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  1. Hi there, I tried to modify @Marissa Farrell s dupSymAlongPath.vwx-file as I was looking for a similar thing as Nick here. As I am pretty much "ok" with VW (about 2 years of 2D and a bit of 3D) and bloody beginner with marionette as my office just bought the architecture version. For a job I am designing a chandelier and I wanted to see multiple options to compare before getting into the details. I found the "duplicate along path" command but it didn't#t work out the way I wanted as I need to rotate while placing and need to calculate the amount of objects I want to place before doing it etc. I got the whole thing to the point where I can place my object of choice on a circle. Also I played around until I didn't have the last one sitting on the first etc. But now I#m still having my objects which I placed 60 on a circle sitting another 60 times on 0,0 for some reason. Can anybody please give me a hint what I am doing wrong. That would help me very much. thx R placing symbol on circle.vwx
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