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  1. Kevin Allen

    Animation Issue

    I am attempting to create a number of Linear Animations. I'm seeing an odd cropping issue between saved views and the overall compositions. What I see in the animations has been cropped down from the saved views. Hoping this isn't a bug, but user error.
  2. Kevin Allen

    help with sheet layer visibilities

    See. I've just moved away from Saved Views to SLVPs for printing and page layout.
  3. Kevin Allen

    help with sheet layer visibilities

    Can we see your file? I have to admit I'm still a little confused.
  4. Kevin Allen

    help with sheet layer visibilities

    Why would the changes be in two locations? Move the spike in the DL, and SLVP is updated.
  5. Kevin Allen

    help with sheet layer visibilities

    Well, I no longer print from the DL, just from the SL. You're right you have to do this twice, UNLESS you activate the Classes in the SLVPs when you create the classes. This assumes you've named the SLVPs well when you created them (that for me is one of those do as I say, not as I do things). My argument might be that if you tae the time to set uptake classes in the SLs, you will save time when there are changes.
  6. Kevin Allen

    help with sheet layer visibilities

    I'm having a bit of difficulty here. If each artist has a sheet, isn't it just a matter of turn on the correct class in the correct VP? Then every SM can have a sheet?
  7. uncheck lighting options?
  8. Kevin Allen

    Web viewer

    yes. Well, I prefer Panorama view, but...
  9. Kevin Allen

    How to draw a true ellipse

    yes, I was going to suggest NOT offsetting the original. If there are many parts of the project based on the one bit of gpeetry, I would have a layer with different sizes, all drawn, to use as needed.
  10. Kevin Allen

    How to draw a true ellipse

    I saw something from VWX that said it is, but it's a good question. The tool has three modes in the tool bar; box, height and width and Center Mode. I would venture that Center mode would be the most precise.
  11. Kevin Allen

    How to draw a true ellipse

    I think I've read that an oval in VWX is an ellipse. Different drawing modes give different results.
  12. Kevin Allen

    Until Next Time

    @Jim Wilson I am sad to see you go. You've been a great resource for me and many others.
  13. Kevin Allen

    Drawing spiral chair in elevation

    I would use Subdivision modeling.
  14. Kevin Allen

    Is there an app for that..?

    Sometime ago, I adapted some scripts so I get email notifications of most every post, or new post. Is that what you'd like?
  15. Kevin Allen

    Need Help!

    I've done a very similar thing making the strands of beads as an image prop. IMHO, this is mostly then a Photoshop exercise. It can certainly also be modeled, but the geometry would be considerable


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