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  1. Phil hunt

    Renderworks - is it worth the effort

    you can get some fantastic renders using renderworks.....but it needs real-time rendering to save hours and hours of time doing pre-renders...this is where artlantis comes into its own change a light see the result change a texture see the result instantly.... but i have to say some my best renders have been using renderworks but boy o boy you have to be patient and be prepared to spend many hours of testing and pre-rendering and have the machine powerful enough to implement the full range of renderworks features......great product just needs that real-time update to make it worth the while........
  2. Phil hunt


    sorry folks i had switched a class of containing the viewports......phew
  3. Phil hunt


    i have been working on a project that had 11 viewports......i set a new camera view on the design layer and made a viewport from the camera on the same sheetlayer but all the other viewports have gone......i think its to do with visibilities but i have not changed anything......helppppppeee
  4. HAND DRAWINGS....fantastic.....a friend of mine has
  5. hi yes Artlantis is a separate software.....don't know where you are in the world if my memory serves me well its about £396.00 at the moment plus the tax/vat.....the other software max and cinema 4d is considerably more cash....its just where you see yourself going.....i would get up and running with my suggestion...so you can start to produce work which means you are paying for your wages....which we know employers like! and maybe in your spare time download the other software which i think has a month free trial to see what you think.....I'm afraid it lots of youtubing and just practice....good luck for the future if you need any more help just let me know cheers
  6. I think it depends on where you see yourself in the world of interior design.....do you want to be a designer/ visualizer or drafting technician......or all of these three....... drafting only-Vectorworks visualiser-vectorworks-artlantis or 3d studio max / cinema 4d these programs will give you superb 3d renders........vectorworks artlantis will be easier to pick up https://artlantis.com/gallery/ and finally if you have the time i would go the vectorworks-cinema 4d route this will give you drafting and the renders but with cd4 a higher end render although please take a look at the link to artlantis gallery impressive stuff....cheaper software and 3d model librarys which will integrate into the software I am not saying the render engine inside Vectorworks isn't good...it is.....i do use it for certain projects....but for me there are not enough 3d model libraries that you can import without having to reapply textures and the like I work in event and exhibition design....not a million miles from interiors and i have used the vw/artlantis render for the past 20 years and its done me proud....hope this helps
  7. Phil hunt

    orthogonal/normal perspective views

    sorry found it......had it on perspective in Vectorworks preferences.....
  8. have a file open and have set the menu to work in orthogonal/but it keeps reverting back to perspective whilst in the 3d mode....this has never happened before...any ideas thanks
  9. Phil hunt

    3d detail drawing

    Need a monthly competition on how to model various items.....could be interesting on how different people approach the task.......great forum
  10. Phil hunt

    VectorWorks vs Solidworks

    All done in vectorworks......use the 3D model to make all my plans and elevations using view ports.......our cnc operator.....will sometimes redraw certain items using the cnc software....when he feels the need......but an exported dwg will usually do the job....HTH
  11. Phil hunt

    VectorWorks vs Solidworks

    Vectorworks and artlantis....the quickest and easiest workflow method I have found to produce trade show designs by far.....
  12. Phil hunt

    Honeycomb Dome

    matt could you change your concept slightly to say a sq box......lol
  13. Phil hunt

    Honeycomb Dome

    agreed.... I think!
  14. Phil hunt

    Honeycomb Dome

    Agreed the joiner who built this is probably in a padded room as we speak.....hiding
  15. Phil hunt

    Honeycomb Dome

    it would be easier I think from a construction point of view if each section was an individual item.....otherwise it would be a nightmare to make the joins