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  1. Has anyone in the UK any experience of purchasing a VW licence from the USA re any import taxation issues?
  2. Hi, that's a lot more than we can buy new in the UK for an English version.
  3. Hi, please PM or email me, thanks
  4. Hi, please PM or email me, thanks
  5. I have two 2016 licences loaded onto three Macs and we file share, mostly there are only 2 Macs active but I want the third to be active and to be able to file share between the three. I recently bought a 2017 licence and added the serial to one of the Macs. I was hoping that it would allow me to run 2016 on 3 machines simultaneously so that we can file share, however the 3rd mac no longer opens 2016. I notice also that it's only possible to have one serial on a Mac but I'm sure that at one time you could have more than one.Anyone know why this should be?
  6. Thanks Jim, fixed now it was the pallette docking option (VW2016)
  7. cant have two drawings open at the same time. One of our Macs want let us have two VW drawings open at the same time, I think it's a simple preference or something but not sure where to find it. Any ideas?! Thanks
  8. Yes it's done it now so thanks!
  9. thanks I might give it a go if the VW file method proves troublesome although I don't have Sketchup
  10. That's great, one slight problem is that it won't open in VW2016, Do you have it it 2012 onwards? cheers
  11. Does any one have a 40" shipping container modelled and would be willing to share? It doesn't need to be ultra detailed. Thanks
  12. 2D on the design layer
  13. I tried it but Viewports don't convert to lines in VW2016
  14. A nice idea but it won't do it unfortunately, thanks anyway.
  15. I'm with you but the design layer does get changed in the viewport, annotations write over the design layer view but because of that it doesn't do what I want to do as it leaves the design layer visible. I want something totally detached from the existing geometry. In essence I need a duplicate detail, true I can duplicate the deatail on the design layer and thehack it about by trimming and chopping and trimming, but it's not really a good way of doing things and time consuming, As I said I'm familiar with VPs but they don't offer the solution.