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  1. Mmm the fact that you can't convert to Hanging Position is a bummer.. As I always convert for auto naming fixture position. And making labels fast and so.. There are some other issues as well but that's for an other topic.
  2. Hi there, I needed to export a A0 papersize drawing with rendering fast. So I turned to Cloud Services. But I got a major error on the exported file. I think this has something to do with the difference how lighting symbol rotation is handled between vwx19 and vwx20. This rearranged all my Label Legends. So a lot is unreadable or confusing now. But when I render the same viewport on my computer it gives the correct output. Having read some of the other articles about the 2d/3d label legend differences between vwx19 and vwx20. I came to the conclusion that this may be related. Below are 2 examples. A screen capture of the output from cloud render A screen capture of the output from my laptop. I understand that you want people to switch as fast as possible so you don't have to service multiple platforms but this is just anoying. @klinzey @BSeigel can you guys shed some light on this?
  3. Hello, Wondering if this feature is somewhere on the list of additions to VWX. Would be a great feature. Now I have to do double work a lot of the time. @klinzey@Yordan Kostadinov can you maybe give a comment on that? Hope to hear something! Thanks! Len
  4. Class out would be good and/or maybe a checkbox to switch it on/off?
  5. Hi there, is someone looking at this? This would be a small but great improvement for v2020 SP1.. Hope this will be implemented soon!
  6. That would definatly be a great update! That would also work for dmx adressesing I presume??
  7. This would be great to have as tools in Vectorworks Spotlight! Great work of explaining Sebastiaan!


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