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  1. Never mind...found the "tapered" setting in the slab component settings... Murphy...
  2. As far as i know there is no such thing as "architectural perspective", when the vertical lines are parallel only if you match your camera look to height to camera height. (I've been complaining about this for a while with multipass rendering...but hey...there are always workarounds....)
  3. Hi, I was searching the forums for this, but i couldn't find anything relevant...Is there any options to set the drainage slope to a specific slab component when i place a slab drainage or can i set that after? Is this even in VW yet or the drainage tool always sets the slope for the top component? ( I want it to be set on 2-3 layers below and set the above components parallel to the sloped one.) Sorry for the question if its a simple thing, i just can't find a solution for it. Thank you!
  4. I know how to isolate points, what i ment is imagine a big pointcloud and you just want to hide some points in the middle. There are always other points in your way from your pov but using clipcube could solve this problem...or at least i thought it does. But when i isolated those points the other points were isolated as well outside the clipcube (which were not visible outside the clipcube).
  5. I wish I could isolate (hide) specific points in a pointcloud while Im in clipcube. Clipcube is not an isolation itself, therefore while I try to isolate some visible points, the isolation “cuts” through the whole pointcloud even when the points are “behind” the clipcube’s plane. Is there any workaround for this or it’s just not possible to program!? Thanks
  6. Im trying to make a viewport of my building with a 20million point pointcloud on one of the layers. Vectorworks just eats up all my 48GB of ram and crashes to desktop with the following error: Im using my VW2018 licence now on the same computer and it just does the work fine with the same settings...Can this be fixed fast please? It was all fine until SP2-3... Please note that the screenshot is 5 days old and was on an older version of OSX, but i upgraded to the latest version and VW 2019 does the same crash.
  7. Update: sleep - wake solves the issue...
  8. @RossU i’ve sent you a file that has the same issue.
  9. Only restart resets the cursor. Cursor is big on the left half of the screen and small on the right side. Not an OSX bug, i went through all the settings, resolution change, logout, etc. It happens after a while i work with VW 2019 SP3 and an iMac 27" 5k. Did anyone else experience this? Thanks Edit: screen recording doesn't record this... New video with iPhone: VW_bug.mov video_d3d80f704a8746169a2df0d9a90a3df7.mp4
  10. Thank you! I'll use that. I've checked my example file though and in this case i don't have any georeferenced layers and all my geometry are near the origin and the scale isn't extreme.
  11. This was my first idea, but when i need to work with georeferenced data, i can not move the geometry anywhere.
  12. Every once in a while this happens. It happens sometimes when i work with imported mesh and-or 3d polys, but sometimes i experience this when i import a shape file downloaded from openstreetmap exported from qgis. (Than extrude some of those 2D polys.) A simple VW restart usually fixes this, but it remains in the exported file for example to Cinema 4D. Any idea what is this? Thanks
  13. I don’t have any antivirus on my mac and VW slows down significantly after a couple hours of work. It seems to be a memory related “problem”, as i see VW doesn’t really cleans memory efficiently and keeps eating ram until it dies.
  14. I miss those good old days when a new VectorWorks release was actually released after it was tested and optimized even if it took more than a year. It's sad that the "dev team" focuses on the "new content" instead of fixing the old ones and implement stuff that is actually needed. (Freeform bendable walls, window and door centerline data...etc.)


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