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  1. Custom selection is not good when i want to select polys touched by one poly...because they have different names (given by a shape file and database) and usually there are couple thousand that i want to select this way.
  2. Dear fellow VW users, is there any way to select polygons or lines with selected polygons or lines? I mean for example if i have 10 squares in a line next to each other and i have another polygon all above them i want to select the squares only by clicking on the top drawn polygon. Is there any way to do this without selecting all of them? I want to use VW for some GIS work...making buffer "zones" (polygons) and with these i want to select other polygons (sometimes couple thousand)...it would be another good thing to make a filter such as "this polygon touches the other or intersect or fully contain others..." Similar to ArcGIS or qGIS functions. Any idea? Or plug-in? Thanks for the ideas and help! Zoltan