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  1. STR I would like to understand the reliable part - please see my movies in "Control of Export Panorama" post. (I have learned ow to edit them in Photoshop to correct the oddities.) Suggestions are always welcome - Peter
  2. Utilizing the Open GL in advance of the actual Export Panorama ... and altering the desired highlights he problem. Best example of this issue - the last variation in the attached - View in VW and the Open GL preview when Export Panorama is selected? Suggestions? - Peter Saved VIew vs Open GL Preview.mov
  3. Control of Export Panorama More fun with anomalies & VW 2020 In attempting to utilize the Export Panorama, it appears that there is no logical control. Close, but NO cigar. What the Save View shows and what is exported initially viewed in the local browser vary from each other. Sometimes, this divergence is quite distinct. 50 odd test leave me befuddled as to how one sets a Saved View and attains the desired result with Export Panorama. Suggestions? Peter Panorama Views vs Saved Views.mp4
  4. Andrew Thank You Control is needed for this feature - It works great for our discipline, only if the designer controls it - The potential for the client to open it and ... A. Wonder what they should see and ...B. Control what is looked at. Same appears to be true for Export Panorama. If the VW Cloud service is what it takes, then it is appears easier to move back a few versions and export as a controlled Quicktime VR. Peter
  5. Luis The Vectorworks Store presentation you made last year. The component needed to do this is NOT in the VectorWorks software, it is only in the cloud ? I am running VW 2020 SP3.1 (Designer) Help does not find anything related to what you posted a link to above. (...create linked panoramas) In the New Features for Service Pack 3, listed in VW 2020 Help, there is no mention. (...create linked panoramas) Fill me in Please and Thank You ... Peter
  6. Iskra After hours of testing and trying - There is NO way to control the center of the Orbit in a WEB View export. Able to send you some funny buggy video if you like? Peter
  7. Unified View and Rendering Progress Indication Question: What is the relationship with the Unified View option and the rendering indication. in VW / RW 2020? ie: The Tea Pot and the progress bar See the attached Having Unified View checked, when it is not needed has its own set of oddities. Suggestions? Peter Unified View and Rendering.mp4
  8. Andrew Many Thanks Exported from Rendered Perspective - (Did that) Added a faux "surface" - now the First person View is not so low. Have read the "In App Instructions" (I am correct in assuming that this is the online help?) Need more on the "view center orbit mode" comment. Question How do you determine what the "object that we intersect first" is? or how do you make an object so that "it" is "the object that we intersect first". Still assuming that there is NO way to move up off "the surface" and look down in the First Person Mode? Please let me know, when you have time … Thanks Peter
  9. Pat How do you control text size, font color etcetera for a Hyperlink? Thanks Peter
  10. Pat Why VW 2020 was NOT Hyperlinking as expected - please see the attached VW 2020 SP 3.1 Build 537701 (64-bit) iMacPro OS 10.15.4 1. New VW 2020 file - Simple test 2. Create New Symbol 3. Create Hyperlink 4. Associated New Symbol with New Hyperlink 5. Click to Place Hyperlink 6. Command Click associated New Symbol 7. No Link (?) 8. Zoom to Fit All 9. Add dimension 10. Hyperlink is 16,000 feet from associated symbol. 11. Command - Hyper 12. Link Works 13. Align center of New Hyperlink to center of new Symbol 14. Much better Peter Hyperlink Symbol.mov
  11. Exported Web View is on my computer - Peter
  12. Thanks ... In my testing, When I open the WEB View in a browser, the initial view is as expected. It is the original rendered saved view. The center of rotation is not as expected. Assume that it would be @ Zero - Zero. Created a simple 3D X at "Zero - Zero" and the rotation is eccentric. Would like to understand how to have a specific center for the Orbit View. Would like for the client to view this as past versions of VW / RW allowed with Exported VR files. ie: Degrees above and below the horizontal. Some control is essential. The Orbit Mode does the job, looking around a central object, i tjust shows to much. Assume this would be great for showing "3D parts" just not for architecture. For what ever reason, switching to the First Person / Walking Around Mode changes the Home view so that it is lower, akin to a "dogs perspective". Clicking the Home Icon returns to Orbit Mode. (Why?) It is also very awkward to go around an object in the First Person / Walking Around Mode . It appears to require a combination of Mouse and keyboard. Shuffle / slide to one side, then walk past the intended object, (Keyboard) then reorient view, (Muse) ten shuffle / slide to the side some more, (Keyboard) again re orient the view (Mouse). Lots of clicking the Home Button if you get lost. In the First Person / Walking Around Mode I am NOT able to understand how you would move up and look down? Suggestions? - Peter
  13. Existing Symbol as a Hyperlink Have been looking at and digging for specific instructions on Hyperlinks and VW. Is there a way to add a Hyperlink to an existing Symbol? Suggestions? Peter
  14. Export Panorama from VW / RW and use it in a VW / RW Background VW / RW 2020 Is it possible to Export a Panorama from VW / RW and use it in a VW / RW Background? The exported image is visible / logical after export - as part of a Background I only get a big yellow solid color. (Or an HDRI? With the HDRI, I can get an image, just NOT 360 degrees) Suggestions? Peter
  15. Are there any specifics to HYPERLINKS other than the VW 2020 help and the Hyperlink 2013 video on YouTube? Thanks - Peter
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