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  1. @ben@gibson.co.nz we have found that VW / files behave like this if the original location is moved or renamed also disconnected / reconnected ... Peter
  2. @Pat Stanford Ironically, I am able to give you a for instance from 2018/2019 of a "BUG" that I now (still...) find in V2024 ver 5 - Unifed View! - That said ... We have experienced something similar to @Didge above. Our issue was Symbol based Lights - Much easier to edit one symbol, than a dozen lights - except when there are more than 8 said light symbols in an Open GL rendered design. We ended up removing the light from the Symbol as it made for a rendering that looked incomplete. (Page 1) The long tern solution was Custom RenderWorks rendering vs Open GL / Shaded One suggestion - Note the bright background (Page 1) of the attached - (Originally in VW2021 / Open GL) - No Indirect Lighting - No Ambient - No Environmental - only the eight lights that you see functioning out of the 15 Light Symbols across the top of the back wall - Changing then Background from a "bright" Two Color to One Color Black (Page 2)changes what happens to the surrounding brightness with the same Open GL / Shaded render mode. Peter Black Background Open GL.pdf
  3. @Ryoung Solve your issue ? - Post a sample File Peter
  4. @FMA is it possible to make / post a video of this in action ... ¿ Does it work when placing Symbols ? Please and Thank You Peter
  5. @EvelyneB We run v2021 as it remains relatively stabile for day to day work - that said ... (We have updated to 2024 r5 ...) As is the norm for updated VW versions, several items pop up as defaults that may NOT have been defaults in past editions. (Harder to hit the curve ball when you do not know it is coming ...) We see that the number for Lighting Brightness in the OIP could use a little bump up in VW24 - in past updates the Brightness jump required was substantial, so editing an older drawing required a change to all the lights to attain similar shadows. Also Falloff may default to smooth in VW 2024 (¿ WHY ?) - try setting the falloff to None (or move the light closer) Long time wish would be to have the directional arrow in a Light Icon (Spotlight For Example ...) actually represent the beam, not just the direction. You may already know, that once there is at least a single light in the drawing (set to on), VW appears to use any / all available lights to render the scene vs an automatic VW Default level of Illumination sans lights. We use the Ambient Brightness to enhance the scene - The number could be 25 or 95 - drawing dependent Less Lights is better (controllable) rather than more Spot lights are adjustable - ...300+ Brightness is a way to push a specific light if needed. Lastly - Make a box / Put similar spot lights - first Outside the box and second Inside the box - Indirect = None / Ambient On = 0 / Environmental = None ... Shaded Render a view inside the box with these two lights on individually Easy to do with the Visualization palette see attached Peter Lighting in a box_01.mov
  6. @MGuilfoile Under Document Preferences / Legacy 2D See Attached Peter Screen Plane Only VW 2024.pdf
  7. @MGuilfoile Decades in the making, yet another adventure in the aggravations (ARGH!) of Screen Plane / Layer Plane (... and why somethings should always be drawn as Screen Plane ! Take each of the four sets of Rectangles and group it. Align just that group of 7 Rectangles (assume this is done in Top/Plan) either before you group or inside the group. This equates to four sets of 7 rectangles aligned inside specific groups - Now take the four groups and align them - assume again in Top/Plan View - Now Ungroup all, go to a Front View (again assumed ...) and Extrude See Attached Peter Screen Recording 2024-06-04 at 2.51.19 PM.mov
  8. @Dubman assume you have a reference dimension to scale this file to match what reality is in the real world ? Peter
  9. @Dubman Take a look first - maybe no need to trace ... Peter
  10. @Dubman try the attached VW 2021 file and see if that helps ... Peter SGS Main Hub drawing.vwx
  11. @KenD I have a search set up that shows me a list of VWX files in chronological order ... (Not inside VW but in your operating system ...) If I am looking - I will check this list and attempt to find a VWX file that matches the day / time frame assumed to be when this lost file should have been saved While we ONLY work on a VWX files saved to the local hard drive ... I have also "lost" VWX files to "The Cloud" or to other servers depending on what the company has set up. Peter
  12. Is there a way to script (Then make it a menu item ...) and have the Resource Manager open to the active drawing with only the textures active ? ... Or only the Symbols active ? Essentially, this works manually - Command - R Opens the RM Double click in the open RM (in some blank space) If not in the active drawing VW asks you do you want to ... Click Active File and VW takes you there (!) Create an item based on where you want to go in the RM (a Texture for example) Name the Texture 1 (the default) ...and click OK Peter ¿ Suggestions ?
