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  1. I can't update my VW2021 since 2 months. When it come to 5% it's show the following message: A connectivity issue has been detected, retrying... I'va checked the autorisation in the macOS preferences and into the VW finder. I've also try to disable the firewall. Nothing works. Any idea?
  2. Thank you! But my problem was not in the VW preference but in the openGL option for a similar option. Now I know!
  3. I got some issue with VW 2021 when I try to extrude some shape with curve line. The wireframe shape stay correct, but the 3d rendering look like straight line instead of curve. I tried with many shape and the problem is constant. Somebody have an idea how to fix it or I wait for the next update?
  4. I'm not sure of the origin of the symbol of this capture, but I use VW Symbol all the time and the it go like this anyway. I will check your solution. Thank you.
  5. Hi, I have an issue with the position of Channel and Dimmer text position. When I check the option "Automatically rotate 2D to focus point", the fixture rotate well, but the Channel and Dimmer text go outside the symbol. The gel text stay at the right place. The issue exist either on new files or on files create by other.
  6. Thank you. I fix the problem when I set my firewall to ask autorisation for every connection and create a rule when the connection between the Remote app and VW show up. It was a bit long, but now it work.
  7. I'm trying to make a rule in my firewall (Eset) to allow the app remote. On MacOS Catalina, I tried to make a rule who accept TCP-UDP communication on local Network on port 8090 for all application. But it's not enough, the app constantly ask me to close all windows in VW. If I deactivate completely the firewall, it work. Somebody know the right configuration to do in a firewall?
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