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  1. sorry found it......had it on perspective in Vectorworks preferences.....
  2. have a file open and have set the menu to work in orthogonal/but it keeps reverting back to perspective whilst in the 3d mode....this has never happened before...any ideas thanks
  3. Need a monthly competition on how to model various items.....could be interesting on how different people approach the task.......great forum
  4. All done in vectorworks......use the 3D model to make all my plans and elevations using view ports.......our cnc operator.....will sometimes redraw certain items using the cnc software....when he feels the need......but an exported dwg will usually do the job....HTH
  5. Vectorworks and artlantis....the quickest and easiest workflow method I have found to produce trade show designs by far.....
  6. matt could you change your concept slightly to say a sq
  7. agreed.... I think!
  8. Agreed the joiner who built this is probably in a padded room as we speak.....hiding
  9. it would be easier I think from a construction point of view if each section was an individual item.....otherwise it would be a nightmare to make the joins
  10. it's one of them alan.....until you build the whole structure up it would be hard to make a call....interesting project though......
  11. they may not line up as they should but i have rushed this and it needs to created with a bit more time
  12. I think could work it seems the hexagons radiate from a central point and although they seem to be the same size on the outside they get thinner as the structure goes higher so I created a multiple extrude back to the centre of the dome....did a multiple array of the bottom sections and then copied one item moved it up to the second level and then did a multiple array again and so on... to get the shape I subtracted a sphere from each row.....i have only done 2 levels....but I think it gives an accurate representation of the picture.......its a long winded way but i hope this helps..... honeycomb.vwx
  13. what was the final program you used to transfer you model file to key shot.....and was it a steep learning kerb for keyshot. Thanks
  14. thanks so why do so many pieces of software allow the SKP files to be imported if the geometry is terrible...(.i have to say I agree but sometimes it gets me out of a hole when I need a 3d model) or is it that so many people are indeed using the software because it is an affordable option?
  15. Brilliant information. Thanks