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  1. this happens to me in vw2021 sp4 open a blank document insert a light deselect the light in the drawing right click the light in the visualization panel and choose edit pull the slider for brightness click the "ok" or "cancel" button vw crashes every time can someone confirm this?
  2. i have had the same rendering problems in vw21, no matter what servicepack. in vw20 this works fine. also the problems with autoconnections are a part of vw21. for me that too worked better in vw20... can you switch back to vw20?
  3. i experienced more crashes on my macbook pro with sp2 than sp1. so i went back to sp2. but yes, vw2021 is actually more unstable than vw2020 ever was.
  4. right, that works too. but i often had problems with the settings for the crease angle and sometimes geometry was double sided. that´s why i use 3ds 😉
  5. all models that we do in rhino are surface only, like pat mentioned. the only format that worked for me is to export as 3ds. then in vectorworks you´ll get a polygon model as mesh. when you do boolean operations the substracted faces appear as volume.
  6. until a few years ago, it was possible to download vw2008 which was capable opening old minicad files... not sure if someone still got that installer somewhere...
  7. hi, two days ago i had an issue that seems to be related to a memory overflow in the graphicscard vram. this happened when i was working in 3d with open-gl turned on. the lid of my macbook was closed during this. suddenly colored rectangles appeared first on my main screen, then on the second screen. the number of these rectangles was constantly rising until nearly the whole screen was checkerd... the screenshot of the graphics memory then was taken on the display of the macbook, that is powered by the internal graphics card. vectorworks didn´t respond - i had to force quit i am working with an eGPU RX Vega64 vectorworks 2021/SP1 is that a known issue?
  8. i had a similar issue i did a render in fast renderworks settings and wanted to jump on another setting. i mostly use custom renderworks settings. but after choosing the rendermode everything was rendered in the previous settings. only way to get this working was to quit vwx and reopen it. it happened mostly in vwx2019
  9. I´d setup a single workstation and test the new version with most needed functions that your company uses to get the daily work done. Keep an eye on relevant functions like printing, data import and export. If you are working with project sharing, do intensive tests before switching running projects to a new version. Follow the posts in the forum regarding problems other users have found and try to rebuild these with your test setup. My personal opinion is always to wait until SP3 will be released, mostly in January 😉
  10. online since a few minutes with all serialnumbers in our vss account ,-)
  11. But why are you working on a 3d model if you need a drawing for a lasercut? Usually those suppliers expect only 2d drawings as they only cut in 2 axis...
  12. yes kevin, you are right. but nevertheless the tool has become strange since 2020... the profile was just a quick test, nothing serious 😉
  13. i attached the profiles which i described above vw2019 and vw2020 the profile was drawn in 2020 and saved as 2019 Fillet Tool V2020.vwx Fillet Tool v2019.vwx
  14. Correct. I´ve seen this too with several "easy" objects. And it is more strange that the same object behaves different in 2020 vs 2019 the first screenshot shows an extruded object which max fillet radius is 3mm, on both edges. the second screenshot show the object exported to 2019 the maximum fillet radius on the left edge is also 3mm, but when you apply the same radius to the right edge with 3 mm, you can higher the fillet value up to 5mm. whereas if you try entering 4 or 5mm straight as first value the fillet can´t be applied...
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