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  1. If you want to write the script using Python I can really recommand to read this document. Really helped me getting started. https://docs.python.org/3.8/tutorial/appetite.html if you start making scripts, in Vectorscript or Python this will be your most important reference. https://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php/VS:Function_Reference For making your script you can use for example Eclipse. I use this program as it was recommended to me by Peter. https://www.eclipse.org/
  2. Is this what you are looking for? VS:GetVPClassVisibility https://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php/VS:GetVPClassVisibility VS:SetVPClassVisibility https://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php/VS:SetVPClassVisibility VS:GetVPLayerVisibility https://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php/VS:GetVPLayerVisibility VS:SetVPLayerVisibility https://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php/VS:SetVPLayerVisibility
  3. al your types of dimensions will stay in their Dimensions (Maatlijnen) class because that is the only class they can exist in, this class you can not delete because of this reason. if I'm correct you want all your text placed in the text class? and because this class has its text style defined it will also changed the text to that style? you also don't want to change any dimensions and let them be as they are? Do you have an example file where you want to use your script? than i can test your script whit the presets you are using. you can also look at these functions to use in your script https://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php/VS:Function_Reference#Objects_-_Text PS. Peter Vandewalle and I are both also Dutch speaking. (but I will continue in English so other people can also use this thread if we find the solution)
  4. the script sees the text in the measurements as text, but because measurements are supposed to be in the measurements class it conflicts I suppose. you could try adding C<>'Dimensions' (Class is not dimensions) in your criteria, this way it rules out all dimensions.
  5. I can not find a way to filter by IFC criteria. (not saying it is not possible), so in that way I can not help you. Is it maybe an idea to make an (simple) record and attach it to the components you want to filter later on? you can filter on having an record or on the text inside the record fields. just thinking along, I don't know if it fits your uses and drawingstyle.
  6. When setting up criteria you can filter objects by having or not having an certain IFC attached. Is this what your are looking for? the formula it is creating looks like this: ((IFC_ENTITY='IfcDoor'))
  7. or the snap to angle function is turned off.
  8. the Custom Cabinet tool is using the old version of interiorcad. when you have the interiorcad upgrade you will get an even more complex cabinet tool with an library full of handles, hinges and stuff like that.
  9. The way you made the worksheet now is the same way I would have done it, I foresee no problems. I can only find one thing that could have been the issue with the first file Did you update your Vectorworks between making the first and the second file? because in SP4 they fixed an bug with GetSpaceNumForObj.
  10. Nevermind. I see the scripts is setting variables using vs. in the variable name. this confused me. the overall function is "VS:SetObjPropVS" and the int. set to the variables are the parameters for this function learning constantly, this script is using OOP if I'm correct
  11. can you share the file where you tried this, or did you already move on?
  12. I found an script i wanted to use as an example for making my own Plug In Objects. This link is where i found the script: https://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php/Python_Sample_Point_Object_(complex) i installed the script and it is working but when i opened the script to see how it is working i noticed some functions which are not in the Function Reference https://developer.vectorworks.net/index.php/VS:Function_Reference Can someone tell me more about this? for example where i can find an description and parameters of these? the functions: vs.kObjXPropHasUIOverride = 8 vs.kObjXHasCustomWidgetVisibilities = 12 vs.kParametricRecalculate = 3 vs.kObjOnInitXProperties = 5 vs.kObjOnWidgetPrep = 41 vs.kObjOnObjectUIButtonHit = 35 vs.kObjectEventHandled = -8
  13. An script to find the object type number and name of the selected item, works also when placed in right mouse button menu. _hObject=vs.LSActLayer()#get handle of last selected object _tObject=vs.GetTypeN(_hObject)#get typeindex #_tObject=_hObject.type is also possible _list=["1","Line","Rectangle","Oval","Polygon","Arc","7","Freehand","3D Locus","Text","Group","12","Rounded rectangle","Bitmap Image","Symbol in document","Symbol definition","2D Locus","Worksheet","19","20","Polyline","PICT Image","23","Extrude","3D Polygon","26","27","28","Layer Link","30","Layer","32","33","Sweep ","35","36","37","Multiple extrude","39","Mesh","Mesh vertex","42","43","44","45","46","Record Definition (Format)","Record","Document script (1)","50","Script palette (1)","52","53","54","55","Worksheet container","57","58","59","60","61","62","Dimension","64","65","Hatch definition (1)","67","Wall","69","70","Column, Floor, Roof Face","72","73","74","75","76","77","78","79","80","Light","Roof edge","Roof object","CSG Solid (Addition,Subtraction)","85","Plug-in object","Roof element","88","Round walls","90","91","Symbol folder","Texture","Class definition (1)","Solid (Cone, Sphere, ...)","96","Texture Definition(Material)","98","99","100","101","102","103","104","105","106","107","108","109","110","NURBS Curve","112","NURBS Surface","114","115","116","117","118","Image Fill Definition (1)","Gradient Fill Definition (1)","Fill Space (1)","ViewPort"] vs.AlrtDialog('type no. :',_tObject,'\ntype name :',_list[_tObject-1]) # show type index and type name of selected object in an dialog
  14. That was what thought, I changed my plan already. thanks.
  15. I'm using vectorscript/python to make an list of all objects with an certain record and using information from this record. to eliminate human errors I'm starting the script with making the record so I'm certain all names and fields are correctly named. The thing that i can not get working at the moment is making an field in the record with an option module. so an field where you can not type but you have to choose between predefined options. does someone know if this is possible to create? when you make an record yourself in VW this is possible so why not with scripting
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