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  1. This looks like a material I've used. It comes in sheets like Plywood, AND THERE ARE SEVERAL TEXTURES? I HAVE NOT MODELED, BUT I HAVE CREATED BUP MAPS. Oooops for the caps.
  2. Well, as I imagine what you describe, copying, pasting in place, and then using the move command would be virtually the same number of clicks. I'd still put in a VE for the functionality.
  3. Does "Paste in Place" have much the same functionality?
  4. can't you right click and select recalculate?
  5. That gives me a sad. When I am involved with community projects, the level of detail and rendering generally presented in never enough for a planning board, zoning board, or historical preservation commission to make a proper, educated decision. Not to mention how often the look changes from presentation through construction. On the other hand, the level of detail may colleagues and I present is to show EXACTLY how the finished work will look.
  6. Is the forest essentially a backdrop (image applied as a texture to a flat surface).
  8. Also, you could use SubDivision, but I think the above would be most expedient.
  9. This would be the simplest approach. Extrude from an elevation. I would save a copy of the the extrude before bending for later editing.
  10. If the line weight is specified by class, you can use a Class Override on the SLVP to control the lines, but might simply be the objects are too close together to properly register. Might be best to use a texture either as I suggested, or as @Andy Broomell suggests and use a Hatch for the elevations. Hatch can be assigned in the Texture definition.
  11. Looks like if you want to model this, you should hanger all of the edges. I might consider using the Tile Bump Shader.
  12. maybe make the fall off somewhat less?
  13. not sure where you're going, but the per face mode might do what you want. Otherwise, use the working plan tool to select a face as a plan, draw the line, then use push/pul to move away the section you don't want.
  14. Aren't there different types of colors blindness?
  15. similarly, with PIOs, like the door and window, rather thee drop down for every part, a simple one click use this class would be a huge help. So, in a tv studio, I could make everything black with one click, Not a dozen drop downs
  16. Although it would still be imperfect, I would love to set up mapping such that these classes (however many) from within the VWX template file, should be Kevin's Class X. Always. Impeerfect in that I almost. always want to fine tune things, but that would go a long way
  17. I have not done that, maybe it's worth a try. However, I am more interested in changing the Classes, not just unseeing them. For example. When using stock Spotlight symbols or truss, a wide range of classes come into the document. Lighting devices are classed by type of light (LED, etc) and I just don't care. I would like all of the devices to be classed in oe way. I have separate Classes for 2D components. Thi is especially an issue with new users suddenly dealing with an overly complex class system
  18. I see a broader user for this functionality. With Spotlight we are given a huge number of classes, most of which I do not use. I've long wanted to control this list and their functionality
  19. Someone smarter than me might be able to script that, but I suggest making a VE that selecting multiple lines allow the function.
  20. Do you want separate lines, or do you want one continuous line?
  21. Have you tried to use the compose command to make the lines into one line? They have to touch
  22. I would guess that if we could run VWX on iOS, the company would be speaking. iOS is not MacOS.
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