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  1. With the latest bigsur update (fresh install) and lates vw sp my 3dconnexion works just fine. Its on the "beta" driver atm, i guess it was an osx or sp problem when it dropped the connection in vw.
  2. When I add a polygon to a roof (make it wider) it shifts the edge of the roof. That moves all the skylights added to that roof face as well. I know the reason to this, but would it be possible to add the added roof width to the skylight "offset from building line" automatically instead? Thanks
  3. It's not the mouse's problem...the movement gets "choppy" when i load in complex models or a couple million points. VW optimization on macs are incredibly bad, loading times are way longer compared to windows, 3D movement is low frame rate overall and so on. Anyways...do you think big sur will get rid of these and the mouse "disconnection" problem?
  4. I'm still on 10.15.6. The movement is fair when i don't turn on my pointclouds...but all the sudden it just stops the "walkthrough" sometimes and ia have to restart VW.
  5. Let me revive this thread: i have bought a 3D connexion mouse (just a simple one) and Vectorworks 2021 sp2,1 sometimes drops the connection and stops "using" the 3D mouse input until i restart the app. It works just fine with other apps after VW drops the input... Does anyone have the same problem?
  6. I'm just posting the solution, thanks to @str (which is still just a workaround, as the doors and windows settings should have this but hey...) : door_window tags.vwx
  7. Thanks, that did the thing. I was typing more commands than i should. Now it's working! Grazie! Ciao!
  8. I ment "window" not door...can you share the link of the pio pset field list? I've found the "list of all pio record fields" script...but that doesn't do anything with the psets... edit: i've figured it out it is actually called "elevation", but i can't find which pset contains this data in the "ifcwindow" properties...
  9. Nice. Just one more question to make my life a whole...what would be the pset name for the sill? I'm trying all permutations of #SillHeight# #Sill.Height# #Window.SillHeight#...but none of them works. Can you add more than one text field to the Data tag symbol to define more tag fields though? Thanks
  10. Ahh...i see...you get the parameters from the IFC property set. That's almost what i need...almost. Thanks! 😉
  11. We have width on "top" and height on "bottom" of the line. (Both dimensions measure the opening.) Than we have a 3rd number "inside" the building which is the sill of the window.
  12. Those are "height" and "width" data on the centerline marker (see attached picture), and height-width and sill height for windows. Standard stuff over here in Europe. 😄 edit: ...i mean on the eastern part of europe...;) (I see you are in Europe as well.)
  13. I wish for EU sandard centerline markers. (Please learn from Archicad Nemetschek...)
  14. Why did you devs disabled the area sum of multiple selected spaces in the object info palette? It was in the previous versions, but it is missing in vw2021.
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