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  1. With these mew advancements in the VGM will Vectorworks run faster on a Mac than a PC or are the advantages equal?
  2. Please add a don't show this again check box on the following messages when using the Eyedropper and Data Visualization. or Maybe a suppress messages for the rest of the drawing session. "Object has Data Visualization attribute overrides applied. but the original attributes will be picked up." and "Transferred attributes may be hidden by the active Data Visualization" To many ok's to click..
  3. Thank you this works great!!!
  4. Is there a script command to open the edit class dialog box. I would like to be able to edit the currently active class or a selected object's class without having to search the long list of classes in the class list.
  5. I am looking for a lidar scanner that I can mount on a tripod and scan a space with ease. Typically the spaces are not very large but I want something with decent range, accuracy and no monthly fee to export to Vectorworks. I have been using my iPhone 12 mounted to a tripod and it does not have quite enough range or accuracy. Please give me your recommendations.
  6. Data Visualization should be able to set the line weight without changing the line type.
  7. That’s cool but I wish you could tag symbols from outside the symbol.
  8. This is what I get when I open the document. Try closing and reopening the document. or restarting vectorworks or your computer Also about the reveals. The door appears to have some sort of header. It won't let me edit your door object.
  9. I recommend using classes to define the data visualization of the doors and window in sections. See attached. Multiple Data visualization_Renovation.vwx
  10. I do not believe it is possible to tag items in a symbol. You can tag the symbol but not the data within.
  11. Not to my knowledge. Sections are a bit difficult to work with sometimes. I have not had a lot of experience with the section viewports.
  12. You have to edit the Architect Workspace that you are using. The new command can be found in the import/export options on the left side of the editor. Move it to the right side of the editor.
  13. Pat answered the question well. You can combat this with class settings and possibly layering viewports. I would recommend watching the RENDERING FOR EVERYDAY ARCHITECTURAL DRAWING course. Also I have revised by scripts and they are below. A word of caution they use a different record. I revised the record to be "Status and Phase" to be more inline with the way others were using the terminology. I also added records for demolition and new construction notes. I would recommend not converting to the new format on an existing drawing because the new scripts do not work with the older data visualizations that I provided in the first files. But if you do want to I have written another script to convert a drawing using the old script to the new scripts. script = "Convert to new Status and Phase record script from old Record" You have to import the "Status and Phase" record into the old drawing before running the conversion script. It will convert everything with out selection. All of my Python Scripts may be freely distributed. No warranty provided. Use at your own risk. Once you replace the scripts in you plugin folder the old record format will not work. Adding notes to the record you can use data tags to show the notes Status and Phases revised.vwx 1 Existing Object.vsm 2 Demo Object.vsm 3 New Object_Class.vsm 4 Demo (DemoClass).vsm 5 Remove Phase Record.vsm 6 New Object.vsm
  14. In trying out the new Export Unreal Datasmith many of the objects in my model are not present in Twinmotion. Has anyone else tried this? Is there a limit to the amount of objects that can be exported?
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