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  1. yes kevin, you are right. but nevertheless the tool has become strange since 2020... the profile was just a quick test, nothing serious ­čśë
  2. i attached the profiles which i described above vw2019 and vw2020 the profile was drawn in 2020 and saved as 2019 Fillet Tool V2020.vwx Fillet Tool v2019.vwx
  3. Correct. I┬┤ve seen this too with several "easy" objects. And it is more strange that the same object behaves different in 2020 vs 2019 the first screenshot shows an extruded object which max fillet radius is 3mm, on both edges. the second screenshot show the object exported to 2019 the maximum fillet radius on the left edge is also 3mm, but when you apply the same radius to the right edge with 3 mm, you can higher the fillet value up to 5mm. whereas if you try entering 4 or 5mm straight as first value the fillet can┬┤t be applied...
  4. Yes. Auto align plane might be the right one but in general i think that this behaviour is not what should happen here. Thanks for forwarding it to the tech guys!
  5. true- that is not very handy. usually i render viewports on sheet layers and export this as tiff uncompressed i didn┬┤t hdr from this side too. i only came along this because of your post. but i assume that this is a bug. does not make sense to render designlayers to get hdr out of vectorworks
  6. hm. but it is working for me here. i just exported an 120mb (file size) rendering with alpha channel. did you try to export a design layer rendering or a sheet layer rendering? i guess it only works with design layers...
  7. top. but it is still strange what happens there...
  8. take a look inside this topic. maybe that explains why...
  9. Ifigured out myself what makes this viewport go darker than the others. FQRW also takes part of the settings that can be enabled for camera effects. In my camera the ISO and shutterspeed were enabled. Turning that off lightens all up...
  10. why does the orientation of a texture, that is applied as perimeter, change when the geometry is modified i.e. with the push pull tool? The same is happening when you bool a hole, taper a face and so on. When the texture mode is set to plane, this does not happen. see the screenrecording... TextureFlip.mp4
  11. Final Quality Renderworks... Please see the attached screenshot. 1 viewport duplicated. From left to right - OpenGL, Fast Renderworks, Final Quality Renderworks, Custom Renderworks Why is the viewport with Final Quality turning that much darker than the others do? When i render the scene in the design layer with Final Quality, everything looks ok...
  12. crazy... seems to have something to do with the object type that the biscuits are created with try to edit the biscuits and convert the oval to a nurbs curve, make a nurbs surface of it and extract it with the push pull tool after exiting the symbol your front plate keeps it┬┤s original dimensions...
  13. another way... extract the curves from both top and bottom face loft each curve vertically select all 4 nurbs surfaces and make a solid addition extract 3 curves from the top and bottom birail these select all geometry and make another solid addition the result is a solid addition... SolidAddation.mp4
  14. might that also be responsible for the gaps that occur in the texture tilings?
  15. I guess that this is nothing related to Vectorworks. We have similar strange things that are happening in our network environment. So are user priviliges changing rapidly and randomly while working with the finder. Folders are accessible and minutes later they are not. This happens under Mac OS Sierra, High Sierra and Mojave. Talking to our admin... he said that this is a problem of how Apple handles the SMB protocol and user priviliges when connected to a windows server. So as this problem persists, also Project Sharing does not work for our Apple Computers ┬┤cause they are connected to a storage hosted by a windows server. Tested Vectorworks Versions are 2017 to 2019. Currently we are thinking about two strategies to solve this. 1 - Kick that windows server and replace it by a linux system in an office with 80 users from 2d/3d department, architects and so on... 2 - installation of Acronis Files Connect on the Windows server as reported in other forums the Acronis solution seems to work very well and is less work compared to set-up a new server for our whole office. If we change something in our environment in the next weeks, i can report about it.


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