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  1. We are working on a project at the moment where rhino.inside would be a huge help. We are planning a roof structure with etfe cushions. There are already plenty of resources for grasshopper regarding this. The structural engineer on this project also uses rhino and grasshopper. The whole collaboration on a parametric structure would be much easier that way. We are reaching the limits of what is possible in Vectorworks in terms of 3D-Modeling capabilities. It's very frustrating. 😞
  2. @jeff prince Appreciate your input. I agree that professional skills are very important. My view might be a little skewed by my negativ experience in that regard.
  3. I might join you there. There is something to be said about a "simple" but rewarding task like that. 😄 Landlines where never a safe option here in Germany. You could hear a crackling in the background, if you tried to call someone in the GDR. 😄 Maybe the good ol' pigeon will do?
  4. Hi @JuanP, thanks for the quick reply. With theses features it's like in the movie Fields of Dreams: If you build it, they will come. People, who are already familiar with rhino and grasshopper, will flock more likely to programms that offer this option. Asking existing users for feedback, will not be helpful. You should survey rhino users how likely they would be to buy Vectorworks with rhino.inside available. I know a few architects who learned rhino+grasshopper in university. Later they joined architecture firms and brought their knowledge of these tools with them. If they had to weigh in on which bim software to use, they naturally gravitated towards Archicad and Revit. Vectorworks is not considered an option. Still many universities in Germany are teaching rhino+grasshopper and are producing highly skilled workers of tomorrow. They will not consider our office, if we can't offer them this. It is difficult as is finding skilled Vectorworks users from university, but this makes it even harder.
  5. That's a very valid concern. I like reading books with the Kindle App. I have it installed on my phone, my tablet and on my kindle device. I can pick up reading my books where ever I am. Lately though I am considering buying physical books again, because Amazon might decide to delete my library for various reseaons out of my control. And legally I would have no means to fight Amazon in court, because I agreed to their TOS. I would have burned my money and have to spend it again. That's why I am a big proponent for open file formats and against drm.
  6. Now that Rhino 7 was released, they introduced Rhino.Inside. It's a live link between Rhino and another software. There are plenty of advantageous uses cases for having this also in Vectorworks. We need better operability with other software packages and I am not talking import/export features. The data needs to be synced live to make important decisions on the fly. Thnx!
  7. Hi. Ifc 4 does not support IfcWallStandardCase anymore. It has been depricated with Ifc 2x3. If you change from 2x3 to 4, you loose the previous information. Or did you set it up in Ifc 4?
  8. My interest is also peaked. 🙂 But I have no doubt about its efficiency. I have seen some of your work and I also had the good fortune talking to you once on the phone about it. A mutual friend here in Hamburg set it up 😉
  9. The length to which a bigger office has to go, can be quiet nicely seen in one of the webinars from this year. The office showed their file and referncing strategy . The complexity shown was something else. Very sophisticated. And one person only busy with the maintenance of all these references. That was not necessarly a presentation in Vectorworks favor. I do admire though their dedication. If I find the video and will link it.
  10. elepp

    2021 Public Roadmap

    Seeing though some of their released features now to what is in the pipe line at VW, I get the feeling we are just trying to get feature parity. And even that will take some time. 😒
  11. elepp

    2021 Public Roadmap

    Shapr3D is showing the way in my opinion. The advantage it has compared to other tools is, that it started on an iPad. The restrictions of the smaller screen real estate leads to fewer obstrusive menu bars and dialogs. Developers for macOS/ windows can learn a thing or two there.
  12. elepp

    2021 Public Roadmap

    Very much that. Compared to the majority of competitors we spend to much time in some clunky dialog instead of drawing our plans. (Adding a door to walls should not depend on me knowing already how big the door is. Windows are the same.)
  13. Yeah, I think as long as the term "BIM" is not trademarked it always defined in a way that suits you. Archicad trademarked the whole OpenBIM thing and now in Germany everyone thinks Archicad and OpenBIM are synonymus. 🤷‍♂️
  14. The advantage though for them is that there is a huge industry of BIM Consultants, that can help you in your BIM Journey. There is hardly anyone in Germany. And the few who are doing it, are not enough to compete. So if you try to find someone to help you along they will all be "selling" you Revit.
  15. Yeah. His series about BIM explained with Lego Bricks is a good starting point for newbies in this field. Here in Germany Architects seem to be all over the place in terms of BIM software. The very big ones mostly use Revit. But they also rely heavily on third party plugins to make it complient with german standards. Which adds additional cost to the already high price of Revit.


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