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  1. I totally agree. The vwx road tool has nothing to do with reality. I wonder if it is ever used. Same thing with the hardsape tool. Has anyone seen a completely flat hardscape in the real world?
  2. I would also highly appreciate these features. I could also be ctrl or shift for me, I wouldn't care which. The Move tool works similar for me allready: I use it for allmost all duplicating jobs with reference point, just by holding down ctrl. The U-key thing I also pretty clunky. It is all about having a standard setting (i.e. no duplicating) and controlling duplicating by temporarily holding down a key, like as mentioned above in Adobe.
  3. I agree, but: A simpler first step enhancement of fillet and champfer in VW would be a re-fillet and re-champfer function, means: that allready champfered / filleted corners of polys could be champfered/filleted again with another value. Setting this new value to zero would be un-fillet / un-champfer. This is how AutoCAD does it since its existence. I do not understand why VW does not have this simple functionality.
  4. This would be very helpful. I am just working on a document with almost 100 classes from several project partners. It is very hard to find topic-specific classes without a search function.
  5. I understand the logic, but it would be very useful to be able to tab into the floating data bar, not to edit values of course, but only to copy them for further use (i.e. object creation). Values could stay greyed out. See also this thread:
  6. Hi Vectorworks. Are there any curvature and surface analysist tools like in Rhino planned for the future? They would be very useful/needed for CAM tasks with organic shapes/solids. This is what Rhino provides: Thanks in advance for any answer. Markus
  7. Thanks Alan. I needed some time to get your G-key method. Very handy, works perfect for my needs! Great (far better!) alternative to the tape measure which I used for single (not cumulative) distances mostly anyhow. I was unaware until now that you can copy values from the floating data bar with ctrl-C when the desired value is selected with TAB. The problem with the tape measure tool is that you can't get inside the floating data bar by hitting TAB. So it would be the actual improvement to make this possible. Then we could choose between single and cumulative distance to copy to clipboard. At the moment I think we have to state that the tape measure tool is in the developement stage of a mechanical typewriter or older since we have to write down measurments on physical paper... Hope this feature is coming soon. In the meanwhile I will use Alans super-G-key. I suggest Alans method of copying single distance measurments to the clipboard to be implemented in Vectorworks help in the tape measure section as an alternative. To illustrate Alans method here a screenshot:
  8. Wow! Awsome, DomC! Thank you very much for this tremedous load of very handy nodes (and of course for your earlier numerous contributions to the community)! I'm looking forward to using them! And by the way - thank you for your great Marionette presentation at the Vectorworks Anwendertag in Zürich - it motivated me to get more into Marionette. Have a good day.
  9. totally agree! I just wanted to suggest the same thing and then found this thread.
  10. One of the few things I liked in AutoCAD (I was forced to use it some years... ) was an object-attribute called "linetype generation" which you could enable or disable for any linebased object. Enabling would take the pattern of simple dashed/dotted-dashed linetypes PAST vertices instead of starting the dashing pattern newly at every vertex as when disabled and as Vectorworks does it. You get it? See the attached screenshots which illustrate the feature. It would be great to have this in VW as well. Of course either mode has its advantages and disadvantages: a) if you have sharp corners and you have linetype generation enabled, it may happen that you have no line at the corner (if the gap between two dashes is there). b) On the other hand, if you have curves or obtuse angles (like in the second screenshot from VW), you will get a bad looking appearance of dashed and dashed-dotted lines. I imagine this as a checkbox in the OIP - something like "continue lintype at vertices". Thanks in advance for considering this as a future feature of VW. Markus
  11. Thanks Benson and Allen Sorry, system/vwx specs were inside the vwx file in the instruction text, now I added a signature, see below - thanks for this suggestion. Thus I don't think it is my graphic card which isn't that bad. Yes, turning auto rotate off makes textures visible again. But I need rotating textures, anywhere, independent of their position in the coordinate system. A fiew hundred meters is not much, I find. anyway - JimW confirmed this issue as a bug VB-138160 in this thread: So hopefully this problem can be solved soon.
  12. Great! You're pretty fast, thanks! looking forward to that.
  13. I agree, this would be really great and intuitive, like in AutoCAD. As OZZie says/shows in his screencast: Another very helpful and easyer to realize solution within the existing scale objects tool, maybe as a first step, would be another measuring tool for the new length (see attached screenshot). Why? -> often you have just some random object as a reference length and not a dimension. In this case I find it very unhandy if you: a) first have to measure this reference object outside the dialog, b) then write down the measurment somewhere c) open the scaling dialog d) and then write it in to the dialog manually again. What do other people think about this? What do you think, Jim? I requested this also at Computerworks Switzerland. Would be great to have this soon! Sorry for german dialog - hope it looks similar in the international version. Here how it might look:
  14. Hi Jim, if this helps: attached another example file which illustrates the problem. See instructions inside. There is another thread here for the same issue I guess: Looking forward to the fix. Thanks in advance for solving this. Open GL Texture problem.vwx