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  1. Hi @LarryO, you have multiple options. The easiest way (even if you work with simple 2D shapes) to create a Record in the Resource manager, name it as you wish, add the desired fields with values than you can attach the record to an object. (See attached screenshots 1-3.) The other way if you need more specific classification is to create 3D objects, than classify them by attaching IFC. You can than specify the object type in IFC 2x3 or IFC4, than fill out the "material" field of the IFC. You can create (and rename) deafult materials for different object types in the Data Manager located under the "Tools" menü by deafult. (See attached screenshots 4-5.) After that you only need to create Reports under Tools/Reports/Create report..., set the desired criterias and you can export the worksheet (from the worksheet's file menü) either in excel or csv...or some other formats.
  2. @zbone How i would do: Create the drawing with all the details, place down all elements. Place all the different equipment (symbols) on different classes Create a viewport of the floorplan with all needed classes turned on On the sheet layer click on the viewport and in the Object info window select classes and turn off all classes except the one which needs to be separated (symbol class for water tank for example) Double click on the viewport and select "Annotations" and delete the deafult drawing label, than exit. Now you only see the equipments (water tanks) on the floor plan viewport - Select "Clip tool" with "Split mode" and rectangle split all the equipment needed onto separate viewports Select all - turn on needed classes in Object info/classes (walls, windows...etc.) Arange the viewports as needed onto separate sheets or pages Cheers.
  3. VW 2022 27.0.3 (SP3.1) solved this issue.🥳
  4. This is how VW shows every extrude elements with polys. I guess its not how it supposed to be. SP3 VW2022 on M1 Pro. weird.mov
  5. Well that gives me hope! 😄
  6. I don't think it's a good feature as i just simply can not see where to snap a group for example in shaded mode other than wireframe mode... I don't understand why does Nemetschek think that if something works they need to touch that to "improve" on something...Usually it does not work. 😞
  7. So...is this a bug or a feature?
  8. Nah...the scan resolution is ok. The higher the dpi the smaller the points are...
  9. I ask this for a long time now...when will this happen? 😄 (I gave up on render passes though...) Please add perspective correction to camera settings. Pretty please.
  10. Yes i know, i wanted to render it on shaded now...but as you said it is a dpi thing. Thanks! The "sheet layer pointcloud section render bug" is resolved in SP3, but the pointcloud is still problematic as i just can't see it nicely above 72 dpi. (It is almost invisible in webview too...) If i turn the sheet layer's dpi down to 72 or lower the pointcloud is more visible, but than the drawing is pixelated. I know the workaround (save the low res pic, than import it back again and render it in 300dpi...etc.), but simply adding more options for pointcloud would be the absolute win as i don't have to do it over and over again as i change something in the pointcloud. I mean just to add a "set point size" setting that could solve the dpi problem. The blue background pics are just examples of setting the point size of the same pointcloud. ps.:or maybe a better top/plan view...similar to Faro's overview map. (see bw attached pic)
  11. Yeah i sometimes use that when i shoot with a drone but i like to have more adjustments and settings. On the ground i use lidar...i though it comes through with the screenshots. Those images i attached are made from a 3D scans. Like this one:
  12. Hi! I've mailed you the link to the file. Thanks for the advices. You mean to use the lidar data to "reproduce" the interior? If that is the question, i just simply create sections in the Leica's own software (Cyclone) and than i just add the scaled .pngs to Vectorworks. I attached png example that i used last time for facade reconstruction and the same applies to floor plans as well...just the cutting plane is horizontal instead of vertical. (2nd pic) Than i just use walls to recreate the interior.
  13. I'm having an issue since SP or 2...but it's still there in SP3. Moving a group ends up displaying a huge bounding box...which actually gives me a hard time placing and snapping groups to the right position. Does anyone know about this or am i the only one struggeling with this issue? It's on my M1 pro mac. Screen Recording 2022-03-17 at 23.22.03.mov
  14. @zeno SP3 still did not fix this. It's a bit better, but still...
  15. Yeah...sadly it's just a "workaround"...it has its downsides. I wish new VW releases would take more than a year development like back in the "old days".
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