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  1. Hi, I thought there was a "Worksheet" topic previously, but I can't find it so I've ended up here. I want to list the layer name in a worksheet. I want the worksheet cell to show the name of the layer that the worksheet is inserted on ("Worksheet On Drawing"). I also want only part of the layer name so I was thinking of something like "=(Right (LayerName, Len (LayerName) - Pos ('-', LayerName)))" (eg. "Layer-1" returns "1") Can this be done?
  2. WhoCanDo

    Duplicate Symbol Script

    We do the same with the script I gave you. It's a great way of modifying a set of components without affecting the others.
  3. WhoCanDo

    Dimension tool ID

    Another idea would be simply 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. so that it can be implemented typically to all tools with options.
  4. WhoCanDo

    Duplicate Symbol Script

    Here's one I wrote years ago. It doesn't do exactly what you want, but may be it's a start. { 20150713 - First written. } procedure Main { Copy_to_New_Symbol }; var h1, hL, hG : handle; N : string; {••••••• PROGRAM ••••••••} begin ClrMessage; DSelectObj (T <> Symbol); if (Count (Sel = True) = 1) then begin h1 := FSActLayer; DSelectAll; SetSelect (h1); Message ('Original Symbol Name : ', GetSymName (h1)); Duplicate (50, 50); hL := LSActLayer; SetDSelect (h1); SymbolToGroup (hL, 0); hG := FSActLayer; HUngroup (hG); DoMenuTextByName ('Create Symbol', 0); DeleteObjs; hL := LObject; N := GetName (hL); SetActSymbol (N); SetTool (-209); { or -309 for 3D symbols } hL := LSActLayer; if (YNDialog ('Do you want to delete the original symbol ?') = True) then DelObject (h1); end else AlrtDialog ('No Symbol Selected On This Layer !'); ClrMessage; end; run (Main);
  5. I use "Import dxf/dwg or dwf" all the time. It's great when the customer gives me multiple drawings. Can VW do the same with PDF please? Either by converting them to separate vwx files, or better still, import them directly into VW as you do with a multi page PDF.
  6. Have you guys ever used "Import dwg/dxf or dwf". It's one I use all the time. It is not an import, but a batch converter. It allows you to pick all the ACad drawings and converts them to separate vwx drawings. Then you can view them at your leisure and copy and paste to your drawing as required.
  7. Hi, I would like to see which dimension option is picked by changing the mouse pointer respectively. I can never get the hang of hitting "n" on the keyboard and remembering that the last dimension option I used is not necessarily the one I want now. Maybe the single letters L (Linear) C (Chain) B (Baseline) O (Ordinate) S (Selected) could appear above the mouse cursor to tell me what option is active 😊 At the moment, the Linear and Selected have one mouse cursor, and the Chain, Baseline and Ordinate have another, but I use Chain and Ordinate which have the same, and it's annoying.
  8. WhoCanDo

    Attribute Criteria PP= is not working

    I think this will work 😃 Interestingly, JB mentioned the LT option but it's not in the Appendix "Attribute Criteria" and therefore I thought it was a typo when his eg. used PP again. Sorry.
  9. WhoCanDo

    Attribute Criteria PP= is not working

    Hi Pat, When you get back, try this with a line that has Line Type "Circles" or anything but "Solid" or "Pattern". It won't work. procedure test; var Line_Index : longint; Procedure Do_This (h : handle); Begin SelectObj ((PP = Line_Index)); Message (GetLSN (h), ' ', Line_Index); End; begin ClrMessage; Line_Index := GetLSN (FSActLayer); Message (Line_Index); Wait (2); DSelectAll; ForEachObject (Do_This, ((T = Line) & (PP = Line_Index))); end; run (test);
  10. WhoCanDo

    Attribute Criteria PP= is not working

    Thanks JB, This partly works. For SelectObj it works, but for ForEachObject it doesn't. I have had to use ForEachObject without PP and then check each "h" with "if (GetLSN (h) <> Line_Index) then" before running the code. I still think there is a bug with ForEachObject (Do_This, ((T = Line) & (PP = Line_Index))); not recognising the PP
  11. Hi, Can anyone explain why this is not working please? I want to use PP= with ForEachObject, but the test below indicates that (PP = Line_Style) doesn't work when the Line_Style is changed to a "Line Type" (Dotted, etc.) procedure test; var Line_Index : longint; begin ClrMessage; Line_Index := GetLSN (FSActLayer); Message (Line_Index); Wait (2); DSelectAll; SelectObj ((PP = Line_Index)); Message (GetLSN (FSActLayer), ' ', Line_Index); { ForEachObject (Do_This, ((T = Line) & (PP = Line_Index))); } end; run (test);
  12. WhoCanDo

    GetName not working

    Thanks, forgot about FSActLayer 😃
  13. WhoCanDo

    GetName not working

    Sorry, also the rectangle is a symbol with the name "A3 Border" Ok, just tested this. I need to use GetSymName, not GetName Thanks
  14. WhoCanDo

    GetName not working

    Just to be clear 😊, the rectangle has the class "Border" and name "A3 Border". I want GetName to tell me it's name is "A3 Border".
  15. WhoCanDo

    DWG file importing problems

    Are you using the "DXF/DWG or DWF Import" or are you importing them directly into VW? We always convert the files using the above bulk converter rather than importing them directly.


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