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  1. The Platform tools in VWX currently have a lot of potential I just wish that when I applied texture to the face and top I didn't have the thickness of the facing. So I typically default to simple extrudes for the sake of rendering.
  2. That would be great. I really have a fantasy of predictive framing that could be modified. The rules of construction are fairly straight forward and I I think that it could happen down the line.
  3. Yes, I know it can be done. I just wish that if it VWX knows its a flat that it would pin the door by default rather than having to edit parameter every time. Just thinking of the next farce when then pandemic ends. ūüôā
  4. Yes! It would be great to have a Flat Wall Style that would break into 4' sections or can then be combined if you want to wider wall. Also, make it easier to use add a door jam that sticks outside the wall because that what we do in theatre. The ability to freeze a wall width so that is move a wall tool wall it doesn't adjust walls you know you want to be stock. Capping walls as a butt joint rather than a miter. Have the ability for materials estimates. Scenic Linesets where you can model an object and apply a weight and get weight calculation on the baton like with lighting. Marionette rigging hardware so you can attach a scenic piece to the line set and calculate the length of the aircraft cable.
  5. @grant_PD I agree that it will more than likely be a watered down version. With that being said my hope is that rendering power becomes better in VWX in the near future. I have given this company close to 8 thousand dollars in the base 6 years and there is a lot more competition since I started with service select.
  6. I have read a few notes about upcoming releases for Vectorworks and one of the things I see is enhancements for Scenic Design. I am curious to what this may mean. I of course have a few thoughts and dreams of what may be coming but curious if there are any details. Also wondering if there will every be tools for the Technical Director workflow. I think this should be a focus because I find our industry breaks down in the idea of unified software when a TD uses AutoCAD.


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