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  1. Now with the new VW2020 version I try to make an orbit animation (which was so easy to do in the earlier versions---i don't know why you devs always have to change stuff that work), but whatever I try it just does not work. I try to make an Ortogonal projection fly around my pointcloud, but it always shows a "flat" orbit around with the cameras pointing straight. If i untick that box than i can set the keyframes 1 by 1 by selecting the cameras and pitch them (which does NOT work in 3D of course....in 3D it only rotates on the xy plane....) on frontal views. And the result is... Am i stupidly doing something wrong or it should work but it is bugged? (It is SP3 now...) Thanks for the help. ffff.mov
  2. Is there a "teacher mode"? I didn't know that. Thanks for the info, i'll try that track.
  3. Hi, We (university teachers) have to teach from home because of the corona virus and I need to open my students files what they make to give them grades. I have VW professional version, but they use student licences and i can not open their VW files. (Sometimes some student version files opened up with the message it is watermarked and was made in the student version, but they stopped doing it.) Is there a preference option to "tick" to open files in a watermarked way in the pro version? I don't want to use a different user account just to have a different licence number (student) added to my VW as i have set up everything for the pro version not to mention all the university apps that i need to use for keeping he class. Thanks.
  4. As i said it sometimes works with the SAME pdf sometimes it does not.
  5. More bugfixing, less pointless changes! Bring back old icons!
  6. I've tried to ungroup a pdf into lines and polygons...sometimes VW2020 makes it sometimes it does not with the same pdf. I mean sometimes it ungroups into bitmap, "white rectangle" and lines and polys group....sometimes its only bitmap and white rectangle... Please fix this. ps.: new tools icons look weird (there was no need to change them...devs should have foused on bug fixing instead), please make it switchable back to "old style" psps.: does anyone have the old icon set and know how to replace thm in VW2020? thanks pspsps.: when will be some european standards included??? Example: usable and informative centerline marker... (learn from archicad please as Nemetcshek has bought Graphisoft...)
  7. Dear VW Users, is there any way to export a pointcloud in any pointcloud format? I've used some softwares now which are capable of registering pointclouds, but i've found out that Vectorworks is far more agile registering pointclouds (manually) together than others. But after that I have to give the registered (best fitted pointcloud to pointcloud together) data to others in any kind of pointcloud file format. Is there any way or export plugin that i could export pointcloud with from VW? (Obj and dwg or other formats are not good, only E57, or XYZ...etc.) Thanks for the help. Zoltan
  8. Never mind...found the "tapered" setting in the slab component settings... Murphy...
  9. As far as i know there is no such thing as "architectural perspective", when the vertical lines are parallel only if you match your camera look to height to camera height. (I've been complaining about this for a while with multipass rendering...but hey...there are always workarounds....)
  10. Hi, I was searching the forums for this, but i couldn't find anything relevant...Is there any options to set the drainage slope to a specific slab component when i place a slab drainage or can i set that after? Is this even in VW yet or the drainage tool always sets the slope for the top component? ( I want it to be set on 2-3 layers below and set the above components parallel to the sloped one.) Sorry for the question if its a simple thing, i just can't find a solution for it. Thank you!
  11. I know how to isolate points, what i ment is imagine a big pointcloud and you just want to hide some points in the middle. There are always other points in your way from your pov but using clipcube could solve this problem...or at least i thought it does. But when i isolated those points the other points were isolated as well outside the clipcube (which were not visible outside the clipcube).
  12. I wish I could isolate (hide) specific points in a pointcloud while Im in clipcube. Clipcube is not an isolation itself, therefore while I try to isolate some visible points, the isolation “cuts” through the whole pointcloud even when the points are “behind” the clipcube’s plane. Is there any workaround for this or it’s just not possible to program!? Thanks
  13. Im trying to make a viewport of my building with a 20million point pointcloud on one of the layers. Vectorworks just eats up all my 48GB of ram and crashes to desktop with the following error: Im using my VW2018 licence now on the same computer and it just does the work fine with the same settings...Can this be fixed fast please? It was all fine until SP2-3... Please note that the screenshot is 5 days old and was on an older version of OSX, but i upgraded to the latest version and VW 2019 does the same crash.
  14. Update: sleep - wake solves the issue...
  15. @RossU i’ve sent you a file that has the same issue.


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