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  1. This topic has been revived more than zombies in a post apocalyptic movie! :D
  2. I deleted the plist and reentered my serial number. Now it works...weird.
  3. That is what i did and NOPE. It does not appear. That is why i asked.
  4. Hi, where did the "convert to group" dialog box go? I try to convert a group with a lot of symbols in it (dwg import - trying to rescale), but the dialog box disappeared when it asked me what i want to convert. How can i turn it on? Thanks
  5. It does not matter for me...it activates my hot corners in game mode whatever i do. 🤷
  6. Hi, whenever i try to export a PDF/A-1b format the resolution seems to be fixed. It does not matter how i set the export from sheet layer (i set the sheet layer resolution as well as in the export menü) it always exports pdf to a weird resolution (i guess 72dpi). Is that a bug or how can i resolve this? Thanks (See my settings attached and how the export resolution turns out.)
  7. Thanks for the tip, record indeed did its job.
  8. Hi, I've been trying to list my space perimeters but when i draw a space manually the dimension of the drawn space is messed up. When i draw a space with auto-bound it shows the perimeter data correctly. Am i doing something wrong? How can i list my manually placed spaces perimeter correctly? Or does it go with a different name? Thanks
  9. I wish it was working as it did years ago. The cursor moves out of the screen all the time though when in walkthrough mode...and activates my hot corners all the time. Auto scroll switch should be an extra feature after all these fixes...
  10. Thanks! Looks like the "repair" function did its job.
  11. Hi, i just started working on my pc lately and i automatially updated to SP3. Now VW2023 stutters every 5-6 seconds. The screen and my mouse just stopps for 1-2 seconds. It is just annoying to work like that. My specs can be read on the bottom in my signature. Is that a bug because of ryzen cpu or something else? Would reinstalling solve this issue or should i just go back to sp2 somehow? Thanks
  12. @Silvano yeah...thanks. I figured that the space tool is ok for some cases, but it just can not be used as a powerful all capable BIM object. (for example calculating areas for room finishes...meh.)
  13. Let me quickly resurrect this topic...is there an answer? I see all the commands, but i can not see how can i list all my areas by the surfaces on the room finish schedule. Im still struggeling with that how can i exclude all windows and doors from a space so my wall areas are correctly calculated? Thanks.
  14. I know (guess we all know), but when i want to keep my eye level (as we all should for visualization usually) and look "up" to create a different composition other than looking forward than it just does not work...as it does in c4d, archicad, 3ds max, enscape, lumion...etc... (I don't even want to bring up render passes i was asking for a couple years ago...) 😉
  15. It seems noone really cares about this since... 😉
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