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  1. elepp

    Wall Component Function

  2. elepp

    Modelling Challenge

    That's true and annoying at the moment. If I use push/pull on the top surface it disappears. Best way is to add a solid on top and combine the to volumes. It's also not very intuitiv that you can apply the boolean function of adding volumes together on nurbs surfaces.
  3. elepp

    Modelling Challenge

    Here is the bug I encountered. Flipping normals causes the surface to disappear.
  4. elepp

    Modelling Challenge

    Here is my version, and as I expected mine is not very straight forward. Thanks for showing your solution. Maybe we should this more often here. I like those quick modeling challenges. Always learn a lot. I think I also discovered a bug in the process. Btw. I used the german version but I hope it's half way clear how I did it. CircleToRectangle_2.mov
  5. elepp

    Modelling Challenge

    That's the best i can do for now! I think my solution might not be very straight forward. Can't get the inward facing curves. Curious for the solution.
  6. elepp

    Wall Component Function

    @Jim Wilson maybe you could help me with that? Somehow the documentation is really non existent. There is also no tutorial mentioning that at all. So I am really confused about this option in the settings dialog. I would be really grateful! Regards, Eddi
  7. elepp

    Printing Coloured Classes as Black & White

    Hi, viewports on sheet layers should have a button in the settings menu to turn the viewport into black and white. It also affects the transperancy of objects, so you have to be careful there.
  8. elepp

    a case for browser based CAD

    Seems like Autodesk has found a nice solution for browser based CAD, without having to develope the software on multiple platforms. Maybe Vectorworks is planing to do it similarly. Here a link to a talk given my an Autodesk engineer at Google IO: Link I could envision something like this for Vectorworks, where you can seamlessly transition from working at home in a browser on your underpowered iMac, with your files being synced through the cloud, and opening the file at work on your more powerful workstation.
  9. elepp

    Wall Component Function

    Hi folks, did some one successfully use the wall component function in an ifc-export? Neither ifc 2x3 nor ifc 4 does anything for me. What am I doing wrong? Where is it supposed to be found in an ifc-file? Vectorworks Help doesn't offer anything remotely helpful. Regards, Eddi
  10. That reminds me of this button (s. attachment). Will we have now more buttons? Or will it be a pull down one? Can it be accessed with a shortcut? Thanks for the quick reply. Very curious for the Q&A.
  11. Sorry, maybe my question was a bit misleading. ūüė¨ I was more refering to, if there is record field, that we can access in a worksheet, to see which LODs are assigned to the inserted symbols. + If that could be linked with an option to control what information is available at which LOD, e.g. LOD low for a wall would only give me the name and the length of a wall, but the LOD high would give me access to the fire resistance field in the record. I could than export a model with little information for pure viewing purposes and another one for data exchange with other planers.
  12. Is there a way to access information about these objects via a worksheet? I like to create worksheets about objects to check for missed information and inconsistencies in my data.
  13. Hi, looks promising. My question is how it exports to IFC. Can we export different LODs? That would be really helpful to reduce complexity in IFC Models. And would it be possible to have attached records react to the LOD?
  14. Hi Pat, thanks for the help. Will try that. And hope that future versions of Vectorworks will make it easier changing the search criteria in worksheets. As it stands it's still a very tedious and labour intensive part dealing with lots of similar worksheets.
  15. elepp

    Export To IFC

    Hi, Did you check if it's visible in Solibri? Which version of IFC are you exporting in? But in general IFC is very poor in supporting pure 2D elements. As far as I know IFC 4 is a bit better in that regard.


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