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  1. I started with that theory Pat but it didn't work, resulting in my question and fabulous answer from Raymond. Regards
  2. Nice one Raymond, If it can be done the long way, I wonder why VW doesn't have a GetConstrain function? Thanks again 😉
  3. Hi, SetConstrain will set the constrains, but how do I get the constrains before I change them so I can return them to the user's preferences afterward? Basically, I want to turn Q on and off but not change any other constrain. Regards
  4. It's the graphics card on the motherboard on my Acer laptop. Even though VW2020 works fantastically, Enscape advised me that they only support the popular graphics cards. No problem, I'll just have to check out Enscape at work with the NVIDIA GeForce RTX2070
  5. I have questioned Enscape directly and my bug report sent to them says that I have an incompatible graphics card 😔 Thanks for everyones attention and feedback 🙂
  6. Can someone attach a file that they know works with Enscape please? I just want to exclude my file errors, if any, from the equation.
  7. Thanks but tried all the perspective views. It didn't work ☹️
  8. Thanks R, This definitely shows a bug with my end somewhere. The video says load the third party plugins. No problem there. I get the Enscape menu and when I click on the Enscape button, I get the three mode options in the mode bar. However, when I click the Enscape button, the video shows Enscape loading. On my VW I get the message above. This is where I stop, even though I have this 3D object selected. Where do I go from here?
  9. Can someone give me a hint to using Enscape please. I installed the beta version on VW2020 3.1 Architect and drew a quick 3D chair. Looking at it in left isometric and then choosing Enscape, I get .... What step am I missing?
  10. After hours of trying different variations, I've got it. For Windows users, in the Plug-ins folder, create a folder yourname.vwr It's not a zip file renamed or anything special. It's just a folder with an extension "vwr". Put your png file/s into the folder. This is the correct format CreateImageControl2 (GateADialog1, 4, 346, 476, 'Gates/GateA.png'); with the Gates.vwr folder in the Plug-ins folder and the GateA.png file inside the Gates.vwr folder. If everything is correct in your code, naming the folder, and adding png file and you still get a red-"X", try restarting VW2020 Thanks to Julian for pushing me in the right direction 🙂 Regards
  11. Great start Julian, I am getting a big red cross though. The png file I made was 32 bit 346 x 476 pixels. I used windows "send to compressed file" and changed the file name to Gates.vwr and moved it to the "Plug-ins" folder. procedure CreateGateAPopUpLayout; begin GateADialog1 := CreateLayout ('Component Data', False, 'OK', 'Cancel'); CreateImageControl2 (GateADialog1, 4, 346, 476, 'Gates/GateA.png'); CreateStaticText (GateADialog1, 5, 'Height:', 15); SetFirstLayoutItem (GateADialog1, 4); SetBelowItem (GateADialog1, 4, 5, 0, -50); end; Should be: Result:
  12. I am trying to emulate a layout that I have created in Excel. Excel allow a layout to have a background image on which I have positioned CreateStaticText, CreatePullDownMenu, CreateEditText, etc. A more accurate explanation is that I want a layout with a background image of a gate and position data entry boxes around to ask the operator width, height, hinge location, etc. Can there be an image background in CreateLayout ?
  13. I'm still not understanding your intention, but I'm guessing the following. Draw a rectangle and leave it selected. Run the macro and the elastic band will determine X and the location of the new rectangle. procedure Stretch_and_Move; var pt1, pt2 : vector; wth, ht : real; begin if (Count (Sel = True) = 1) then begin pt1.x := LeftBoundN (Sel = True); pt1.y := TopBoundN (Sel = True); wth := Width (Sel = True); ht := Height (Sel = True); DSelectAll; GetPtL (pt1.x, pt1.y, pt2.x, pt2.y); RectangleN (pt2.x, pt2.y, 1, 0, pt2.x - pt1.x, -Abs (ht)); end; end; run (Stretch_and_Move);
  14. We use some of the spring tools in VW. All of them define the Left spring incorrectly as Right and Right as Left. At first I thought we were wrong but research on the net from spring manufacturers indicate that we are correct. When you look at a spring from the side, you will see the twist rising to the left when the spring is a Left, and rising to the right when the spring is Right. In this attached picture you can see this on the left hand half, and on the right hand half is VW's left spring, which is a right. Can this minor change be made at some time please? Thanks.
  15. Thanks Antonio, I'll have a go using your suggestion, but unfortunately I don't have the time at the moment. Without the time to do this, I resorted to the inbuilt search option that doesn't work for me, even though the list of ifc records are listed. Maybe this is a bug that needs to be reported or maybe I'm using it incorrectly. Regards


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