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  1. We are also thinking about purchasing new hardware and Apple is not making it easy. We plan to use it for 3 years and we were considering the bigger M1 Max with 64 GB. It seems to be the best compromise for now between affordability and performance. We do bigger residential buildings with file sizes that can reach over 2GB. Usually we have Vectorworks open, a browser and a pdf reader/ preview. The lack of dedicated ram for the gpu worries me a bit about our workflow.
  2. Hi, what parameters define the success of generating a 3D model. So far I only managed to generate a model only once. Later we changed the model again and it didn't work. I tried saving the file in a perspective view, but didn't help. The vwx-file is 140 mb big. Maybe @inikolova you can help. Can send you a dm with a link to that file. Best regards, elepp
  3. @ida Glad it helped. AFAIK the tools in the benelux version are developed by the distributor there. As long as Vectorworks Inc. is not seeing a general benefit of that tool, it will not be implemented worldwide. @Christiaan Yes. That is annoying. Wondering if on purpose or just missed to be implemented when they changed the system.
  4. Hi, try =IFC.'Pset_DoorCommon'.'FireRating'. FireRating is a Property of the Pset_DoorCommon, like for Walls Pset_WallCommon.
  5. I wish there would be a short video from VW Inc. abou the different variations. Or a white paper.
  6. Hi! Theoretically it's possible. What exactly do you want to achieve? You can attach IFC data to the group itself or the objects inside.
  7. https://architosh.com/2022/05/the-gift-that-keeps-on-giving-vectorworks-talks-apple-silicon/ What I gather from this interview is to go with the highest amount of RAM possible, because Vectorworks will take all available space. Seeing the issues posted on this forum, it seems that even small files will cause problems though.
  8. Facing the same problem. Would be nice to have.
  9. Hi. You should use the data manager for this. Much easier and flexible. You canfind more info here: https://app-help.vectorworks.net/2022/eng/VW2022_Guide/DataManager/Using_the_Data_Manager.htm
  10. Hi, have you given the parasolid format a try? The geometry of VEctorworks is based on it and rhino can export it. We had some good results with some test files a while ago. The format should be called .xt, i think. Regards!
  11. Hi, Vectorworks does not convert IfcEntities into native objects (yet). It's meant as a reference, similar to a dwg-file. The question is your use case. Do you have to work on the imported architecture or are you only referencing it? If you have to work with the model, the best way would be remodeling it according to the ifc file.
  12. Hi, for a viewer I can recommend bimcollab zoom or the openifcviewer from oda. In general I would say that your clients request for a 3D model is very broad. You have to ask them what their use case is. Do they just want to have a nice rendering or do they want to have a walkthrough model like you could generate with vectorworks service select cloud. Regards!
  13. Thanks @Pat Stanford, @JBenghiat and @MullinRJ for your patient and your explenation. With one specific worksheet it's working now. I will start on the looping now. If I have questions, hope you don't mind me coming back here. 🙂
  14. @JBenghiat Thanks for your kind reply. You mean my code example above will not work? I just noticed that your reply before didn't have the parentheses around the string. I removed them and used single quotes for them. Still it's not updating my worksheet. Somehow I feel like I have a knot in my brain. What am I missing or is the whole script wrong?
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