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  1. Has anyone seen the Align Selected Mappings check box in the OIP ? As in, the Align Selected Mappings check box is always greyed out. Originally Posted such a question on the VW/RW Community (FORUM) 8/20/2010 Emailed a question to Tech Support - July 20 - 2011 Including example file and movie showing that this option is NEVER available (ie: always greyed out) In our workflow, there are dozens of times that we need to map a single Texture (Color/Image Shader) across several components. The ability to align a single Texture so the design renders as a unified image, (à la reality!), is very important. The Align Selected Mappings option in the OIP was once thought of as an option that could be a key to simplicity. Alas, I have NEVER see this option available till today. Oddly, while it suddenly was not greyed out, with multiple same Texture extrudes selected, it did NOT appear to actually do anything. (VW 2020 / MacBook Pro) Stumbled into this Align Selected Mappings (…in the OIP) while preparing some instructions to advise an associate how to align selected mappings, mathematically, as I know of few ways to do it otherwise. (At 0:25 in the attached) It required that the items be selected first, then grouped, then exit group, then duplicated, then moved, then edit group, to actually find the Align Selected Mappings option available in the OIP Still Curious how is should work Peter 1904694155_AlignSelectedMappings.mov
  2. Has anyone else ended up finding ghost files when searching for VWX files on a Mac? Out of several files worked on today, it appears to be only this file - also created today. Curious, see attached - They take up some space with no real location. VW/RW 2022 SP6 Peter Ghost VWX files.pdf
  3. Right Click selects wrong item in Resource Manager VW 2020 VW 2022 SP6 iMac Pro - (Also reported this previously in VW/RW Designer 2022 on MacBook Pro) Right click on an item in the Resource Manager (Texture for example) If it is NOT already selected, then a different item comes up in the Edit Dialog. The Contextual Menu comes up correctly with a right click, and Edit is selectable. One needs to click once to select desired item in the Resource Manager, then right click to edit. I have also noticed this with the Organization Palette where the Active Sheet Layer is NOT the selected layer. Where as the active Design Layer is the selected layer. ie: From a Sheet Layer, open the Organization palette, and use the keyboard equivalent E to edit. The active Sheet Layer is NOT the selected Sheet Layer (¿ It appears to always be the top Sheet Layer in the list ?) See Attached Peter 94946856_RightClickResourceManager.mov
  4. FYI Batch Create Textures (Color / Image / Shader) (Create a texture resource from image in a folder) I am utilizing a Script from the Forum by Dominique Corpataux (?) The script imports all the images in a folder and creates matching Textures. A complimentary script will re import the same image files and change (update) the textures. If the images have changed. This allows a VW/RW to have Textures created and placed, then quickly updated when revised images are available. (Graphics for example) It also allow for an initial group of images to be imported, and mapped as textures. If the resolution is to high then the images can be altered outside of VW/RW and swapped for the existing Textures (Color / Image / Shader) with a Script. Peter
  5. TOM Also thanks ... Our workflow is assisted by the counting of Symbols, so any item should / could be a symbol. That said, our workflow has many permanent groups - Groups inside of groups. If there were fewer current problems editing Symbols, we might go back to more complex Symbols (ie: Symbols in Symbols). (FYI - We have yet to find a use for the Low/Medium/high options (and the effort needed) in our work flow.) 500 chairs should be in a group. You can lock them inside the group so the relation ship between each chair remains fixed. If you want / need to move all of them you simply grab the group and move a single item. You can class the Group or name the Group in the OIP. Custom Selection will select this name. A script can be created and saved if needed. 1. Try reshaping a Group (grab a corner handle) of organized symbols (like even rows of Chair Symbols) and see how they behave. 2. Inside this group of chairs, lock a few of the Symbols, now try reshaping the Group. 3. Now lock all the Symbols inside this group. Try to reshape it... Try to move it... It is easy to jump in an out of Groups with Saved Views. Questions - ¿ Why remove the PDFs ? (They are able to have snap to geometry that bitmaps do not. (Curious why...) Peter
  6. Question is - What determines the Default Texture selection in the OIP ? When an extrude is created, selected, and the OIP is opened. Selecting TEXTURE from the drop down options automatically gives the extrude a texture. This Texture not the first in line, it is not one recently used - ¿ What determines the texture that shows up. ? see attached Peter 341045670_TextureDefault_1.mov
  7. FYI This is confusing for new users I assist - The text under the Symbol Icon in the Resource Manager is "Red, Blue, Black or Green" All the symbols we have are "Black" - Recently I opened a file with Modified Title Block that was named with "Red" text Peter
  8. MGuilfoile I find it easier to visualize in the VW_RW app, than to create a similar description. Peter
  9. Pat Thanks for the Script - I find that many VW_RW users have a workflow with what I refer to as work arounds vs the process of this example, changing preferences. Knowing that this simplicity (One line Script) exist would make VW_RW much easier to use. Added this Script to my ever growing selection. Peter Preference Toggles.pdf
  10. MGuilfoile 7. What is "emitter" ... In the attached (VW_RW 2020) - Open and render with RenderWorks (Custom with all set to low - Anti Alias turned off is faster tan Final RenderWorks) Select the Saved View 111 if the scene opens in Top / Plan) In the View / Set Lighting Options change the Emitter setting lower number and re render - change again higher number and re render - The three lights all change as they are set to use Emitter Brightness Peter 408346396_LightsEmitter.vwx
  11. Ian Lane While we are on the subject, I find the Text Field / Search ability in newer versions of VW_RW to be extremely smooth & efficient. Example: find & change a class or replace a texture through the OIP. As Ian-DO stated, the text indicator/caret is there waiting, vs the need to click the cursor first. This would be idea in all such locations for efficiency. Always where there is only one option for text. Please Check ... The Organization Palette Thanks Peter
  12. Andy Thanks much (Also Pat) love the efficiency track on the TBB How To ... Peter
  13. Nikolay Excellent - Thanks In the Organization Palette there are no Page Numbers - Only Stacking Order (Same thing ?) Your suggestion works Thanks again Peter
  14. Is there a way to have the Sheet Layer Stacking Order in a Title Block or as a column in a Worksheet ? (along side Sheet Number, Title & Tags) Peter
  15. Pat Looking to use (for a long time...) the Align Selected Mappings check box in the Object Info Palette. Used GOOGLE to search the Forum back to 2010 ... No such luck on how it actually works Created a test file with two textured extrudes and tried as many combinations in the Object Info Palette as I could think of. ¿ Align Selected Mappings check box appears to ALWAYS be greyed out - What is the magic combination (VW_RW Designer 2020) ? ¿ Anyone have any thoughts ? Peter
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