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  1. Hi folks, can anyone tell me what the most influential factors are regarding file referencing. I have to files the source and the target on our server. The source file is roughly 450 MB big and opens in Vectorworks 2019 in 15 sec. This file is refernced into the target file. If I update now the source in my target file it takes 7:40 min to update this file. That is beyond acceptable. The path is set to relativ. The Checkbox at Copy/Cache he refrenced file is not set, even though in my test it didn't matter much if it was checked or not. The global setting is for referenced viewports. Am I missing something? What are the key factors for fast updating of referenced files bedisdes the file size? Thanks!
  2. We had a similar issue a while ago. We also couldn't find a solution.
  3. My top 10 in no particular order: - Better Windows/Doors ( In my opinion it should be one tool, becaus they are both openings in Walls/Roofs) - Better technical openings, spanning multiple stories and elements - Better Beam/Column tool, capable of interacting with walls and slabs - Improved wall intersections - Styles for Viewports (as mentioned by @Tom Klaber - Clash detection in VW for geometry - Massively improved stair tool - Better Facade tool than the existing one - Consistent UI for all tools and commands - Total rework of records and worksheets
  4. There already exists a similar Marionette network for that. Maybe that could be adjusted for 3D. Haven't tried that yet.
  5. Hi, did you try holding the "alt"-key when you click on advanced options? I get some more options that way.
  6. I keep my excitement on the backburner for now. While I don't doubt the sincererity of the enigineers here. This teaser is really a "teaser". It's not showing how long it takes for the models to load to begin with and how fast the switching happens from 2D-Plan to 3D. That's where we experience a lot of friction. Especially now that we also have data visualisation in the design layer, I am more than suspicious about the promises of improved speed.
  7. What's peculiar is also, that the nodes inside the object disappear, except the wrappers.
  8. Other Marionette Objects. I have one that is summarising the floor area of apartments and it shows the same strange behavior. And it's super annyoing, that every time I have to change something in the object, it rotates the plan.
  9. Hi Marissa, thanks for the reply. Here is the file. Still can't figure out what's happening. Especially because it happens with other objects too. IssuesRotatingObjectNode.vwx
  10. Our local support advised us to use smb, because it's the recommended file protocol from VW Inc. With our setup of AFP via Acronis we are basically alone. No one has experience with that. We used to use smb, but it was even more probelmatic than afp. The connection to the server was very unstable.
  11. We are also not any further with a solution. Happens regularly but not to all users. We also are not using a quota for our users.
  12. That would be also useful if you you have a project with multiple buildings in different files. At the moment you have to enter this data multiple times.
  13. Yeah, we are very wary of the Vectorworks Cloud Service. While it provides some nice features, that we test with some unimportant files, we would not use it for our general projects. Being not sure where the information resides and who has jurisdiction over it. (Same goes for Google Drive, Amazon Cloud, Microsoft OneDrive, etc.) Recently there was a discussion here in Germany, that we need our own cloud services, because even if Microsoft or Amazon are promising to keep the data of german customers on german servers, the CLOUD Act still forces these providers to comply with requests form the american government to release information hosted abroad. And we have no way of knowing if our information was accessed and shared.
  14. Hi folks, maybe someone can help me out here. I've developed an object node that works fine so far in it self. The problem starts when I am working in a rotate plan. Changing the rotation of my object changes the rotation of my plan. Maybe I am approaching this all wrong! Thnx!


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