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  1. Thanks, I'm still really unclear whether I've got things set up correctly and I'm anxious about messing things up with duplicates. I think I need an idiot's guide to Dropbox!
  2. Thanks, I now have my current project folders on my local Mac HD and by holding down alt I copied them onto Dropbox. I think that may case is a bit different as I work mostly from my home office Mac but have a high street office with the two other Macs that get used by freelancers, each of those two Macs has its own local current jobs folders. Often I need to work remotely on a job that is on one of the high street office Macs, presumably that means that I'm working on the Dropbox cloud as Option 2? I have noticed when doing so that publishing can be quite laggy. The ultimate aim is for all the jobs to be on the home office Mac because it's used most, and then the other two Macs would operate via the cloud and my local files would be updated. I'm still a bit unclear though if this would be the best way to work!
  3. Is there a simple way to change the orientation of all the design layers by 180deg permanently so that they stay aligned? I don’t mean rotate plan.
  4. I'm now subscribing to Dropbox, I have 3 Macs, If I move jobs from say one Mac to Dropbox it removes them from my Mac. Is there a way to keep the master files on my Mac so that the Dropbox versions are the updated versions?
  5. Personally I would like to see the roof tool improved in other ways, as it’s still quite basic and, for example, should better incorporate UK type fascias and soffits and also maybe gutters. I don’t think that I would want to show valley flashing as to be honest it’s not strictly relevant for concept visuals and actually there are valley tiles available for some ranges.
  6. What would be your best price including transfer through VW UK and Paypal?
  7. When you want to edit the text in a callout, it would be great if you could just alter the text directly into the callout rather than the small callout composing pane opening up.
  8. True that Command H hides it, I can live with that, I just would have preferred to to have that extra click to make every time!
  9. Yes it's handy to be able to toggle between different drawings that are open, but it's a pain to have a placeholder hanging around when there are not any drawings open.
  10. I've moved from VWA 2016 to VWA 2021 and when closing drawings down a fuzzy blue screen placeholder more or less fills the screen. It's quite annoying as you then have to click to minimise it. Is this an 'improvement' that Vectorworks has introduced and is there a way not to have it? Thanks
  11. Thanks, that’s the procedure that I always use, I’ll try and see if two will import at the same time.
  12. I'm trying to import design layers (with objects) from another VW 2020 file but it crashes out every time. Is it only possible to import one layer at a time?
  13. Useful, thanks. I don't have a great many custom commands in my workspace, I've taken a screenshot of the ones that I need and have started to modify my new VW2020 workspace so that's really going to help me get back on track!
  14. Is it possible to somehow use my Vectorworks 2015 Workspace in Vectorworks 2020?
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