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  1. Thanks for this thread. It's nice to read something related to Vectorworks in a big picture way. I think it's also for us architects important to think about were we are headed and what the future should/might look like. @Diamond Nice to hear from another TRXL listener. Even though I am sitting in germany and some of the topics are more us-centric, I still find it enlightening to hear the interviews and ideas expressed. That's only part of problem. I talked to some people, who switched or are in the process. One big advantage of switching software is leaving old habits behind. Lots of offices start in 2D in Vectorworks and keep those habits. They are always tempted to fall back into this ingrained paterns, when the going gets hard. And it will get hard. The biggest factor to any change is the human factor. No matter if it's the software user (us) or the software developer (vw). And those young, skilled people all leave university knowing Revit or Archicad. They than constantly sing the praises of these software packages and are also the only ones willing to switch to 3D/BIM.
  2. Yeah. The general silence on those quintessential tools is one of the most puzzling parts about Vectorworks for me. Nothing seems to get as much attention in this forum as these two tools, plus stairs, from the users. A rough roadmap would clear things up a bit. Maybe the walls and components have to be updated first, before some real change for the other elements are possible.🤷‍♂️
  3. That's very true. Nevertheless it seems some companies manage to elicite more excitement and brand loyalty than others, e.g. Apple, Archicad, etc. And I am always puzzled by their devotion. On the topic of Ifc-Export, my experience was that we have a decent export. There is just to much expectation linked to it. People always expect it to turn automatically into a native format, no matter if they use Archicad; Allplan, Revit, etc. That was never the intention so far with either IFC2x3 or IFC4. They are mostly for referencing, hence "Reference View". If your software kind of manages to transform it into some native objects, good, but it's not a given. Every use case has different demands for the ifc model. The structual engineer needs only the load-bearing walls as IfcWalls, the hvac engineers need mostly IfcSpace and for energy analysis you need to have one IfcWall with the different components as IfcMaterials and IfcSpaces (Eventhough here most BIM-Software is lacking in so far as you need, I think, at least 3rd level space boundaries for proper energy analysis) Ifc-Export is a very dry and boring technical topic, that, at least in my case, had a long, long learning curve.
  4. The new smart markers are very much appreciated and were overdue for a redesign. The possibility to link the marker with a viewport and export that to pdf is a nice feature. Where our office runs into issues though is that we draw our details in seperate files. Our projects usually are too big to keep everything in one file. Being able to link to other files and coordinate them would be a great improvement for smart markers v2.0.
  5. Works like a charm for me! You are the man @PatStanford! Thanks a ton! And thanks for keeping it entertaining as well 😄 Sometimes scripting looks like magic, but you make it very easy to understand.
  6. I think the issue is with symbols that contain more than just the space. I created a new file with only spaces in symbols and it worked.🤔
  7. I gave this a try as well, because we have a project with different apartement units in symbols. Would be really handy to calculate the area like this. But like you I can't make it work. Vectorworks becomes unresponsive. Just duplicating the symbols inside the example file works, but adding new symbols causes issues.
  8. Not sure if it's a Big Sur issue, because we have that as well working with High Sierra...🤔
  9. I've also read this open letter and the subsequent discussion are very interesting. I am hoping it's kickstarting a general discussion about the use of digital tools amongst aec professionals and who should develop them.
  10. I am also excited, even though I have the feeling this year more beans have been spilled in regards to VW 2021 than the years before.
  11. Yes. That sounds good. We always fight with the same issue. Having the overall thickness of the wall as a seprate field would help a lot in maintaining a clean ressource manager.
  12. Did you also send a message to ComputerWorks about it? Don't know how much VW Inc. can do there.
  13. There is definetly one BIM solution missing in this fine list 😉
  14. Hi, I was very excited about the stylize image feature, but am disappointed that it limits me to only a few styles. Hoped I could choose my own example, because that's how it came across in the design summit. Any future plans for an enhancement? Regards!
  15. Hi, I don't know where else to post this, but I wanted to just drop this idea somewhere. It's not a real project just a thought experiment: What if we use the Vectorworks data visualisation to highlight if appliances are turned on or off? The process would be as follows. We create our appliances in Vectorworks with a record, that has the state of the appliance in a boolean format. This record would be linked to an external data base via sqlite. This data base is accessed via Google API in Google Sheets. Now we could use Zapier or ifttt to check the status of our smart appliances and update the record field in our Google Sheet. This is written into the sqlite data base. Now we update the records inside Vectorworks. Using the data visualisation we could highlight turned on objects, but also control them from inside Vectorworks. Has anyone ever tried that? Any experiences with something similar? Regards, elepp


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