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  1. This is probably a no-brainer, but I can't seem to find out how to do this. When I work with a project, I want to work with one thing at a time once in a while. So, how do make only i.e all hoists visible? The "Active only" option for classes doesn't really do the trick since it's not including colors, info and so on since they're on different classes. Hope that makes sense. In short I'd like to work with hoists, trusses, lights, slabs, walls and so on individually. Cheers!
  2. Wow, awsome!! Thank you so much! May I ask, is there a way to get these icons from you, or can I extract them from the SD somehow? Thanks!
  3. Hi, So, a couple of thoughts: 1. If I combine all walls, slabs, pillars and stuff to one piece of combined solid, will this make a lighter file? 2. If so, how do I do this? I want to make one piece of solid made out of all the walls and slabs I've created. 3. Is this even a good idea? I'm making an arena, so there's gonna be a lot of stuff in the final file, so it needs to be lightweight and easy to understand. Thanks!
  4. Thanks Ian, much appreciated! 😃
  5. No, I'm in design layer. It works when I click the menu but not with the quick search. Obiviously a bug, according to Ian Lane. Cheer!
  6. Thanks Ian for the response. I'll change the command for now then. Warm regards, Martin
  7. Hi, When I use the quick search (thank you for this feature, love it!) the result comes up grey most of the time, but not all the time. Why is this? For this example I want to change the lighting options, but it's grayed out, please see image. thanks!
  8. I followed a tip from another member here on the forum. The tips was to consolidate geometry, make symbols of repeating objects and so on. I did, I replaced 2662 extrusions to one symbol i.e. I guess that's great but the flow is far from good, not even close I'd say. Any more suggestions from anyone? I'm kinda desperate here since this is dragging my work down... Cheers all for your time and support!!
  9. That's really sad to hear. To release a slow motion-product isn't really optimal, imho.
  10. Hi, thanks for the reply! It's already set on "Low" actually. I can try the symbol change, but that doesn't cut it when I'm about to present it to the client. And I want to be able to make adjustments with the original chairs present.
  11. Hi again Paul, Would you mind taking a look at the files and videos I posted here? Since you're far more expert then I'll ever be, can you please make sure that I'm not missing anything? For the time being I just can't work with projects for my clients, it's more or less impossible with graphic latency like this. Thanks again mate! 😃
  12. I tried your camera option solution on another project I'm working on. All I'm trying to do here is pan from left to right. This takes f o r e v e r . Sure, it's a bigger project for sure, but still, this is totally unacceptable. For a freeware maybe, but after spending thousands of bucks? No way. Here's a video showing how slow this thing is. Come on now, I must do something wrong here, because this can't be the way it's suppose to be, right? Cheers, 2020-09-09 14-32-44_Trim.mp4
  13. I'm happy to hear you're working on improvements, looking forward to that. But still, I should be able to join curtain walls without this experience? I mean, walls usually stand together in a construction and not alone. This same latency goes with seating sections. I takes more or less forever to make a seating plan for the arena I'm working at. Every single moment I do need some processing. Click, wait, click, wait. It's driving me more or less insane. It it's not working smoothly, just delete the feature. I think I speak for a lot of people in the VW-community when I say we need a more responsive and easy-flowing software. I'll have a look at the new features of 2021 now. Cheers.
  14. That's good to know. Though, how come it takes aprox 1 minute to change the wall thickness? I thought all this was some kind of bug, but it's obviously the same for you guys. This is way under what you could expect imho. Is there going to be a change to these kind of issues in the near future? Thanks!


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