it's not fixed yet.
  9. Hi, I can't get the following custom search to work to find this IFC record object. Any suggestions please?
  10. Some great ideas guys. However, we are dragging and dropping the PDF into the drawing so using a photo editor to change the line colours is extra time we don't want to accumulate. The rectangle is a great idea except if the layer that the PDF is on is higher than other layers, then it blocks out all the other layers. Also, we are using layer colours which doesn't allow the block-out to be white - it's still black. I was just wondering if VW was able to switch the black & white the same as it handles switch black & white when we change the background colour from black to white and visa-versa.
  11. Can anyone suggest an option to fix this problem. I have dragged and dropped a PDF file into my drawing, which works great when I use a white background setup. However, I use a black background preference to reduce eye strain and tiredness. It's also great for clarity and contrast. This is the result. I've tried giving the PDF a white background, but that doesn't work.
  12. Moving on, now I can't locate a concaved wall within the perimeter of a polygon. For the following, create the polygon first, and then the walls. The idea being, the polygon is the first selected object. Pick all the objects and run this macro... procedure test; var hMKP : handle; procedure Record_Data (h : handle); begin AlrtDialog (Num2Str (0, GetTypeN (h))); end; begin DelName ('Tmp'); hMKP := FSActLayer; SetName (hMKP, 'Tmp'); SetDSelect (hMKP); ForEachObject (Record_Data, (Loc = 'Tmp') & (Sel = True) & ((T = Wall) or (T = RoundWall))); end; run (test); The result is AlrtDialog will return 68 (straight wall), 89 (round wall) & 89 in any order. However, there are three 89's and the wall on the right is not recognised as being within the perimeter of the polygon. I would suggest that this is a bug with "Loc=" but can anyone suggest another solution to please?
  13. Thanks Mate, I just figured out why it's happening. I am ctrl-picking up with mouse, to duplicate and move. Weird but not so much of a problem now. We have new computers and I was worried it was the graphics card not keeping up. Regards
  14. Thanks for putting me on the right track Julian, My fault. I should have put SelectChoice (StanDialog1, 5, 2, True); instead of SelectChoice (StanDialog1, 5, 2, TF); From the other procedures I tried, TF was a boolean result, not an boolean option.
  15. Thanks Julian, I've tried SelectChoice among several others but it's still not working. Maybe I'm putting it in the wrong place, even though I've been moving it around during my attempts. procedure test; var StanDialog1 : longint; TF : boolean; procedure CreatePopUpLayout; begin StanDialog1 := CreateLayout ('Component Data', False, 'OK', 'Cancel'); CreateStaticText (StanDialog1, 4, 'Item:', 15); CreatePullDownMenu (StanDialog1, 5, 10); SetFirstLayoutItem (StanDialog1, 4); SetRightItem (StanDialog1, 4, 5, 0, 0); end; procedure DialogHandler (var Item : longint; Data : longint); procedure InitiateDialog; begin AddChoice (StanDialog1, 5, ' ', 0); AddChoice (StanDialog1, 5, 'A', 1); AddChoice (StanDialog1, 5, 'B', 2); SelectChoice (StanDialog1, 5, 2, TF); end; procedure GetDialogEvents; begin end; begin Case Item of SetupDialogC: InitiateDialog; 1 : GetDialogEvents; 2 : ; { Cancel } end; { Case } end; begin CreatePopUpLayout; If (RunLayoutDialogN (StanDialog1, DialogHandler, True) = 1 { OK }) then begin end; end; run (test);


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