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  1. Yes! Thanks, Andy. I must've assumed those were regular undo / redo commands and never bothered to click them. But C4D doesn't record view changes with other edits as part of the undo/redo cache. Is there a preference in VW to mimic that?
  2. Would be nice to have the editor camera changes separate from other edit functions in the undo and redo caches. From C4D: "Each viewport has its own Undo View/Redo View functions (the Undo/Redo functions of the main window do not affect editor cameras, i.e., those in viewports)."
  3. Turning off the background resolved my issue. Thanks!
  4. Is it possible to export an image file (png) from a viewport render with a shadow catcher shader applied to a surface? So far my experiments have failed resulting in the surface rendering black when opened in Photoshop.
  5. Ok, it appears it's not working on particular instruments. So far the ones I've come across that aren't working are the GLP Impression X4s's. I was able to turn off the ID's in the edit symbol mode but once I came back out to the doc, they were still on.
  6. Is there a way to turn these off so that they don't render? I see that the objects are classed but making the class invisible doesn't seem to have an effect.
  7. If Firefox is set as your default Windows browser then the panorama should open in it.
  8. During export from VW, you'll have the option to create instances of symbols. Also, seeing as you're in the events field, this may be of interest to you: stage
  9. Cineversity is a good resource whether or not you've purchased the service agreement. C4Dlive has years of archives of presentations from NAB and SIGGRAPH shows. For paid tutorials: the motionworks MLG series is good c4dcafe forums Regarding greyscalegorilla, make sure and check out their youtube channel as it has a lot of good stuff not on their website.
  10. You can open up the html file that the web view export creates and edit it.
  11. You need to be able to export UV maps which VW can't do. http://academy.dataton.com/watchout-cookbook/uv-mapping-basics
  12. Came here looking to see if anyone else was experiencing this same issue. I'm running SP2 on Win 10.
  13. Unless you absolutely have to stay in VW, I would consider looking into Unreal Engine. If you're adept at the 3d element of VW, it's really not that difficult to spend a few hours with some Unreal tutorials and then be able populate a first person Unreal template with a VW model via DWG export (of course that's just getting your feet wet). Then there's a plethora of tutorials for gaming hud/ui elements or plugins like HAL Archviz: https://www.unrealengine.com/marketplace/hal-archviz-toolkit-v1
  14. Also remember as of '16 you can find fixtures via the Lighting Instrument tool.
  15. For some strange reason, lighting fixtures are in the Object Styles folder.
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