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  1. what was the final program you used to transfer you model file to key shot.....and was it a steep learning kerb for keyshot. Thanks
  2. thanks so why do so many pieces of software allow the SKP files to be imported if the geometry is terrible...(.i have to say I agree but sometimes it gets me out of a hole when I need a 3d model) or is it that so many people are indeed using the software because it is an affordable option?
  3. Brilliant information. Thanks
  4. hi dave thanks for the link i have seen this...really good video (gave me a few ideas to try) question was more out of curiosity with skp.....i have never as i mentioned used it to model and most of my work is 3d modelling.....but thanks for your interest
  5. its seems flashy promo videos for SU do indeed sell the product...but I have seen this happen with other programs I use......
  6. i sometimes use no colour but add line edges in open gl ....that works for me to
  7. morning Have never used SketchUp for 3d modelling but have been watching a few tutorials on youtube and it does seem a fantastic piece of kit.....i guess if you know how to use it! I am interested to see how many of you guys integrate the modelling element of SU with VectorWorks and if any of the SU 3d modelling tools you would like to see on the 3d modelling pallette in VectorWorks....if any......many thanks
  8. really need a white model render.....but in open gl which would be great.......guess as jim said build your model without colours and then apply the textures when your happy with the geometry at the end
  9. Kevin Good tip When would you use the multiple extrude tool against lofting or the sweep command thanks
  10. In the end I didn’t take the offer to upgrade to v18 in fact although I have v17 I still use v16....find it very stable.....
  11. ps thank you all so much for your time.....
  12. as suggested by EAlexander thanks so much
  13. using the sweep tool helix.vwx
  14. now for applying the decals !!!!!!
  15. thanks, guys tweaking needed....but not far to go