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  1. Thanks for your reply, I don't check these forums often either. (obviously)
  2. Did this ever get sorted out? My work around is to delete the crop box then the entire layer comes into view, you can then re draw it where you want.
  3. @Benson Shaw The Floors are actually just polygons drawn on the Layer Plane. My question is more about why the Viewport differs from the view I get when looking at the design layer when they are both open GL. This drawing started out life as a space planing diagram laid over a simple model. Extruding them makes the color visible, but they change because they are effected by the ambient light. @Kevin McAllister Thank you for your thoughts. I think it has to do with the way Open GL is effected when you try to use it in a Viewport.
  4. Thanks for the reply, I am running VW2019. I am on two Machines at work and at home, both have the same issue. both imacs. my work machine is brand new 4.2 Core i7 with 64GB memory and Radeon Pro 580 8192 MB graphics card. My home machine is a bit older (2 years) but similar specs. You are right about the figures, they are older VW figures, the issues seam to persist even without them in the model. I am running OS10.13 at work. I've Up[dated my home Machine the Mohave. Display Planar objects is checked. The objects are shown. the difference is, in the viewport they are shown as white, while in the design layer they are shown with their color fill. (see attached) I have managed to work around this, but I would love some insights as to what exactly is happening.
  5. I actually have two frustrations. The first is that elements of my model are disappearing in openGL. It seems to have something to do with how much of the object is behind the camera. The second is that when I make a viewport from a view, the visibilities change. Polygon fills which are on the layer planes disappear, and the disappearing elements (mentioned above) become more of an issue. I have uploaded two screenshots one from the Design layer (green floor from the 2D Polygon on layer plane) and one from a viewport. (Notice the absence of the wall on the left.) A few notes: In order for the viewport to fit onto the sheet, the scale of the viewports is enormous (1:1500) Both origins are close to the model space I got the model to cooperate by splitting up the elements so that not much of the element is behind the camera. I feel that this is a workaround, not a solution, The elements also disappear in the design layer, but not as frequently.


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