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  1. I'd love to associate a tag with objects inside a symbol.
  2. Thank you. That was one I should have figured out on my own, but I didn't. So, thanks! I should use this function more often, I'll have to add it to my Workflow.
  3. In trying to troubleshoot this, I've found that this is a combination of this file and 2024. when I try to recreate this in a smaller file it isn't a problem. I would still call it a bug.
  4. OK, I'm running into this problem (or one very similar) all classes are on, I have pulled these cases out of the original file where I discovered this issue. While Editing the Group (notice machine screws.) After exiting the group. GONE! I've attached the file. Intro Cases.vwx
  5. It's a 2024 issue. If I export to and open in 2023, it appears to work. Too bad, because I liked quite a few 2024 features.
  6. Just a heads up, The file is a bit over 700 Mb. The Elevation should look like the Top Image, but It looks like the bottom image. When I pull out pieces of the file and try to replicate the problem, it seems to do what it is supposed to. When I go to "Edit Section in Place" it looks correct. it also looks correct in Shaded. I admit I'm not great at keeping my working planes under control, but none of the problem Items here are screen plane. They are drawn on surfaces to represent Graphics. In the past they have been hidden by solid elements, they now show through. MT Model Copy.vwx
  7. Oh! I see there's a new Update (build 3)! and.... Nope.
  8. I use dot dashed crossed lines to designate graphics in my models. At the last update suddenly they all appeared even if they are blocked by solid objects. this is obviously a major problem for me. Is this a setting I can undo?
  9. I'm having this issue 2 years later. Has there been any explanation / Solution. It was working last Friday, but now it's Monday. I cannot adjust my walkthrough views. Restarting Vectorworks worked temporarily.
  10. I just had a client use a Viewer for the first time. I was surprised that they couldn't see the textures. If the viewer's main function is to show your work to the client, who often can't visualize very well, it seems that enabling textures is a pretty important feature to omit.
  11. awsome, that is a feature of Nurbs curves that I didn't know about!
  12. BINGO! that sounds like the answer!. Thanks! Now, hopefully I will remember this the next time I need it!
  13. Thank you, That is a good way to make a Tipi, not quite my question, but useful, in that I'd forgotten about the draped surface command.
  14. Yes, thank you, that is a good way to make a Tipi. I guess i should rephrase my question. How does one pivot a shape along a specific axis, where there is not a perpendicular surface to automatically define the working plane.
  15. something like this. I'm talking to a conservator about displaying a tipi. I'm doing it here by, as stated above, sighting down the seam then rotating along the screen plane. it would be easier if i could just snap along the edge and make that the rotation axis.
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