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  1. bjoerka

    my VW 2018 SP0 issues

    sp1 is a not really helpful when working with multiple view panes. i often get a spinball and vw does not react anymore when more than 2 panes are set up...
  2. Just started playing with the new insert truss and insert connection tools. Works great. I moved the truss that is on top of the other one (connections also) and then i did an undo... After that, the truss goes back to it´s original position, but the connection between both moves double the amount it was moved first... see the screenrecording.... undo truss connection.mov
  3. bjoerka

    Random crashes with SP4 VW17

    sp4 is very unstable for me. i guess i will go back to sp3. getting more and more unexpected crashes also while updating references or saving and committing to project sharing. also, when more drawings are opened i have problems with screen redraws and visual errors. in 2d plan things are where they are supposed to. in axonometric views everything flies around. closing other drawings solves the problems. things that didn´t happen in sp3 the tricks that rummelplatz wrote didn´t change anything.
  4. bjoerka

    Random crashes with SP4 VW17

    Since i installed SP4 a few days ago, i experience more and more random crashes when doing something really normal like changing the view with keyboard shortcut or choosing a tool with keyboard shortcut or zooming with keyboard shortcut (i.e. command-2) All crashes that i had the last days always occur after a keyboard shortcut... Anyone else? MacbookPro Mid2014, 16gbram, 2.8ghz i7, GeFroce GT750m, MacOS 10.12.5 VW17SP4_report.txt
  5. Open Vectorworks and do not create a new project. Choose "Irrigation Settings" VW crashes immediately. Tried it several times.
  6. Strange behauviour that i came across I was modeling an object while all profiles and preconstuctions have been in a group. Each object has a solid filling and the fill color set to white. Insides the group when open gl is turned on, everything looks good. Exiting the group show that the group itself does not have a solid filling an the color of the 3d objects changes to a darker shading Trying to change the attributes of the group does not do anything Ungrouping the group does not change the color of the objects even the attribute palette shows the settings that have been made while modeling the objects... Strange. See the screencapture... NoGroupAttributes.mp4
  7. experienced some weird open gl transparency issues when using transparent renderworks materials material is set to color mode and transparencayset to plain regardless the amount of transparenca this occurs and doesn´t change upon switching to other graphic compatibility modes see the screen recording OpenGLTransIssues.mp4
  8. i have a group which contains polylines when i try to pick the center of the polylines there is no snapping point when i edit the group a can snap to the center of the arcs inside. all object snappings turned on. does even not work with master snap turned off did someone else find this already? see the screenrecording.... SnappingGroups.mp4
  9. bjoerka

    VW2017 SP2 unresponsible on opening VW16 file

    so i am not alone. afraid too ,-)
  10. It´s a rather small file that does not open in 2017 was created in 2016 and opens there seamlessly vw2017 keeps telling that it is veryfying the file force quit brings the attached error report. can someone check this on another installation? Medienmoebel_Dillmannschule2.zip Report_Dillmann.txt
  11. this is still the same behaviour with sp2...
  12. checked this right now with SP2 installed and the behaviour ist still the same...
  13. i am nonlocalized .-) yes, germany is correct, but we use the international version on all of our workstations. i´ll check tomorow in the office if sp2 adresses these issues. right now it´s time for a glass of red wine .-)
  14. when checking for updates vw tells me that it is up to date :-( no sp2 for me...


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