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  1. In Revit you can draw a 3D object with constraints. This model then becomes a dynamic model (symbol) that can change based on the parameters given in the OIP. Very similar to what we can do with PIO but much simpler to make and control.
  2. Thanks, I was able to resize the message dialog manualy but only after I commented out the "ClrMessage" command at the end. Made a quick script to fix, LOL. message('Move and Resize this dialog box as desired. Close when done.');
  3. Does anyone know how to change the size of a script message. I am unable to edit it while the script is running and it is taking up to much area. It covers a quarter of the drawing.
  4. Is you door in symbol or a group?
  5. When I add a filter color to a image texture and export to lumion the color does export. I would like to have the option to apply the filter color to the image when exporting to Lumion
  6. Hear is a texture I created for PEMB insulation. PEMB Inulation.vwx
  7. When I export the standard architect workspace there are 911 lines of menu commands. I added 128 additional lines and the last command I added does not work. I did delete some of the default commands.
  8. I too was using a script similar to this to hide classes. I’ve added so many Scripts that I’ve actually hit the limit of Scripts that a workspace can handle and I’ve had to pair down and delete Scripts from my workspace so they would all work. It would be nice if there wasn’t a limit to the workspace because I did like having the script rather than using the visibility tool.
  9. Matt: Neat idea. I downloaded the file and the wierd thing is that it works but when I open it in my Windows version of VW and the classes show they are overwritten but doesn't show how they are overwritten. See below. In the second window it should have the shadow catcher texture.
  10. Not the master but getting better all the time. Here are my scripts and workflow
  11. Would anyone have made a Marionette for a PEMB (Pre-Engineered Metal Building) Bent. I have attached a drawing with a symbol that I would love to have as a Marionette so that I can adjust the span, height and roof pitch as well as the base size. BENT.vwx
  12. Adding this to your script will display the time it took to run. import time startTime = time.time() #your code here executionTime = (time.time() - startTime) vs.AlrtDialog('Execution time in seconds: ' + str(executionTime)) Use this to use a list to elimimate options from another list OmitList =['name1','name2','name3', 'name4','name5'] #replace name# with names of items to skip for List2 in reversed(range(1,List2+1)): #List2 is the list of items you wish to process. Remove Reversed() to step through list in order. if any(item == vs.GetName(List2) for item in OmitList): #if name of List2 item matches name in OmitList it will result in True continue #skip rest of script for this item and continue to next item in List2 #Insert script to execute if name is not in OmitList.
  13. Yes it does need this exactly as described Just tested it and all that is need is the "NotesManagerDataFile" text at the top This is created by Vectorworks if the file is edited.
  14. @PatStanford The {@} custom format works great. Thanks for the tip. I forgot to mention once the database is created it is much quicker (in relation to file saves) to edit in Vectorworks as an XML format so I would save as XML format from the callout dialog and disregard the TXT format if you only intend to edit and delete callouts from Vectorworks.
  15. So I had a file of keynotes and everything in the file was previously separated by Tabs. Like so I created an excel by importing the file in as a tab delimited file to create this Then I added two columns in front of the text and copied the section header into column B like so. We need to add a UUID to column A so I used a UUID generator site like https://www.uuidgenerator.net/version4 but it does not include the brackets, so I placed it in another excel file in the second column and added brackets to the first and third columns like so Save that file as a tab delimited text file and delete all the tabs, then you can past it into column A of the other file like so. The rest of the steps are outlined in this video 2022-03-28 17-40-25.mp4
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