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  1. JasonMichael

    Frame stops for Door Tool

    Just came to make this request, this is a must. My boss (a hand-drafting dinosaur) thinks I am a heathen for not drawing the stops.
  2. JasonMichael

    View History in View Bar

    Bumping this. Also would be great, is if I could quickly bookmark a view before going from my 1" detail design layer and jump to my 1/4" drawing to check a dimension, like setting a floating point checkpoint in a video game. As it is now, I publish a set of drawings to PDF, and open it in Adobe Acrobat, and switch between Vectorworks and Acrobat because my files are 2D heavy and take forever to render between views, and jumping in and out of design layers, sheet layers, annotation layers, and back makes me dizzy. Inception, anyone? Another hot tip is to use the "saved views" panel to bookmark locations in you file, like "Kitchen Elevations" "Millwork Details" "Building Sections"
  3. Thanks for the stop-gap! I do agree that this is a necessary feature--to quickly edit the dimension standard in the OIP. For my drawings I like to use Foot-Inch Fractional for anything over 3', Inch for smaller dimensions, imperial-metric dual for code compliance, and foot fractional for survey and spot elevations. I'm constantly hiding dimensions in the OIP and adding in my dimension notation in the "leader" field. Similarly, it would be nice to have dual dimension capability in the OIP for the attributes of objects, for example I typically have to manually convert (with google) floor areas from imperial to metric for code compliance documentation, which is a bit of a pain. (In Canada, everyone uses imperial day-to-day, but our code has been somewhat senselessly converted to metric.)
  4. JasonMichael

    How can I deselect objects easily?

    Is there a hotkey to deselect without changing my tool selection, i.e. quickly deselect and not quickly access the 2D selection tool?