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  1. Happy to help.as I recall, it was pretty straight forward, my issues were with the limitations of the report formatting. Everything I wanted to report HAD to be a symbol, but I make almost everything into a symbol.
  2. I know a graphic legend can filter by viewport. Not sure about Spaces, in the VWX sense of the word. I am also not sure if they can be updated en mass.
  3. I think if you compose them into a more logical NURBS surface and then convert to Generic Solids you might be best. I would save as frequently. Test your textures, but you knew that.
  4. This is one example where the ReShaper PIO/Command is very helpful. http://www.jonker-wu.nl/support/Reshaper.html
  5. I do not agree, plus as someone said; the cross pollination is very valuable. I know I started to read the mailing lists before I had much of a clue and I have learned a lot from people in and out of my field. I think the 'architectural' bus tours of Chicago were valuable to all.
  6. I think I've been to three of four? Philly, Chicago, Baltimore, and Phoenix (or Phoenixish, I should say). I preferred the cities to the resort. That is why I really didn't consider the last one. Might it have been canceled? In any event there seems to be much more 'design' in the city than in the desert. Also, the resort in Phoenix was a half hour from anywhere, so if a small group wanted to leave the resort for a drink, at least an hour was was required for a taxi/uber/lyft.
  7. Isn't it more complex than just a curve? I have done shows with 'stands' for the panels that facet into curves. Having access to that hardware and being able to readily add that would be terrific.
  8. what do you mean by non-parallel walls? Walls with uneven thicknesses?
  9. Going back to in-person should not be done with the idea that covid is over. I am a proponent of Hybrid events. I might go to an on-peson Summit, depending on location.
  10. That has been my workaround, BUT if I am showing something and there is iMag, it would be ideal if the screen updated as the design evolved. Pretty much a first world 'problem.'
  11. That is how I read the question as well. I agree it cannot be done, BUT it would be nice.
  12. Well, it is in no way up to me. Above my pay grade, but it would be sweet.
  13. and perhaps, like the Update Viewport button, it ought to turn red when an update is required?
  14. 1. use a Reflectivity>glow texture or Reflectivity>Backlit and add a red Area Light behind.
  15. Sounds like options would be nice. I generally use 01, 02, etc
  16. Pf course, I remembered a video that described how to make this very thing. A quick search and I find that @Matt Panzer made the tutorial and used Perimeter mapping. Is there a VE to bring that back? I'd like to up vote. FYI:
  17. I'd be curious to see that hexes tile on a flat surface. have you tried using the brick shader and bump in the VWX texture definition? What are those cabinet faces?
  18. I'd be curious to see what you're after. Not sure these all correspond to how VWX defines a texture. Not thinking of 'limitations' but of differing approaches.
  19. I was recently asked to teach VWX in 2D. I was flummoxed. I've been a user since MiniCAD v3 and tried to do more in 3D than that version was designed to accomplish. Why use a computer in 2D?
  20. Yes, seems like a slip of the mouse. There is an extra point. When deleted the adjustable length is shown.
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