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  1. Duplicate along path might be useful but it doesn't work with the objects I have. I suppose if all the items followed the exact same curve then I could make one nurbs curve and duplicate it but since in this case the curve should change (the surface was created by lofting between two different profiles) I would have to figure out every path individually. I thought I could maybe do something by 2d curve in plan view, using that to cut the nurbs surface somehow at the correct location, extracting the nurbs curve from the cut edge of the nurbs surface, and use that to duplicate along path. Repeat forever. I gave up on it after a little while. The surface array is definitely interesting. It is unfortunate that it can't be used with hybrid objects but that is fine. The more difficult part is that it appears to be difficult to fine tune any individual chair. Like if you needed to delete one because in real life there is a wheel chair access or a sound board here or something or just getting all the things to end up in the right place relative to walls and aisles and such. I continue to be a little surprised at the situations where Vectorworks hasn't quite figured out how to deal with.
  2. I'm working on a drawing with a bowl floor front of house section (slopes up from center to the outside as well as front to back). The seating is also arranged on a curve. The result of this is that every chair needs to have a unique z height. I have ished it so far by setting a height for each row that is close. I was wondering if there is a way to move objects down to where the intersect with the floor. I am loath to try to do it individually by chair and even If I wanted to do it that way I am not sure how I would do that in a way that was vaguely accurate. If it matters, the floor is currently a solid addition and the original slope for this section was made as a nurbs surface. I am not looking for ultra precision, I am just looking for closer then this. If that isn't really possible how do folks typically deal with floors like this? What is best practice here? Thanks!
  3. I have been desperately trying to make a boom as a hanging position as shown in the video. I cannot for the life of me see what was done to make it so that the hanging position can be stood up. I get told off for it being a hybrid object. I understand that that is normal behavior but I don't know how it was gotten around in the video. I followed these steps: Make a lighting pipe object Convert it to a symbol Convert it to a truss Convert it to a hanging position Try to rotate to vertical I just wanna make a boom with a nice linked schematic view... I don't know why it is so very hard. I'll be sobbing quietly in the corner due to frustration while I wait for a response.
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