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  1. Possibly then taking GDTF from an interesting idea to something usable.
  2. So, this is another instance of a need for better Class Control. I have long wanted to be able to tell VWX that objects should be assigned to such and such a class.
  3. I have not tried this, but if you can make the lens a lens object you can set the lens to pick up the color from the color filed in the OIP through the Document Spotlight preference. You need to have a class for the lens and a glow texture that uses the object attribute.
  4. where is the card to improve the usability of the roadmap interface?
  5. Atomic Design in Lititz PA has a similar series of products and they offer VWX models.
  6. I have used them, I have to dig...
  7. They have likely been provided by the manufacturer.
  8. sadly no. If you built your own stand using marionette,that could be possible. You can also just add a vertical lighting position to get the unit at the right height.
  9. I'll look but pretty sure I do not have this ON. I do have lot's of classes, but I HATE it when I bring in an object or I am training and showing library content and I am bombarded with classes. I loping ago, edited and renamed 'none' and 'dimension' and they update always. Now if I could get rid of the classes that PRG and VER seem to think I need...
  10. My issue is always getting rid of the VWX created Classes and/or replacing them with my own. I keep my classes in my template.
  11. Once upon a time, there was an import Adobe Illustrator option.
  12. I'd love to see Nomad Publish... with visibilities settings. Especially if the file is stored in the Cloud Folder or dropbox, although I see that adds a complexity.
  13. I've used something like this, not sure if it was this exactly. It can every useful
  14. yes please. I still find the video camera buggy at best. Fine Tuning the RW Camera is smooth and interactive, the VC is neither.s The VC also needs more content. While I know we can make that content, I'd also like the methodology readily apparent.
  15. I have often wished I was this organized. Frankly this kind of thing should be looped into the software help and linked in the dialogs. Noise bumps are another area where it takes a fair bit of hunting to understand.
  16. In the top image. Change the texture to a backlit shader. Leave the glow as us and see what that does. Some fiddling will be required.
  17. There might be chain ink enchain the libraries. All you need is a erecting image file. Ideally with an alpha channel, but you can often create that in VWX. The fence in from of a bunch of stuff will be a challenge, but against a clean black or white background should be good
  18. I think I have this file, but I don't recall how/when these were made
  19. IIRC, Adobe Illustrator lines have special corner definitions, that might be an excellent VE
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