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  1. Jeff would youi be able to post a couple of examples orf your drawing numbering?
  2. Uneathed, I'm impressed by your job file size, ours are around 1.5GB or more even for a simple extension, I think it's partly because we seem to be duplicating the VW for each concept revision, but also the photos taken on site are taking a huge amount of space. How do you keep your files so compact?
  3. Hi Jeff, I'm of the same opinion re having one file, I also put revisions on different layers. I just use the VW sheet numbering but the planning sheets have a P prefix. It's more the numbering convention that i'm interested hear different peoples' approach.
  4. unearthed, thanks, your file sizes must be large?! I'm really looking for a really simple approach for small one-off project. We design around fifty house extensions each year and non are super complicated.
  5. Thank you Art V It sounds like your projects are a lot different from mine.
  6. I'm really thinking here about small one or two person studios rather than a large Architects practice as there seem to be different conventions of varying complexity out there. I would be interested to hear how other people organise their drawings when working on small residential projects or similar. What I mean is; Do you have one VW file for drawing up your site survey with the 'as existing' plans and elevations sheet layers and then generate another for the design stage? If you have a new drawing for the design stage; Do you then use duplicate design layers and sheet layers for each revision to the design, or do you generate a new file for each revision? Secondly; how do you number your drawings and each revision that you issue? Lastly; Do you use multiple classes or try to restrict to just a few e.g. mainly the None class? I tend to keep my numbering quite simple with just one drawing with the project number as the main ID, then a series of sheet layers for the revisions, but you never stop learning! Thanks all
  7. If I use door IDs on my ground and first floor plans they start to 01 for both. Is there a way to perhaps add a GF or FF prefix or maybe enable the numbering to continue from the ground floor to the first floor? e.g. if I have 10 rooms downstairs and 5 upstairs could they be numbered 01 to 15?
  8. I'm using walls today and Reverse Sides flips all the components and keeps the inner and out faces of the wall in position, e.g. it flips around the centre line of the wall. Is this what you mean? reverse sides 2.mov
  9. VW 2016 is the earliest that will run on El Capitan, I understand your frustration but it's just progress. I have an old 2006 iMac that I keep a copy of VW 2009 on for very occasional use, old Macs are cheap so that might be a option for you to have a second Mac that you just use for Vectorworks. Alernatively you might be able to pick up a version of VW2016.
  10. it's possible to get older stand-alone versions that used a dongle, around 2009.
  11. I’ve thought that for years, sadly Vectorworks doesn’t seem interested in improving the situation.


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