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  1. Hi all, Any clue why this paperwork show this kind of X and Y coordinates when... - I've set the 0,0 on down stage center - All my lighting devices have a label legend that shows their X and Y coordinate which seem correct (see image, legend X and Y location is placed under the device) - I've set the report to show X and Y Location which shows a million decimals - I've set the document settings to 1mm in precision, no commas - The user origin is set to down stage edge - I've changed the cell to no decimals - I've tried different version of cell formatting, but the result is the same Thanks all!
  2. Sorry for such late reply! Thank you so much for clearing this out for me! Ok, so I can't get the shape I need and still keep the rotation? I edited the 2D symbol to match up with the colors I wanted but still no success.
  3. Hey! I'm really fighting with the truss tool in VW2021. Don't know if I'm really stupid or if there's something wrong. Anyway, please have a look at this. I can't get the trusses to have the same 2D color, no matter what I do. It's a cut out from a bigger drawing I'm making. Please see attached file and image for reference. I want everything to correspond with the class, both 2D and 3D, disregarding what kind of truss it is. Also, in the drawing there's some LED's I can't select as well. Why is this? Many thanks! // martin Arena_OnlyBoxTruss.vwx
  4. Thank you so much!!! I just love the feedback you get from people like you guys. Wonderful! I'll try this seating tool out straight away. Again, thank you!
  5. Thanks Pat! Your absolutely right, the colors are a color visualization that works just fine. Also, another feature that I would just LOVE to have in this drawing is the ability to mark some chairs as "blocked" which the comes up as "Not for sale" in a worksheet. How do I do that without bend over backwards? Here's a simplified version of the seating sections. Thank you so much!! Martin Only seating sections.vwx
  6. Hi all, Slowly slowly I'm getting better at VW, still I can't get this thing to work. My goal is to have the following on a worksheet: - Section names - Count for all sections - A total count for all seats I've tried to create but just won't get the result I want. Please see images 😃 There's also a map over all sections with different colors. What am I missing? Using VW2021. Thanks!!
  7. Aha, OK I see. I thought this tool was somewhat a quick-zoom or similar. Now I get it. Many thanks buddy!
  8. Hi, When I'm trying to use the Z button (snap loupe) this happens. Please watch video attached. This kinda doesn't work right? I it does, what am I missing. I want to be able to click on small details even though I'm zoomed out. Thanks! Vectorworks Designer 2021 - [Arena17.vwx] 2020-11-11 10-25-51.mp4
  9. Sounds like a plan! I've downloaded something called Bitfocus Companion which might come in handy, not sure yet what it does. Otherwise I'll go for the tool tip you just gave me. Cheers!
  10. Tried that one too 😃 I tried to edit all the trusses and assign them to another class then "None" but no change...
  11. It's not, it's very very active and visible 😃
  12. I think there's a bug in VW2021 that makes some trusses disappear. They're only visible in 2D, but not 3D. I've exported the very same project into a VW2020 file and the truss is visible again. If not a bug, what am I doing wrong? If a bug, now you know 😃 All the best! // martin Vectorworks Designer 2021 - [NY_Kniven2.vwx] 2020-10-07 11-51-35.mp4


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