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  1. I´ll bring this up again... Bug still present in SP1 of Vectorworks 2022 Why doesn´t anybody from the VW team react to such an easy to replicate bug?
  2. but this seems to be related to windows, or more specific to special system versions i tested the file on my macbookpro, os 11.6, and there are no issues with that...
  3. maybe that´s something regarding vw not to release the vram of gpu´s actually. i have posted something similar i have come over when using redshift as renderstyle.
  4. hm. after asking is there something downloaded? did you check if your resource folder has got full rw access? otherwise - what happens if you place the original folderstructure again there without any content?
  5. did you move or copy the library to the external ssd? when you moved it, did you try to place an alias to the workgroup folder to point there? maybe vw isn´t able to recognize that the original place is moved somewhere else...
  6. guess it´s only you. i have 2020, 21 and 22 installed and the resources update frequently but not at every start of vw. did you try to move one of your folders inside users-library-application support and then restart vw? maybe it depends to that or some broken prefs... there are also deeper prefs kept in root-library-preferences-vectorworksxxxx.plist delete this and try again. that solved some issues we had with some other phenomenons.
  7. and sad to mention that this bug is still available in vw2022...
  8. It seems to me, that Redshift is not releasing the gpu memory after finishing a render. As a result textures are not rendered. An advantage, compared to other apps, it uses multiple gpu´s 😉 Both Radeon RX are external GPU´s. See the two screenshots.
  9. I have attached a custom database, that uses pop-up entries to define special needs for BIM workflow. When i attach the database to an IFCProxy as a custom pset, the pop-up fields do not appear anymore. They are normal textfields. Something i am doing wrong or a known issue? See the screenshots. The first one is the edit window in the database itself. The second when it´s selected in the OIP to edit the IFC entries.
  10. Hi Dave, i have attached the file to my post. thx for having a look. IES_in_VW_bjoerka_v2022.zip
  11. i got a code inside the serviceselect portal. but that is worth for 6 month... not perpetual
  12. It seems that the progress bar is not working correct. During the first denoising phase the progress bar works During the second denoising phase too. But at the end the progress bar turns black again and the rendering continues until the final result without showing a progress bar.
  13. I have experienced that some ies files show up completely different in Redshift in comparison to Custom Renderworks. Is that a known problem? See the attached renderings.
  14. this is correct. but the error appears when you open a document prior to vw2022. vw doesn´t recognize that in the older document unified view wasn´t enabled. it´s a workaround but no solution...
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