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  1. Could you not download a trial version to get you through the next 24 hours
  2. Yeah 2 grand for four pencils....bargain
  3. Well maybe I should work on a project with 4 views.....give it a try.....and I am sure you guys are right....I wonder if i should have bought 3 more drawing boards back in the day....I would have been streets ahead of the opposition......but of course I would have had to use 4 pencils instead of just
  4. It’s really interesting to hear these comments......although I have the opportunity in upgrading now I have been offered it at the original price.....I still find it easier to gave one screen and just change the views to suit.....find the multi views to small....sub-d.....need to spend some time with this.....wish it was like form z. Though.....never want to be negative as a lot of talented people have worked there butts of to bring 2018 to the table......and I am sure to many negtives....are no good to anyone
  5. afternoon just downloaded the 2018 version for a trial.....on the surface, nothing seems to have changed but once I delve into 2018 I am sure it has tremendously...... i guess a lot of you are using 2018...interested to hear your comments on how you have found the improvements and which one has helped you most....or you enjoy using a 3d guy how are you finding it easier to use....need to have a go to find out...... your comments would be appreciated thanks
  6. just received this email today Your Vectorworks Service Select membership has expired, but as a special offer you can reactivate it without paying a late fee or penalty, securing your access to valuable benefits, including: at last ......people are listening.....thank you vectorworks....great job
  7. maybe I'm wrong but I don't think the objects have to be should still get some kind of a shape from the subtraction....
  8. I have had this problem and as said the 2 items have to be on the same layer or it could be something to do with the items being may have to ungroup and then select all in the items that have been ungrouped and then add solid command......I have had to do this on a couple of occasions.......hope I have explained this correctly
  9. All looks good for the new release....however I can't see why all the secrecy over the new developments of the software that made me not renew my vss for 2018 .....I have made this point have lost a loyal customer......but I wish you well and hope the glossy video delivers.......I am sure it will.......again well done vectorworks.......looks great.......
  10. If it's a hidden line you don't need the lights put them on a class and hide them then try the render again and see what happens
  11. 3d warehouse. There's loads
  12. I understand your thoughts and well explianed ....but now as i understand your comments its been fully developed and ready to said that about subdivision....but that didn't completely work with texturing but you still sold us the dream and released the product.... the point i am trying to make that after a long term still expect me to pay an inflated uprgrade cost for the 2018 version....surely there must be some kind of customer loyalty from your company for someone like me who has spent a bundle of cash with vectorworks year after year...
  13. i wish this had been leaked on a happy Tuesday 4 months ago along with all the other items that no doubt will make the software even better.....but when it was VSS time i failed to renew after asking what may be improved for V2018......still i saved my money and looked like i payed the price...of not renewing......i dont see the problem with making these kind of announcements some months of the max and form z have had these screens for years.....i get wound up that a loyal customer for 18 years are failed in this manner not to be told before hand....i know its all about the competition and all that.....but honestly i cant see it makes any difference at all....if the software is that good it should (which it is) should stand and fall on its own doubt my comments will fall on deaf ears....come on VW give your loyal customers the information a little sooner please ...... no doubt there will be a bunch of you who disagree with my comments.......must of gotten out of the wrong side of bed today!
  14. thanks very much that explains a lot......v16 all up to date..........shame this does not work like photoshop when you can reset your palette positions to default.....or can you.....again thanks
  15. on another point, if you have the saved palette positions and then change the position on the screen of a particular pallet is there a way to reset them as they were thanks