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  1. Hi @Pat Stanford and @Eric Chase I'm having the same issue as you Eric, (didn't download the file yet due to very slow download speed) but I'm trying to work with some referenced dwg-files in my VW project and it's just silly how slow things are. Feels like a computer from 2001. I've sent a bug report via the "form" but haven't heard anything back yet (this was over 2 months ago). I've been working with AutoCAD, Revit and Fusion 360 but VW is by far the least responsive software that I've experienced in this category. Worth mentioning is that I've worked with these dwg files flawlessly in Autocad with a computer that wasn't suppose to manage software like Autocad. Now I'm on this machine: Intel Core i7-4770K CPU @ 3.5Ghz 16GB RAM SSD Disk Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 3840x2160, 60Hz Thanks!
  2. Aha, alright. The funny thing is that it sometimes, even though I'm in a different view, gets me back to the original view. But I'll check into the new habits 😃 Warm regards and many thanks!!
  3. Hi, Thank you so much for this! Totally make sense, much appreciated! // martin
  4. Hi, I'm doing a drawing with my plan rotated -22 degrees to make GIS image horizantal to my design. When I push the Num 0, more or less every second time VW gives me the -22 degree look, and every other time the 0 degree look. How do I make my -22 degree look stick to my design until I say otherwise? Thanks!
  5. OK! Great news! I'll try that straight away. Many thanks!!
  6. I've tried that and it kinda does the trick, but it only works if I want to move something, not draw, right? Thanks!
  7. Thank you Pat for your answer. I did some (quite short, to be honest) research and didn't find really the same thing as there is in AutoCAD. I use smart points all the time, but I want to measure from a specific point to a specific distance. Say I want to place a window 950mm from a wall and then move it 1500mm from the ground, what's the most simple way to do that? Real newbe question I guess, but still need it 😃 Thanks again!
  8. I'm coming from AutoCAD and can barely survice without the "Measure from" or "Place between two points". How do I do that in VW? Say I want to place a window exactly between two points, or if I'm putting an object at a specific distance from another object? Probably a super simple solution, but I can't get how to do it. Thanks!
  9. Hi, I'm really trying to like the workflow with the GIS feature in VW, but I'm struggling to be honest. I always get "Image download failed" and nothing happens if I change the resolution or service. Any clue why this is? Thanks!
  10. Hi, Super basic question I guess, but I can't seem to find the reason why this doesn't work. I'm trying to add a slab to my walls, but nothing shows up. Please refer to short clip I added. Warm regards and thanks all! Martin Slab question.mp4
  11. Thanks for understanding my typo 😃 And also, thank you for your support! You've got the file now on PM. Looking forward to see what I'm doing wrong. Warm regards! // martin
  12. NO! Autocorrect! Haha, Thanks ALL!!!
  13. Hi, It's my first and I'm quite new to VW, so bear with me =) I'm doing a site plan and have the GIS image ready and all. But, the measurements doesn't match. An ordinary parking lot is 10.8m but are usually around 5m here in Sweden. The units are set to mm and everything should be fine as far as I'm concerned. What am I missing here? Thanks ass!


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