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  1. @High_Viz Thanks for the details and sorry for the lack of info from me on this. The only AVX example I had before was when users would bypass Apple's installers to install macOS on unsupported Macs that were missing AVX. I will massage this part of the system requirements moving forward to mention your example as well: "Renderworks requires AVX support on AMD and Intel CPUs. Renderworks will not work on older Intel Macs that are missing AVX support, even if macOS 11 is installed on them by bypassing official Apple installers."
  2. The K4200 began in 2014, also Renderworks requires AVX support on the processor and maybe this one doesn't have AVX support? Also it requires 64-bit OS. I haven't heard of these plugins not loading before like this. It means there is something missing from the system that these plugins rely on. We have had more issues when Cineware is trying to load or Redshift is being used, related to system requirements. I haven't heard of these plugins not loading before, until now. Maxon's requirements for Cineware 2023 (which is what Vectorworks 2024 uses) are here. Maybe the Windows 10 build version needs to be newer than what is on your computer. https://www.maxon.net/en/requirements/cinema-4d-2023-requirements
  3. Hello @ratherfishing could you send me a file that shows this in a DM?
  4. Shaded render mode limits image resolutions to 2k pixel resolution. Renderworks and Redshift should show full resolution.
  5. Hello @Kevin K This is on the public roadmap as "in development". This is possible because Cineware is built-in to Vectorworks, and not a separate application anymore. We are working with Maxon to get this to you as soon as possible. EDIT: Redshift RT is a different Maxon technology still in beta I believe. Redshift IPR is a production-ready technology. https://www.vectorworks.net/en-US/public-roadmap?url=redshift-in-design-layers
  6. I like the 3D plants and I want to try turning on some lit fog. 🙂
  7. I agree with @EAlexander without much work you can try turning up the ambient light and turning on ambient occlusion to darken areas where surfaces meet.
  8. Hello @line-weight and others: We are changing some of the settings we use for Redshift renderings, that will improve performance in a future update. The current Redshift performance in Vectorworks is often slower than the Renderworks render modes that are not using Redshift. This will change. Maxon is committed to Redshift as its built-in rendering for C4D, and we are committed to Redshift as the built-in presentation rendering for Vectorworks. This is a transition, where over time it will be more obvious that Redshift is the best choice for final rendering quality and speed. We are updating both Cineware and Redshift to the latest versions available to us for each Vectorworks release. This helps you get compatibility with Sonoma and M3 sooner. We have work to do in Redshift performance, texture data and UI, and lighting consistency of data and results between the various render modes. And landscape rendering workflows and results too as you mention here. Thanks for the information!
  9. Hello @Elias B try going to NVIDIA's site and update your video drivers. This sounds like an issue with the drivers.
  10. The texture thumbnail looking like that means that Cineware did not launch properly. It either timed out launching, or is missing a system component. This can happen if you copy Vectorworks to a new machine without running the installer, which installs required software components in the system. Or, on first launch, Cineware may take an unusual amount of time, and the second launch should be faster and successful. Or, if you recently updated the OS significantly (like going to a new major version); re-running the installer should help.
  11. One detail that may be helpful for external renderer workflow would be to use referenced image objects. When you import an image into Vectorworks you can have it be done as a reference. Thereafter if you were to update the same image in the same location you would then just update the reference.
  12. Vectorworks 2024 lifts this limitation, in Shaded render mode lit fog can show shadowed fog correctly.
  13. https://enscape3d.com/enscape-for-mac/?utm_campaign=Enscape-Release-2023-h2-MacOS&utm_medium=email&utm_content=newsletter2404&utm_source=hs_email Enscape for macOS is out now, compatible with Vectorworks 2023 SP6 and Vectorworks 2024.
  14. We are using the Altus denoising, which works on all hardware. We will look into detecting that an NVIDIA card is being used and set to Optix on that. More info about Redshift's denoising here: https://help.maxon.net/r3d/katana/en-us/Content/html/Denoising.html
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