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  1. Thank you Pat. Any help is appreciated .-) Actually it´s the only thing that i want to change to the top 2d view without having the rotation to be reset. My saved view is called Top_Rotated, but i think that is not really important .-) I looked in the POI and found a procedure called vrestore - which i think is the tool to do it - but then i am stuck... If you can help, that will be georgous!
  2. Is there any way to have own saved views to be accessible with shortcuts? In my case - i have a rotated ifc model and every time i zero on the numberkeypad the rotation gets set to zero degrees... but front / left and so on correspond to the rotated plan view... annoying...
  3. maybe the location of those two is too far away from the internal origin? did you try to copy it into a new blank document?
  4. personally i use iges to import from form-z to vwx. but textures, as far as i know, are only transported when you use the obj format.
  5. @klinzey - i guess your suggestion solved the problem. after updating the fixture libraries it does not freeze anymore. thanks!
  6. I just started to use or i am trying to use Vision, but without any success. After opening an export from vectorworks (commend send to vision) i can only do two or three things inside vision and than the spinning ball appears. I am running a Macbook Pro 16" with M1Max CPU and MacOs12.6.
  7. This happened also in vwx22 several times to me. after i couldn´t figure out what it caused this (after several times) i did a repair with the updater. after that it didn´t appear anymore. but that was vwx 2022...
  8. Hi Pat, sorry for the late reply. I was trying to extract some data from led modules that are part of an installation. i combined all different types in one single database and wanted to calculate with single entries for different options. Now that i know that this doesn´t work i splitted the main entries up to different sections so that the result of one part is good to calculate what i was trying .-) Thanks for pointing out!
  9. maybe a total stupid question, but i can´t manage to get a value from one cell in a database sub-row to have it put in a normal cell to do extra calculations with it. is there a speacial way to adress the cells in a sub-row? thx!
  10. hey, that works fine for me. did u try to use the repair option inside the vectorworks updater under advanced options? cheers
  11. hi, i took your file and copied one small basestand into a new empty project and created an auto hybrid. for me vwx is not crashing but it takes several minutes to form the hybrid. when entering the hybrid and changing the attributes for fill color it takes also several minutes to exit. imho - create a hybrid symbol with generating a simple 2d object for the 3d geometry. that is what i do with my led components.
  12. Also sometimes switching between different opened vwx documents fixes this for me...
  13. That´s the difference between M1 and Intel 🙂
  14. right. i forgot about this tool. wasn´t in my workspace .-)
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