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  1. These are UK licenses There is a transfer fee of £150 + VAT payable to Vectorworks but that is waived if you take out Vectorworks Service Select at the same time as transfer PM me for details or further info
  2. I have 2 personal Vectorworks Designer licenses for sale (now called Design Suite) This includes all features of Architect, Landmark and Spotlight am open to sensible offers over £2500 + VAT per license
  3. i know this is slightly off topic but linking to 3D viewing I wish the 3D connexions device worked as intuitively in Vectorworks as it does in Sketchup!
  4. The 3D model view was the one I was thinking of particularly rather than the 2D sheet view in Nomad and in a web browser on a desktop machine. There are different requirements for the 2D sheet view compared to the 3D model view... Perhaps we can chime in with suggestions for both? Would that help @inikolova ?
  5. On another thread people mentioned some much better apps that do the same thing. One was sketchfab and I tried that - it was very very good indeed Often when these things are re-engineered we beta testers get no input as to what is important in the re-engineering. Is there any chance that we can have some input? In my mind the Nomad viewer should be as close as possible to the likes of Twinmotion or Enscape in terms of ease of walking around and changing Sun etc. and of course the rendering should be as good as is possible on a mobile device! Off the top of my head here are some of the features I would like: Saved views (including the associated clip cubes, class and layer settings etc) Easy navigation Collision detection Automatically opening doors??!! Adjustment of Sun position via time of day Clip cubes I am sure there are more ideas that others will add... By the way - automatically opening doors inside of Vectorworks when in the walkthrough tool would be very cool don't you think? Especially if that could be transferred to Twinmotion on export!! Hope this is helpful and really look forward to Nomad becoming world class rather than sadly lacking!!
  6. presumably someone has put this on as a Feature request?
  7. just tried adding a plant image using the data tag tool and this failed.. is this WAD (and therefore not possible) or a bug?
  8. Would be great to be able to add a subclass without typing the Parent name each time So if the parent name was selected when you clicked on New or else right click on the parent name to make a new subclass
  9. Can one crop a DTM afterwards in the same sort of way?
  10. Really good to hear! So wherever we are choosing a resource - especially attributes we should have the option to make a new one, duplicate or edit - yes? Jim - really appreciate your good communication across the forums!
  11. Slightly off topic but haven't managed to hear any positive feedback on this. I find it really unnatural that one can only create new resources in the Resource manager Surely it is very natural to want to create a new hatch when browsing hatches in the Attributes for instance? Please can we have this ability? You know it makes sense!!
  12. Pat Thanks for this - it helps a bit.. It is a slightly quicker way of doing it but with bi-directional spreadsheets I could attach the data to my objects much quicker but lack a way of putting this data back into the resource browser symbols I have a library of some 120 components needing specific price info and then having done all of these I find that there are another 80 or so that are nested symbols using the individual symbols - if there were a way of transferring the Record values of some placed symbols back as defaults I could do the job in minutes rather than hours) Many thanks anyway - this has certainly reduced the time! Steve
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