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  1. I'm using walls today and Reverse Sides flips all the components and keeps the inner and out faces of the wall in position, e.g. it flips around the centre line of the wall. Is this what you mean? reverse sides 2.mov
  2. VW 2016 is the earliest that will run on El Capitan, I understand your frustration but it's just progress. I have an old 2006 iMac that I keep a copy of VW 2009 on for very occasional use, old Macs are cheap so that might be a option for you to have a second Mac that you just use for Vectorworks. Alernatively you might be able to pick up a version of VW2016.
  3. it's possible to get older stand-alone versions that used a dongle, around 2009.
  4. I’ve thought that for years, sadly Vectorworks doesn’t seem interested in improving the situation.
  5. Thanks for all the input folks, I am now set up with both Zoom and Team Viewer, they are both about the same in the way they work, Zoom is perhaps a bit more 'Mac' looking. This is just great as there is no need now for clients to come into the office to have a physical design meeting and at this time of course it's major. I discovered another trick; you can record yourself working on a Vectorworks project in full screen mode using Quick Time Player and with the microphone activated and make a short movie while you are having your online meeting and then send a copy via a transfer website. It's good as it means that clients will then have a copy to show others in their family who may not have been able to be there and everyone can get involve. This is the Apple support link to using QT- https://support.apple.com/en-gb/HT201066 My only regret is that I didn't do this years ago, it's going to be so cool!
  6. So cool. Does the client have to download Team Viewer?
  7. Thanks Wesley, I use Team Viewer but didn't know that it can be used for screen sharing. How do you set it up?
  8. I just wondered if anyone has a way of working with clients remotely? What I mean is a way of sharing your Vectorworks screen in real time so they can participate in the design process from time to time? is this possible with Zoom?
  9. Hmm, I'm not sure that's what I need for accurate measured surveys although it has some interesting features. I really want to be able to draw simple lines on screen from measurements taken manually from a Disto, it looks like Nomad somehow takes estimated measurements so not quite accurate enough for measured surveys.
  10. Thanks Kevin, Is that another programme that we would need to buy?
  11. I’ve just bought an iPad Pro for measured surveys and wondering if it will run Vectorworks?
  12. Thanks, I'm not so worried about any type of direct Vectorworks or Bluetooth connection, it's more a simple plan drawing app that I can use by taking manual measurements with a Disto then drawing on the iPad with a pen.


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