  13. @betseyd as an FYI - We use SCREEN PLANE for dimensioning One item that always befuddles (ARGH!) is a Dimension placed on a detail that is automatically on the LAYER PLANE when working on an elevation view. The Standard Views / Front for example. This LAYER PLANE dimension lays flat on the ground while you are looking for it in the Elevation View. It essentially disappears. If the OIP indicates that there is a dimension, have a look in a 3D View and you may see where it went. (...or look at the Plane setting in the OIP) As long as the Class Settings, mentioned by @Pat Stanford above, are set to visible. See Attached Peter Dimension Layer Plane vs Screen Plane_1.mov
  14. @Andy Broomell@Tyrrellian Assume that Command-0 is Top View ... Since about VW 2018/2019 the Unified View option has plagued our work flow. What Tyrrellian indicates above is one of the problems we experience with Unified View. Typically our workflow has a single Design Layer - Cropped Perspective on - Unified view off - that said there are times, depending on the Mode / Edit / Sheet Layer / Rendering that everything disappears... We have documented this in VW 2019 - 2020 - 2021 and now with VW 2024 SP5. The only solution we have found is to turn Unified View on if it is off or off if it is on. Other symptoms are: Selected items that are invisible when Open GL / Shaded rendering is on, yet the handles are visible. Missing text or dimensions when an existing drawing is opened for editing. Annotations inside a Viewport that are visible, yet cannot be selected and edited ... Peter
  15. @avase as an FYI I have learned (the hard way ?) to think of a Sheet Layer Viewport as a modifiable photo of what is on the Design Layer (...or Layers). Here is one take on this ... 1. Set up the Design Layer so you see exactly what you would like in the Viewport. 2D or 3D - Iso or Perspective - wireframe or rendered. 2. Next, put a shape onto what you see in the Design Layer to frame it. A rectangle for example. Outside this shape should NOT show in the Viewport. No issue with Color & Pen for this shape as it should initially disappear from the Design Layer and be invisible on the Sheet Layer. 3. With this shape selected, pick Create Viewport from the drop down menu. VW should ask to use the selected shape as the Crop - Click Yes The rest is up to you - New Sheet Layer ? - Name and such ...etcetera Select this newly created viewport in the OIP and click the Update. Always remember to Click Update ... The viewport should look like the Design Layer set up it originated on. Rotation, render mode, etcetera, cropped by the shape you placed on top Setting up the Design Layer(s) is key as this equates to what the Viewport will look like. Don't fret some of the Viewport details as they are easily changed Viewport not the right size ? you can scale a viewport like most objects... Updated / rendered Viewport is dark ? Adjust the Viewport lighting in the OIP (its down towards the bottom...) The key may be knowing where the Post Creation Viewport controls are. One Design Layer and many Classes for control of what is visible is a common workflow here. This limits where a Viewport comes from and puts control of what is seen in the Viewport to Classes selected, either... A. When the Viewport was created or B. Changes made to the Viewport Settings in the OIP Workflow should also look at what is needed in the Design Layer ie: in many Viewports and what should only be on a single Sheet Layer or in a specific Viewports as annotations. Work Smarter ! ... and that Viewport Crop? While a rectangle is typical, it can be any single closed shape. This shape will be the boundary to the Viewport when you see the Viewport on a Sheet Layer. Try a circle or even a convoluted polygon (Hint: The Polygon could dance around oddities on the Design Layer to get a better image in the Viewport) You say you want to see the Crop ? - One of several tiny boxes in the OIP See attached Peter Viewport Quick.mov
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