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  1. For instance if I had a simple square say 2m x 2m extruded to 3m and then made elevations in a viewport with dimensions but then changed the extrusion to 4m in my design layer would the dimension change to correspond with the new size back in the viewport......
  2. Hi Do associated dimensioning only work with walls within a viewport. Thanks.
  3. this is where you will find the settings on a viewport
  4. Hi if it's a symbol could you copy it say five times and edit eash symbol using the scale tool in the xyz fashion to give you what you require. Just a thought
  5. I think you have to change the settings in the viewport and not on the sheet layer so if you have been working in open gl. And create a viewport it will render using open gl change the setting in object info pallet on the viewport and give it a try, I think that will solve the problem
  6. i know artlantis do a demo version so its maybe something worth looking into......
  7. Been using artlantis for 20 years the biggest advantage is real time changes to the model inside artlantis when you add a texture or a light you see the effect without having to render the scene, it's also easier to bring in external 3d models, cars and the like come in perfectly in a variety of cad files and the trees are fantastic, batch rendering is a breeze 1. What is the overall quality in terms of photorealism of the renders when comparing Artlantis and Vectorworks? I WOULD SAY THE SAME BUT EASIER TO ACHIEVE IN ARTLANTIS 2. Assuming hardware is equal, which is faster at high quality renders? VARIES 3. What is the learning curve for Artlantis when compared to Vectorworks? EASY Hope this helps feel free to contact if you require any further information
  8. Hi Jeff I still use artlantis now and again and the lights in vectorworks can be exported along with the model but once in artlantis you have to adjust all the lighting values to suit as they come in as passitional references only, in other words useless, I think this is nothing to do with vectorworks more to do with the artlantis export plug in.
  9. Good tip Andy.....some of the best VW tools are hidden to deep in the software to find them.
  10. been using VW for many years and thanks to andy b has pointed me in the direction of the render bitmap tool.......thanks....game changer
  11. I always have to go through the pain barrier of test rendering using a final render especially when using a texture with a glow/emit light setting......it wastes time but give me the confidence of then upping the dpi settings for my final final renders. OGL never gives me that unfortunately
  12. This is a scene I did a while back to illustrate my comments.
  13. You can also cheat a bit and add a few lights around the scene to mimic the chandelier lighting......Worth a try I do it a lot
  14. https://www.google.com/search?q=putting+a+movie+onto+an+image+in+photoshop&oq=putting+a+movie+onto+an+image+in+photoshop&aqs=chrome..69i57j33.14983j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8#kpvalbx=_e6fPXpm4JuSAhbIP-7KdiAk33
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