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  1. Phil hunt

    Cut out logos

    Sorry unless some part of the logo is in a font that you have then you could type the letters and convert text to polyline....ungroup and then extrude and resize the letters to the desired size......of course you may have to trace around the logo itself.....if you have the logo as an illustrator file in outlines you could export the logo as a dwg/dxf and then import into vectorworks. Hope this helps. Phil
  2. Phil hunt

    Cut out logos

    Best way is to import the logo as an image and trace around .......you can then extrude give it textures and for the cnc export as dwg/ dxf.....any problem let me have the logo and I’ll sort it out for you ......ps exhibition designer 46 years.
  3. Phil hunt


  4. Phil hunt


    probably a better way to do this......upgrade to v19 !!!!!!!!
  5. Phil hunt


    i think you may have to create a shape the same shape as the symbol but extrude it and then place it above the height of the symbol on a different class so you can turn it of when rendering the symbol in plan view in say final renderworks this seems to work a bit fiddly......
  6. Phil hunt


    one last question sorry rob....created a viewport in plan view using the 2d/3d/symbol and can't get to get a render with just the 2d outlines of the symbol in hidden line or final renderworks, is this something that cant be achieved.......thanks
  7. Phil hunt


    just a question when you have the hybrid symbol in plan view does it save on the screen refresh....or doesn't it make much difference thanks again and thanks mark
  8. Phil hunt


    works a treat rob
  9. Phil hunt


    thanks rob i thought i was doing something amiss.....how do i turn on a ghost image....thanks again
  10. Phil hunt


    i seem to be doing somthing wrong i went to the resource manager and did what you said i am in vw 2017 i have created a symbol but when i go to edit 2d component the symbol seems to disappear.......where am i going wrong thanks test.vwx
  11. Phil hunt


    thanks for that mark......
  12. Phil hunt


    I've been creating 3d symbols.....but in the plan view its shows all the geometry....the symbols i import from the vw library just show a white shape with an outline ....hope you get the gist of what i am trying to do....i think i need the check a setting but can't find out which one thanks all
  13. Phil hunt

    Cinema 4d

    Thanks......looks like it’s a non starter then....I think the client needs to get the amendments done inside C4D...oh well never mind....thanks again
  14. Phil hunt

    Cinema 4d

    I have been offered a job that’s been modelled and rendered in c4d I have v2017 can I bring the model in from a cd4 file I can see I can bring in the textures but will vw import the graphic files that have been placed as decals on the cd4 model......don’t want to turn the job down but will it mean re-modelling the job inside vw and applying the c4d textures from the file the client is sending over......any help or advice will be appreciated. Thanks
  15. Phil hunt

    If I discontinue Service Select?

    Agreed.....life’s to short


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