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    3D BUG

    What is the seemingly random keystroke combination that turns Unified View OFF by mistake? This is wasting a ton of time. Now, even the shortcut to turn Unified View on and off in the Menu bar is dead -- so it's File, Preferences, etc about every time I change views. Why does this need to be so complicated and dysfunctional?
  2. Also, turning on a clip cube creates absolute havoc with these blatsted shards! ANY UPDATES, VW?
  3. I have to reload my Workspace EVERY TIME, as a work around.
  4. We're having a ton of trouble with symbols being on Screen Plane in VW22 (SP3) becoming grayed or screwing up the hatch scaling and I suspect it has to do with the "elimination" of Screen Plane in this version of VW. Is there a global way to change ALL screen plane objects to layer plane? Also, what is going on with the hatch scaling? The image below has an insulated slab -- it is the same symbol, inserted two times in the viewport, with two different results. Also, zooming in and out will make the grayed objects appear fine and then disappear. I've rebooted less than an hour ago, on a robust iMac. Images below are from two different Sheet Layers, same project, same symbols, totally different results. Any guidance (or general agreement with my plight) is appreciated. -Carol
  5. I'm not using image effects. Computer is new as of last spring, if I recall correctly. iMac 18,3 model iMac Retina 5K 27", 2017. . . 4.2 GHz Intel Core i7. . . 32 GB 2400 MHz DDR4 RAM. . . . Radeon Pro 580 8192 MB Graphics Card. . .
  6. I'm using a Mac, High Sierra 10.13.6, 4.2 GHz Intel Core i7; 32GM 2400MHz DDR4 RAM, with a Radeon Pro 580 8192 MB Graphics card. No camera effects. Just render a viewport, then it immediately goes black after the render is complete. Typically, I can copy the black viewport, re-render the new one and delete the old. More often, I've had to create an entirely new viewport because no copying of the "bad" viewport will render correctly. Rebooting, changing caches, only VW open, nothing seems to fix it. It is sporadic and still a problem.
  7. I'm still having this issue in VW 2019 Service Pack 3!
  8. Kevin, you're so right! Waiting nearly 20 minutes to update a window schedule is absurd. And a 500MB file should not take 3-4 minutes to save or ro regenerate a section viewport. -Carol
  9. I've only been able to open worksheets on sheet layers. Not in viewports, but directly ON the sheet layer. Totally annoying -- I have to basically reload them on a sheet every time I want to edit something. Good luck!
  10. I've gone through a ton of work to create styled walls for a complex renovation. After tagging an area of styled walls with the ID TAG, all is well. . . .until I move the tag, copy the area to the next floor up, or try to create a symbol of the tagged walls to copy to another area of the building. Tags look normal but do not update when the style walled is replaced with another styled wall. My walls are color coded, so I can tell immediately if a 1 hr tag is on a non-rated wall -- and they're ALL messed up! Assuming I can get this resolved ASAP, should the tags in the bathroom of a hotel, for example, be located on the screen plane or the "symbol"? I can't seem to edit them if I change them to "symbol", but I'm more concerned about having to tag every single wall and never moving the tag to make it stay "smart". Any help with wall id tags would be appreciated. Thank you! -Carol
  11. This is quite ridiculous that this is STILL a problem! We use BG's solution of window tags on separate classes. It just happened to me with doors, too.
  12. Is there a setting or workflow that would allow faster editing in the Window Schedule? It seems that I add a manufacturer's name to Tag A. . . wait 5 seconds. . . then am able to add the same name to Tag B. Why is there such a long wait? Should global window changes be made by selecting the windows in the drawing? (OK, maybe I answered part of my own question. . . but the lag time is terrible when editing ANYTHING in the window schedule!)
  13. I am replicating the problem in a clean 2016 VW file with a typical stair (not the old Custom Stair) tool.
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