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  1. zoomer's post in Duplicate Symbol Detection Occupying Same Space on Same Layers/Classes was marked as the answer   
    Doesn't the purge command find these ?
    (Coincident objects)
  2. zoomer's post in Whole Model Glitch was marked as the answer   
    You have your Layer option set to "active only"
    This will hide all other Layers.
    Set it back to any of the "show others" options.
    You have "Unified View" set to off.
    This may prevent also other Layers from being displayed and their orientation.
    (The small Icon right from Plan Rotation)
    Also check its sub settings by double clicking the icon.
  3. zoomer's post in Duplicate Class - Option to rename/edit was marked as the answer   
    Very good idea !
  4. zoomer's post in VW16 crashes on new MBP with Touch Bar was marked as the answer   
    There is a SP 6 for VW 2016 available that should include Sierra compatibility.
  5. zoomer's post in 2017 - Can't Add Tags to default content in Resource Manager was marked as the answer   
    I think, yes.
    If you do a lot of work tagging the app Libraries, these may get overwritten with an update.
    I think these should be already tagged useful by VW.
  6. zoomer's post in Increase Preview Size for Line Types was marked as the answer   
    I also was a bit irritated about the preview image size for textures on my 30" Monitor.
    I think it is a bit too small to examine a textures for usefulness.
  7. zoomer's post in Absolute Height Option for Wall Components was marked as the answer   
    Ahm, I think you can do that (?)
    You could set the wainscot height from : finish floor level + 42"
    So it is independent from changing wall height.
    If I got the problem right ?
  8. zoomer's post in Elevations was marked as the answer   
    Yes, just the simple fast Elevation Viewport that works similar the Top Plan render.
    But with a little control what you will see.
    Like that Wall beside my Building that I want to see in all Elevations,
    except the North Elevation as it blocks visibility of my whole Building.
    (Marked as dashed or dotted line welcome also)
    Currently this will force me to use a Section Viewport which takes much longer to
    calculate, second I'm not sure if I could even get the same look.
    The second part is something I've seen somewhere else and is related to many wishes
    from others about the need of showing some depth in 2D Viewports, for things that
    are far behind, by smaller stroke Thickness or similar, to make 2D drawings better
  9. zoomer's post in Symbols - Editing in 2d and 3d was marked as the answer   
    +++++++++++++++++++++++++ 1
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