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  1. Hi DomC. Thank you so much for these posts. They are very useful to understand the logics of Marionette. I am looking around for courses or 1to1 training sessions for Marionette but can't find any at all! Do you know if VWs is going to have at least a reference manual for it? thank you Marco
  2. I wonder how a thing like this could pass any verification test!!!!! Anyway, I still love VWx... #VectorRocks πŸ™‚
  3. hope they will get released soon! We use that kind of extrude a lot!
  4. We are using VWx Architect 2020... international
  5. Hi RussU, I guess it's a problem of installation at this point... are you using the 2020 version? thx M
  6. Hi @halfcouple @Kevin McAllister ! I called support for the same issue yesterday! For now we can work around it converting this dodgy extrude into 3D polygon or nurbs, but it is a pain... I've been told they (the UK team) is working into that... M
  7. Hello guys, I am setting up some standard file for the whole studio. Each VW is installed locally on the machine. I created a set of classes to be shared with a reference file in which the "Dimension" class has a nice orange pen colour (we need to spot them out in a glimps) and no fill. Also, it is set on "Use at Creation". Despite all this, when I reference the file and ask to overwrite the new document settings, the "Dimension" class does not chage according to the new setting and it keeps the VWs default attributes... Any clue? πŸ™‚ Thanks as always and #VWxRocks πŸ™‚ M
  8. Hi All, I have created a set of symbols with several records attached and I used the Data Manager to create two sets of data sheets: one for concept (visualizing only a few records and fields) and one for detailed work. Is there a way to activate one filter or the other as a "pre-setting" for a specific file? At the moment, I have to switch manually from one data sheet to another every time I select a symbol... ... any hint most appreciated! Cheers and Ciaos M
  9. Uuuuuh I dont believe the IT bos would allow me to do it... nice guy, but very jealous of his network ... he wouldn't trust me (so right!) πŸ™‚ thanks anyway DBruhnke! πŸ™‚
  10. Hi All, is there a way of having my Mac set to "Dark Mode" and VWx on "Light Mode"? ... to the Software designer: I know! 😞 We are never happy! Sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 😞
  11. Hello, I am trying to use the new Data Manager and I get confused with data sets and data sheets. I create a dozen of symbols each one of them has its own combination of record formats attached to it. As the list of data are quite complex, I'd like to create a "CONCEPT" and "DETAILED" filter to the data palette in the Info Object. I can do it manually for each one of them but looks a bit silly as I am sure there must be a way of saving the "data sheets" somewhere... but I can't understand where and how... Also, as said, Not cealr what a Data set and data sheet are... Any help and hint will be mostly appreciated. Thanks you! M
  12. Hi All! a curved wall framing option would be amazing... any chance that the 2020 version has it? Cheers and Ciaos M
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