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  1. Also having the same problem. Pan tool not working with space bar. Have tried restarting machine and only start VW. This doesn't solve the problem. VW - 2021 SP4 (B602791) 64bit MacOS - 11.5 Big Sur
  2. Thanks for the answer, that is unfortunate. Hope this can be changed in future releases? I will submit a feature request for it or is this changing option never gonna happen? Will ask the distributor for now if it's possible to change it.
  3. Hi all, I want to change the page size of my braceworks reports. Currently it's formatting in letter size. But I would like to change it to ISO-A4 size as standard. Can't find it in the BW prefs or any other prefs.. Hope someone can help me! Working with VWX2021 SP3.1 Thanks!
  4. Mmm the fact that you can't convert to Hanging Position is a bummer.. As I always convert for auto naming fixture position. And making labels fast and so.. There are some other issues as well but that's for an other topic.
  5. Hi there, I needed to export a A0 papersize drawing with rendering fast. So I turned to Cloud Services. But I got a major error on the exported file. I think this has something to do with the difference how lighting symbol rotation is handled between vwx19 and vwx20. This rearranged all my Label Legends. So a lot is unreadable or confusing now. But when I render the same viewport on my computer it gives the correct output. Having read some of the other articles about the 2d/3d label legend differences between vwx19 and vwx20. I came to the conclusion that this may be related. Below are 2 examples. A screen capture of the output from cloud render A screen capture of the output from my laptop. I understand that you want people to switch as fast as possible so you don't have to service multiple platforms but this is just anoying. @klinzey @BSeigel can you guys shed some light on this?
  6. Hello, Wondering if this feature is somewhere on the list of additions to VWX. Would be a great feature. Now I have to do double work a lot of the time. @klinzey@Yordan Kostadinov can you maybe give a comment on that? Hope to hear something! Thanks! Len
  7. Class out would be good and/or maybe a checkbox to switch it on/off?
  8. Hi there, is someone looking at this? This would be a small but great improvement for v2020 SP1.. Hope this will be implemented soon!
  9. That would definatly be a great update! That would also work for dmx adressesing I presume??
  10. This would be great to have as tools in Vectorworks Spotlight! Great work of explaining Sebastiaan!
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