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  1. elepp

    IFC Data Mapping

    Hi all, with the 2019 Version of Vectorworks the IFC Data Mapping tool has been improved with some nice new features. I think this tool offers some interesting possibilities for openBIM workflows. What is missing though is a repository of workflows. Interesting enough here in the forum one finds very little about this tool. So I would like to start a thread to collect suggested workflows and tipps on using this tool. Regards, Eddi
  2. Hi, I was suprised to notice that i can't choose standard scales for my AR models in the Nomad app. While it's nice to be able to manually scale the model, I would like to have an array of scales to choose from. It's very tedious to try to get the scale right by pinching with two fingers on the screen. Especially if I want to have a 1:1 representation of the model for a walkthrough. It can't be an issue with the Apple AR Kit because other apps manage to do exactly that. The AR Kit knows it's parameters in relation to it's surrounding, so I hope that this is something that will be implementet soon. Regards, Eddi
  3. Hi, I was trying to use the VR/AR functionality of the Vectorworks Cloud. After some trial and error I realized that only materials applied to the wall or slab will be exported and shown in 3D. This renders the usability of this function almost useless for us. We can not use it beyond the very early stages of design. No where is it documented that you have to export it that way. Am I missing something? Is there a box to check? Help is very much appreciated. Eddi
  4. elepp

    Twinmotion Plugin + Sync

    Autodesk just announced a partnership with Unity for Revit: Link. I think that makes it even more important for Vectorworks to provide a seemless connection to TwinMotion, so as not to stay behind. Eddi
  5. elepp

    vwxp vs vwx file sizes

    Hi, From what I've heard is that .vwxp are compressed files. Eddi
  6. That's true. But here the standard nodes are not directly available. I would like for this part to stay open(screenshot)
  7. Hi folks, there needs to be a better way of inserting nodes from the resource browser than currently possible. It is very frustrating to place a node and having the browser collapse. Searching and inserting a node becomes super tedious super fast. Maybe it's possible to lock the resource browser in place like the general resource browser. Additionaly nice would be if we could use a short cut to search for nodes and place them without moving the mouse to the upper most left corner like it is the case now. Best regards, elepp
  8. elepp

    Wall Component Function

  9. elepp

    Modelling Challenge

    That's true and annoying at the moment. If I use push/pull on the top surface it disappears. Best way is to add a solid on top and combine the to volumes. It's also not very intuitiv that you can apply the boolean function of adding volumes together on nurbs surfaces.
  10. elepp

    Modelling Challenge

    Here is the bug I encountered. Flipping normals causes the surface to disappear.
  11. elepp

    Modelling Challenge

    Here is my version, and as I expected mine is not very straight forward. Thanks for showing your solution. Maybe we should this more often here. I like those quick modeling challenges. Always learn a lot. I think I also discovered a bug in the process. Btw. I used the german version but I hope it's half way clear how I did it. CircleToRectangle_2.mov
  12. elepp

    Modelling Challenge

    That's the best i can do for now! I think my solution might not be very straight forward. Can't get the inward facing curves. Curious for the solution.
  13. elepp

    Wall Component Function

    @Jim Wilson maybe you could help me with that? Somehow the documentation is really non existent. There is also no tutorial mentioning that at all. So I am really confused about this option in the settings dialog. I would be really grateful! Regards, Eddi
  14. elepp

    Printing Coloured Classes as Black & White

    Hi, viewports on sheet layers should have a button in the settings menu to turn the viewport into black and white. It also affects the transperancy of objects, so you have to be careful there.
  15. elepp

    a case for browser based CAD

    Seems like Autodesk has found a nice solution for browser based CAD, without having to develope the software on multiple platforms. Maybe Vectorworks is planing to do it similarly. Here a link to a talk given my an Autodesk engineer at Google IO: Link I could envision something like this for Vectorworks, where you can seamlessly transition from working at home in a browser on your underpowered iMac, with your files being synced through the cloud, and opening the file at work on your more powerful workstation.


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