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  1. @Matt Overton If I understand you, this is already possible. We created a 'Workgroup" folder in our VW Cloud folder and modeled the folder structure after the standard User Library. Then we added the local VCS sync folder to our user Workgroup list: Libraries are Sync'ed to the cloud and each users local machine, all of the resources are available in the Resource Manger. Is that what you are looking for? Bart
  2. Problem Solved with a Python Script by @DomC! An existing script would load all images in a folder and convert them to a texture. This updates reloads the image in an existing texture and adds new texture if there are new images in the folder Run the script each time you update you images, just keep the file names the same to reload image to the existing texture. Note this script names the texture based on the image name - which works fine for me.
  3. Mind Blown, this will save us hours. Many Thanks! Bart
  4. Hello DomC and all, This is really great. This could solve another problem I have. If I run this script a second time it duplicates the texture with another name ( texture 1, tecture 2, etc.) if it could skip the images with existing texture that would be great! (Even better if it could reload the image file for existing textures and leave all else the same) What do you think? Bart
  5. I searched for this as I am sure it was here on the list once already, but no luck. In exhibit design, graphic panels develop in parallel with the 3D design. We use textures for every individual graphic panel. When the graphics are updated I'd love to drop the new files (same filename) into a resource folder and have the Renderworks textures update. As it is, I have to open each texture, open the Color Shader, select Change Image, and reselect the existing file. I imagine this could be a script, or an option to load the color shader Image as a reference. Bart
  6. Hey Cameron, Fellow Exhibit Designer here, happy to chat VectorWorks, We are getting a group of VW users together specifically for museum/exhibit designer. Let me know if you are interested. Bart
  7. Try a new material, or start with the Acrylic RT material. Set color as needed, Brightness 30% Reflectivity: Glass> Default Transparency: Glass> Transmission, 95%, IoR: 1.49, Color: to match Base color.
  8. or, unmap the numpad keys so they dont switch to 3D views??
  9. Here is a similar effect. I use two outputs from VW, The first a Hidden line view with tweaked "careful" sketch effect. The second, a rendering or OpenGL view. In Photoshop I stack the HL view over the rendering with a "Multiply" bend mode. In between the two I create a 3rd layer, filled white and with a "Screen" blend mode. When I "Paint" black on the middle layer ( using very low opacity and a textured brush) it reveals the color underneath. I created a PS Action to automate the process. Bart Bartxd.com
  10. I have this issue all the time. Its such a nuisance. Bart
  11. I've downloaded some scripts from the forum (Vitrine_Socle_v2020) and I have made a pretty good attempt at making my own, However, I have a Marionette Object and whenever I update the texture of one of my objects, all of the objects change texture, I was sure it was me until I tried some of the files I downloaded from others and it is happening there too. Is it me? Are these mysterious TextureIndex numbers getting reassigned and changing the assigned texture of other objects? Please Help Bart **Update: I found that by assigning a class to each object and settign textures by class it is more stable. It is not as interactive as I would like but it works.** Running VW Arch 2020 SP3.1 Vitrine Script.vwx
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