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  1. Useful, thanks. I don't have a great many custom commands in my workspace, I've taken a screenshot of the ones that I need and have started to modify my new VW2020 workspace so that's really going to help me get back on track!
  2. Is it possible to somehow use my Vectorworks 2015 Workspace in Vectorworks 2020?
  3. I pinned it down to my wall style, I've attached a file with the same window in my wall and also in a Vectorworks wall style. I can't see why my isn't showing the reveals though. window in wall test.vwx
  4. the windows are from the previous VW drawings and not symbols, they work fine in other drawings that are open, the walls are unstyled. It's every window that is affected so it must be to do with a VW setting I think, I just can't think what. I may now try shutting down the Mac and opening everything up again!
  5. Hi Tamsin, no it doesn't appear to be that, another drawing that is also open displays the lines correctly. I recall having this issue a couple of months ago but can't recall how I fixed it!
  6. Hi does anyone know why this is happening? There are no wall end lines at each end of the window. It's ok on other VW drawings. I'm sure it's something simple!
  7. It works for me as I don't wish to use CAD on an iPad as I prefer to work on a 27" iMac. I did look at a few other Apps magicplan comes with a few strings and it's CAD App, iPocketDrawLite looks good but again it's CAD and too fiddly to use on site. For me INKredible does all I need it to on site because it's so quick. Your needs may be different. I don't use a Lidar sensor just a Disto. I like to keep things simple to speed up workflow.
  8. Yes I've been using an iPad Pro for some months and would not go back to paper surveys. I researched Apps and found some very good ones for drawing accurate plans, however they weren't that easy to edit and were more like CAD than we needed. The one that we settled on is called INKredible, it's basically a drawing App so it avoids the complications of lines snapping to a vertical/horizontal grid, you simply draw freehand (with an Apple Pen), we draw the walls first in black then go round with the Disto and nd write the dimensions in red, job done. Back in the office we simply draw up in Vectorworks. It's a very simple and quick way of doing things that gets the job done, we also have PDFs so no need to scan paper copies on a printer. We email the PDFs back to the office together with photos and notes etc. Even better it's free!
  9. Yes we all need to keep hammering this home to Vectorworks!
  10. I get your issue but to be honest what is really needed is a complete overhaul and improvement of the four and window tools, we all need to press hard for this to happen.
  11. Kevin, People here have been banging on this door for literally years now! Windoor looks great and just what Vectorworks needs, they know it but unfortunately it seems to fall on deaf ears.
  12. Welcome to Vectorworks, you made the right choice! I use it daily for architectural design and love it for it's ease of use, flexibility and simplicity, however it does have some well known basic issues which need sorting out and you have just discovered one of them! Vectorworks text capabilities are indeed crap, we all need to make presentations and if you're used an industry standard like inDesign, for example, then VW text is stone age, even if you try to edit a large text block there is a weird time lag and when you finish typing you have to wait for the text to appear more slowly than you typed it in. We shouldn't need to have to sign up to Adobe Creative Cloud for simple publishing of our lovely projects, VW should give us that ability surely as it's really top end re 3D modelling and realistic rendering etc. In addition to text there are other basic functions still in need improving after years of asking on this forum, e.g. the window tool, the door tool, and the stair tool but nothing gets done yet every year we get asked for £800-£1000 to 'upgrade' to the latest version. I use 2016 and 2020 and VW 2020 has exactly the same text issue. Yes it is embarrassing in this day and age as other software is ahead now in certain respects. (rant over)
  13. I would love to be on Big Sur Pat but we have three 2016 licences, two with 2017 legacy, to upgrade all to even VW 2020 would cost a small fortune and to be honest the gains would be minimal as we mainly use VW 2D for detailing, one machine also has CS5. It's annoying that Vectorworks still hasn't had any real improvements to the stair tool, or the windows and doors tool. It still won't allow us to have bifold doors with an uneven number of leafs.


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