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  1. I have a red 2D Locus locked in on my template file. I also have this symbol classes REF-Locus to turn it off when laying out sheet layers. My purposes is to teach students the importance of 0,0,0 but I have found it useful for snapping. Yes, I know the locus will not print, but it will expand a viewport to an annoying size if you are annotating a drawing 10' in the air. 🙂
  2. The Platform tools in VWX currently have a lot of potential I just wish that when I applied texture to the face and top I didn't have the thickness of the facing. So I typically default to simple extrudes for the sake of rendering.
  3. That would be great. I really have a fantasy of predictive framing that could be modified. The rules of construction are fairly straight forward and I I think that it could happen down the line.
  4. Yes, I know it can be done. I just wish that if it VWX knows its a flat that it would pin the door by default rather than having to edit parameter every time. Just thinking of the next farce when then pandemic ends. 🙂
  5. Yes! It would be great to have a Flat Wall Style that would break into 4' sections or can then be combined if you want to wider wall. Also, make it easier to use add a door jam that sticks outside the wall because that what we do in theatre. The ability to freeze a wall width so that is move a wall tool wall it doesn't adjust walls you know you want to be stock. Capping walls as a butt joint rather than a miter. Have the ability for materials estimates. Scenic Linesets where you can model an object and apply a weight and get weight calculation on the baton like with lighting. Marionette rigging hardware so you can attach a scenic piece to the line set and calculate the length of the aircraft cable.
  6. @grant_PD I agree that it will more than likely be a watered down version. With that being said my hope is that rendering power becomes better in VWX in the near future. I have given this company close to 8 thousand dollars in the base 6 years and there is a lot more competition since I started with service select.
  7. I have read a few notes about upcoming releases for Vectorworks and one of the things I see is enhancements for Scenic Design. I am curious to what this may mean. I of course have a few thoughts and dreams of what may be coming but curious if there are any details. Also wondering if there will every be tools for the Technical Director workflow. I think this should be a focus because I find our industry breaks down in the idea of unified software when a TD uses AutoCAD.
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